Ring lamp for TikTok: the secrets of choosing

Ring lamp for TikTok: the secrets of choosing TikTok

Ring light for TikTok is the best solution for people who want to shoot high-quality videos and collect a large number of views. As practice shows, often the main light is not enough to create attractive content. Let’s talk about the benefits of a TikTok ring light and discuss the process of choosing the right equipment.

Why you need a ring lamp for TikTok

Ring lamp for TikTok: the secrets of choosing

An annular lamp is a professional lighting device made in a round shape. The equipment is mounted on a tripod with a thread and assumes a vertical position.

Ring Light for TikTok allows you to:

  • provide a powerful and uniform luminous flux;
  • get rid of unsightly shadows on the subject;
  • thanks to additional settings, you can hide skin imperfections and other shortcomings even without professional processing and special effects;
  • the light creates a characteristic effect of “angel eyes”, so the videos are as if magical.
  • With the right device, you can shoot high-quality videos at any time of the day.

    The main types of ring lamps

    When choosing a lamp, the most important thing is to clearly understand your goals and take into account the specifics of a TikTok blog. First of all, decide on the optimal light source. Until recently they were popular fluorescent (tubular) lampsbut today they have been replaced by LED (LED). Here are their differences:

  • at the same power, LED devices are 40% brighter, while they consume less electricity and do not heat up so much;
  • to adjust the color temperature (cold and warm) in fluorescent lamps, additional light filters must be used, and in LED models a regulator is usually installed;
  • The disadvantage of fluorescent lamps is that they are fragile and very sensitive to mechanical stress and vibrations.
  • Of course, a fluorescent lamp will cost much less than an LED one. If you are just getting started in the TikTok blogging industry, you can go for a budget option.

    Ring lamp for TikTok: choose the diameter

    Ring lamp - a professional tool for makeup artists and photographers

    When buying a ring lamp, pay attention to its size:

  • small – devices with a light ring diameter of up to 25 cm;
  • medium – up to 35 cm;
  • large – from 35 cm in diameter.
  • The most compact devices are suitable mainly for beauty bloggers. They allow you to remove the process of make-up, beautiful manicure, eyelash extensions, tattooing and powder coating of eyebrows, etc. In other cases, it is better to take a closer look at the lamps of a larger diameter.

    Recommendations for choosing the characteristics of an annular lamp

    Experienced bloggers from TikTok advise focusing on the following technology parameters:

  • Light temperature adjustment. In an LED lamp, the light temperature is close to natural, but has certain shades. For example, warm light is suitable for shooting indoors or a public place, cold light is suitable for work in shopping centers and in cloudy weather outside. White neutral is chosen for shooting makeup. If you plan to shoot videos in a variety of settings, choose a model with a wide range of settings.
  • Possibility of battery operation. An important feature for bloggers who want to shoot videos not only indoors, but also at events, nature, etc. A good lamp can run on batteries for 2-3 hours.
  • Remote control with remote control. A relevant feature for bloggers with a large audience and a huge amount of work. This is also a useful feature for people who shoot in large studios. You can adjust the lamp settings without looking up from other things. Some models have the ability to control using a smartphone with Bluetooth. Of course, for a beginner, this function is optional.
  • When choosing an LED lamp for Tik Tok, experts advise paying special attention to the color rendering index. It must be from 90 (CRI). This setting significantly affects the quality of the shooting.

    Pitfalls when choosing a lamp for TikTok

    Let’s find out what mistakes buyers most often make when searching for equipment:

  • “The more LEDs in a modern lamp, the cooler”. Not always 480 LEDs give a brighter light than the same 240. For example, in budget lamps, especially from AliExpress, lamps, old-style LEDs can be installed, so a new model with fewer elements would be preferable. It is better to pay attention not to the number of LEDs, but to luminous flux index, which is measured in Lumens (lm). The higher the setting, the brighter the light will be.
  • “You can’t buy a Chinese lamp”. Practice shows that about 99% of equipment is now produced in China, and this applies even to very well-known brands. Factories produce both cheap devices of dubious quality and high-quality professional equipment.
  • “It is better to immediately buy a lamp with a tripod in the kit”. This statement is not always true. Budget ring lamps for TikTok are most often equipped with a very flimsy and unstable tripod. The lighting stand can be purchased separately, based on the recommendations of advanced bloggers.
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    Advice! Also pay attention to the characteristics of the case. Even LED lamps can heat up during operation, although not as much as fluorescent ones. It is important to prevent overheating of the case, which leads to premature failure of the device. Avoid low quality plastic. An integrated ventilation system will be useful. Ventilation grilles are located at the rear of the device housing, which ensures proper cooling of the lamp. Such a device will surely serve you for more than one year.

    Before buying the selected device, be sure to read the quality certificates for the products, make sure that the seller provides a guarantee. Read reviews about the technique at independent resources, for example, “Irecommend” or “Otzovik”. We also recommend watching the thematic video:

    A creative DIY experiment on creating a do-it-yourself ring lamp deserves attention:

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