“Last seen recently” в Telegram: перевод на русский, обозначение и настройка статусаSecrets and tricks
Last seen recently in Telegram: Designation & Status Setting
What does the status “Last seen recently” mean? Let’s try to figure out what “Last seen recently” means in Telegram.
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What is Telegram & How to use it? A Detailed Guide
What is Telegram and what are its features According to legend, the idea of ​​​​creating Pavel Durov came to him even before he left the post of director of VKontakte.
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15 Useful Bots For Managing Channels & Chats In Telegram
15 useful bots for posting channels and chats in Telegram. Telegram bots are virtual assistants that can be entrusted with part of the channel or chat
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Geolocation Telegram: Hidden Opportunities
In update 4.4, the Live Location function appeared in Telegram, which allows you to send geolocation (or someone says geolocation) to Telegram and turn
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Telegram Cloud Storage: Complete Detailed Instructions
Few netizens don’t use Google Drive, iCloud or Yandex.Disk, let alone dozens of other similar services. It is really convenient: you do not need
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How To Listen To Music In Telegram: 3+ Best Ways
Telegram can be used as a full-fledged audio source: in addition to music channels replete with collections of various tracks, there are special bots that
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How To Group Telegram Chats 2023?
Grouping chats in Telegram is a convenient addition to the popular messenger, which many users have been waiting for. You can group not only regular chats, but also bots.
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Was Recently On Telegram: Meaning & Setting Of The Status Online
For those who responsibly approach the issue of their own anonymity, Telegram provides many opportunities. One of them is fine-tuning the status that the
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Where Does Telegram Save Files in Telegram?
Users exchange many files every day, but where are they stored? It’s time to figure out where Telegram stores files  on your computer and smartphone.
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Recover Telegram: What To Do If You Lost Your Account, Contacts or Chats, Messages
Unfortunately, no one is immune from random mistakes. This also applies to working with applications. Telegram allows you to correct some of the mistakes