Reviews on TikTok Pay Bot in Telegram

Reviews on TikTok Pay Bot in Telegram TikTok

Users interested in income without investments are faced with a proposal to install a Tik Tok bot in Telegram. Before starting work, you need to ask about the amounts of payments for completed tasks – too serious promises speak of scammers who collect information about bank cards from gullible tiktokers.

How does it work

Bots work automatically and imitate the actions of real people. Such assistants are used to communicate with website visitors, orders, assign a certain type of task.

What is it needed for

Theoretically, with the help of Tik Tok Pay Bot, you can earn extra money. The bot prompts the user to complete a task for which a predetermined amount is paid. In the future, it can be withdrawn to a bank card or one of the electronic wallets.

Reviews on TikTok Pay Bot in Telegram

Terms of Use

Bots from Telegram, according to its creators, help to earn extra money by watching videos, writing comments. Its main goal is to raise the customer’s chat rating. But be sure to check out the reviews.

Instructions for use

The program is easy to understand. It is enough to carefully read the recommendations of its creators from Telegram on the bot.


To work, you need to install Telegram on a computer or mobile phone. The link to the application often appears in an advertisement (context bar) as an invitation from other site visitors.

What to do to earn money

Telegram bot developers offer to receive profit for:

  • video viewing;
  • comments;
  • likes.
  • On a note. Some programs and bots promise 10 *** for watching a video, and 20 *** for a review.

    Is it really possible to earn

    Users of the Telegram bot, who managed to get acquainted with easy income, were disappointed. In their opinion, most automated bots work for the owner of the TikTok channel, and not for the performers.

    How is the withdrawal of funds

    The instructions indicate that you can receive what you have earned after accumulating a certain amount on your account (250, 600 ***). Some programs and bots stop giving tasks until the specified amount of money is reached and do not pay.

    The withdrawal of funds is supposed to be carried out to the WebMoney wallet, phone number, bank card. The final option depends on the preferences of the owners of the Telegram bot.

    Problems with the bot

    During the execution of the money transfer operation, users are faced with:

  • a message about the transfer of the application to the payment gateway and waiting for the result within 72 hours;
  • an offer to register in an online casino;
  • a request to pay 100-200 *** for identification;
  • age limit: 18+, 21+;
  • verification requirement – subscribing to partner chats and viewing 15–20 posts or videos.
  • Regardless of the offer, the participant does not wait for the money earned to be transferred to the wallet. No one answers emails, the account is blacklisted or blocked.

    Bots as a way to generate income

    On the Internet, there are many applications from social networks and instant messengers that help to generate income. Read the comments on them. Real bots give meager income, not comparable to the time spent.

    TikTok Money BotMoney Bot

    Principle of operation

    Consider the TikTok Money Bot as an example.

    Name Requirements
    Income per day From 25 ***
    Number of active TikTok accounts At least three
    Solving captcha Not required
    Wallet for withdrawal One common
    Automatic transfer of earned There is

    Setting up the robot takes 15 minutes, the first amounts come on the first day of cooperation. The program allows you to activate the automatic transfer of money to the specified wallet.

    To work, you need a smartphone or a personal computer, the required number of channels on the service where a working account is created, set up and filled in, data is entered to receive funds. Channels are connected to the common Money bot Telegram database. Running and monitoring work.

    Attention! Colorfully painted promises lose their appeal after reading the comments of tiktokers on thematic forums. Bot users report wasted time and zero result, divorce. Initially, no one was going to pay them.

    How not to get scammed

    You can identify swindlers upon request by entering information about cards and accounts in the questionnaire. After receiving the details (including three digits from the verification code located on the back of the plastic), the developers can withdraw all the cash. Experts advise not to transfer information to unauthorized persons, bots and act with the utmost care.

    On the Internet in 2021, it is impossible to earn huge money for watching promotional or themed videos, liking or commenting on content. Most telegram bots are recognized as fraudulent, they are created to extort funds from the wallets of gullible people. You can download the robot, but withdraw *** with it – no. Below you can watch a detailed video about the bot.

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