Sassy and adorable: Loora Wang and Sister X are taking over TikTok.

Confirmation of family ties with Loora Wang TikTok

A video has surfaced online showing two young girls, Loora Wang, and another mysterious person walking the streets in chic outfits. One of them has a rather proud look, which most of us only dreamed of.

The arrogant girl turned out to be the famous Chinese fashion designer Laura Wang, the owner of the clothing brand Loora PWD. The name of her companion remained undisclosed. Users assumed they were lesbians. They were even unofficially nicknamed Sassy and Charming, but the fashion designer clarified that they are sisters. In the latest videos, you can see the hashtag #sister.

Confirmation of family ties with Loora WangHashtag #sister

A viral video with an umbrella was posted on the Tik Tok app from @loora8888. Within a few hours, the video went around the world and received a lot of positive feedback.

“For the first 100 views, I thought the woman in red was struggling to open the umbrella because I was so infatuated with the other woman. Then I realized that she was playing machine gun.”

The plots of the rest of the videos are simple, they are pleasant to watch. However, it is clear that the two have contrasting senses of style. Laura Wang seems calm and collected, while her companion looks lively and cheerful. After posting clips on other well-known social platforms, the girls became a sensation. They captivated the audience with stylish outfits and unusual behavior.

Her videos alone are reason enough to download the TikTok app. “I fell down the Laura Wang rabbit hole,” one fan wrote on Twitter. Great marketing, clothes, energy.

Laura Wang’s unique look is due to the fact that she identifies as non-binary in her sexual orientation. Non-binary sexual orientation, or polysexuality, is driven by attraction to multiple genders. It turns out that the girl is attracted to two or more genders, but not to all (like pansexuals or bisexuals to guys with girls). For different people, polysexual orientation is individual.

Please note, Loora Wang is the first fashion designer to become famous on the TikTok app, and probably won’t be the last. She also has an account on Douyin (the Chinese version of Tik Tok) with over 2.5 million followers.

Sassy and adorable: Loora Wang and Sister X are taking over TikTok.

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