Riley Hubatka of TikTok: Family, Facts & Personal Life

Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts TikTok

Riley Hubatka is a young American star who became famous on TikTok for her original comedy videos. At the time of publication, the blogger boasts 5.8 million followers on the social network! Today, the charismatic and slender beauty shoots videos dedicated to funny situations, records dances, shares makeup and personal care secrets with subscribers, participates in challenges and completes tasks for fans.

Biography of Riley Hubatka from TikTok

Riley was born on September 3, 2001 in Portland, USA. When the girl was 3 years old, the family moved to the city of Charlotte. The girl has a very friendly and large family, and relatives often appear in the star’s videos:

  • Dad – Larry Hubatka . He works as a general manager at Tiny Horse media agency. He is fond of writing books, some even publishes.
  • Mom – Kelly Hubatka . Her vocation is a coach in the field of psychology of interpersonal relationships.
  • Sisters: Audrey, Lily, Lucy . Riley notes that one of the sisters is a copy of her mother, and the other two are more like her father.

Real name : Riley Hubatka

Alias ​​: not used

Date of birth : September 3, 2001 (Virgo)

Height : 173 cm

Weight : 55 kg

Eye color : green

Hair color : ash white

Activities : blogger on TikTok and Instagram, also launched a merchandise line

Religion : Christian

TikTok page :

Instagram account : _

Snapchat : riley.hubatka

The girl has modern and rather young parents who support her in everything. For example, recently the blogger’s dad posted such a post on his Instagram . He expressed admiration for his daughter and said that he was very proud to be her father.

And here is an archival photograph of the family in full force:

As a child, Riley Hubatka dreamed of building a modeling career. However, this idea visits her now. The girl had other hobbies: acting and comedy genre. The future star loved to sing and dance, and mom and dad actively supported creative hobbies. It is important that the sisters never envied the successful and punchy Riley, but, on the contrary, enjoyed spending time with her. Unique family! Where else can you meet such positive relatives who put on kigurumi together and dance to funny music? In addition, the family often travels the world.

Almost nothing is known about Riley’s background. There were rumors that the girl dropped out of Cuthbertson School (North Carolina) and transferred to home schooling. Recently, foreign publications often write that Riley Hubatka is currently getting the profession of a journalist. Tiktoker is sure that this experience will be useful to her in the future, because she will learn a lot about public relations.

It is curious that Riley Hubatka registered on TikTok only in July 2019. At first, she constantly recorded light and funny videos purely for friends, and she did not have a large number of subscribers. One day her video appeared in ” Recommendations “, and the girl’s popularity began to grow rapidly. Hubatka did not relax, but revised her approach to blogging and began to record original sketches and lip-synching in a comedy style. To meet the desires of the audience, outgoing Riley Hubatka is regularly interested in the preferences of fans. She is a sincere and open person despite her enormous popularity.

According to the girl, working on a blog is a huge job 24/7. She constantly thinks about ideas for new videos, spends a lot of time editing. For quality work, she needs personal space. Riley likes to close in her room, sit down at her laptop and completely immerse herself in creative activity, forgetting about everything in the world.

Riley Hubatka did not stop at success at TikTok, but decided to develop her Instagram in parallel . At the moment, she has about 2 million subscribers on this platform. Here, the girl often shares beauty life hacks and shows unusual images. On Instagram, Riley can often be seen with spectacular makeup.

The star also has a YouTube channel , but it has a little over a hundred thousand followers. The page, however, is worth subscribing to. Here, Riley shares useful tips with the audience, for example, helping with choosing a wardrobe, answering questions from fans.

How much does Riley Hubatka make on TikTok?

You can understand Riley’s estimated income using a special calculator.

So what do we have? 5.8 million subscribers and about 6.7% user activity. With such data, Riley Hubatka can take from 2 to 3.5 thousand dollars for one advertising post.

For the sake of curiosity, let’s calculate the cost of an advertising post on Instagram:

It turns out that for 1 post the girl receives income in the range of 2-2.6 thousand dollars.

