Recover Telegram: What To Do If You Lost Your Account, Contacts or Chats, Messages

Recover Telegram: what to do if you lost your account Secrets and tricks

Unfortunately, no one is immune from random mistakes. This also applies to working with applications. Telegram allows you to correct some of the mistakes made through negligence or carelessness. If you deleted contacts or correspondence , there is an option to restore them, but your account is not. Let’s consider everything in order.

Can I restore my Telegram account

If for some reason you deleted your account, and after a while change your mind, we have bad news: you will not be able to restore it.

The technology for deactivating an account in Telegram is designed in such a way that after confirmation of the deletion, all data somehow associated with the profile are destroyed. This means that it erases all conversation histories, channel subscriptions, chats, contact list and, most unfortunately, the sticker collection.

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There is no recovery function . Your account will not be in any backups. It is technically impossible to return a deleted profile , so if someone claims that they can restore an account for a lump sum, do not agree in any way.

Take your time to delete your account. If the profile has already been deleted, the only thing you can do is create a new one .

How to restore Chats, Messages in Telegram

There is no official means to see the deleted correspondence again. But you can solve this issue in a different way. You can ask your interlocutor to send you the necessary messages or take screenshots.

This method only applies to regular conversations. With secret chats, this trick may not work if a timer is set to self-destruct messages.

In search of a way to restore correspondence in Telegram, you may stumble upon various “programs”. Once again – the official tool to return the remote correspondence does not exist . Anything that will be offered to you will turn out to be a scam, as a result of which you will be left without a message history and without an account.

picture: restore account or correspondence in telegram
Be careful: do not agree to dubious offers to restore the correspondence or account in Telegram – it is technically impossible

How to recover deleted contacts in Telegram

Telegram allows you to return such a loss without problems. There is a well-defined sequence of actions for this. Here’s what to do if you know the phone number of the person you want to restore in your contacts list:

Mobile version of Telegram (iOS and Android):

  1. We go to the main menu;
  2. Tap “Contacts”;
  3. Add the phone number, first and last name through the “+” icon.

Desktop version (Windows and macOS):

  1. Main menu;
  2. Item “Contacts”;
  3. We click “Add contact” and enter the appropriate data.

If the user’s phone number is not available , you can use the username (@username). Just enter it in the main search box and you can start a conversation.

The only possible difficulty is that your interlocutor can change his username while you are not communicating. In this case, it will be impossible to find him, unless you have mutual acquaintances.

Telegram allows users to dispose of their own data as they please, but  it is impossible to restore the  account  and the history of correspondence. And this was done for the sake of safety.

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