Of course, Riley Hubatka earns not only on advertising. The star has her own line of merchandise , which also generates income. This collection features youth clothing in urban style: hoodies, sweatshirts, T-shirts, suits, as well as cases for smartphones and notebooks. As prints – a cartoon image of Riley herself, as well as a symbol of peace – the Pacific,

Judging by unofficial sources, Riley’s total income at the moment may be about 500-700 thousand dollars. The girl fully provides for herself and even bought a car that she drives with pleasure.

Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life
Since Riley is a very sociable and open person, she was credited with love affairs with many young people. Fans sincerely hoped that she was dating Peyton , but the guy said that they were just friends.
Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life

Once, on her Instagram page, Riley posted a photo with an unknown guy, but did not tell any details about her companion. Apparently, the girl prefers not to talk about love affairs.

Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life

But the star actively shares information about best friends with his fans. She has repeatedly said that her best friends are Ansley and Eliza Minor. The sisters are also very popular on TikTok. Three girls are connected not only by friendship, but also by common videos on the social network.

Riley Hubatka and her bright appearance

The Tiktoker loves to dye her hair in unusual colors and even posts videos and photos of the process on social networks. In addition, Riley wears a nose piercing, giving her an image of courage and even a little audacity, which is very much to the taste of the followers. The girl can often be seen with multilayer chains and original jewelry. The classic look of the star is short tops and jeans. Numerous youth-style headdresses serve as an addition to this image. Sometimes a girl appears in public in evening dresses.

Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life

Riley Hubatka: attitude towards fans

Riley doesn’t consider herself a superstar to be worshipped. She sincerely wants fans to consider her a sister or a cool neighbor with whom you can chat on various topics. She often launches streams and happily answers questions from followers. In addition, during the first wave of quarantine, Riley Hubatka regularly hosted Zoom conferences. We think it will become a good tradition now. With such a soulful attitude towards the audience, it is not surprising that the star has almost no haters. She has also not been seen in any major scandals, so her reputation is crystal clear.

Interesting facts about Riley from Tik Tok

We are sure that you did not know many things about your idol:

  • The blogger is now studying hairdressing. The release is scheduled for December.
  • In her free time, the tiktoker prefers to spend time with family and friends, she likes to go to cafes and have an active rest.
  • Riley loves rap and pop music. Sometimes he turns on jazz for the soul, for example, in rainy weather.
  • The girl has Dutch and Korean roots.
  • Riley’s natural hair color is dark brown. She thinks he’s terrible. To achieve the current hair color, the girl spent about 2.5 years.
  • Tiktoker’s favorite holiday is her birthday.
  • A blogger is a very straightforward person. If she does not like something, she will not hush up about it, but will speak out in the face of her opponent.
  • Riley loves animals. She has 2 husky dogs that she is very proud of. Unfortunately, Riley is allergic to cats. The blogger considers the tiger his favorite animal.
Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life
  • In her free time, the girl is not averse to getting enough sleep. Her ideal relaxation formula is 12 hours of sleep per night.
  • Riley hates any discrimination, including racial. Due to the difficult situation in the United States, the girl actively supports the Black Lives Matter movement.
  • From an early age, the girl follows the figure. Her YouTube channel even has fitness and cycling videos.
  • Despite the fact that the star always strives to be in great shape, she loves fast food. She is often seen with hamburgers, Mexican burritos and tacos.
  • Riley Hubatka speaks some Russian.
  • The girl is often jokingly called Catfish. Hubatka considers the correct pronunciation of the surname star.
  • Tiktoker from the USA is a self-confident person. She does not hesitate to appear in front of fans without makeup, styling or not getting enough sleep.
  • Riley and one of her best friends Ansley Minor are often confused due to the same type of appearance.
Riley Hubatka of TikTok: family, facts, personal life

We are sure that the biography of the purposeful and bright Riley will inspire you for creativity and other life achievements! We wish the American TikToker success in all her endeavors. If you liked the article, be sure to send a link to it to your friends and discuss the new facts you learned.

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