Rebranding to be: how Tik Tok will change

Rebranding to be: how Tik Tok will change TikTok

Even the most popular social networks are working to improve their image. Tik Tok is no exception. The program captures users with instant videos, all kinds of filters and real earnings.

A bit of history

This is a relatively new platform, originally aimed at the Chinese audience. The official release of the utility took place in September 2018. Owners of iOS and Android devices in China could download the application.

Rebranding to be: how Tik Tok will changeA few months later, Tik Tok became so popular that videos from the social network began to be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte. Then the developers improved their brainchild, created an English-language interface, releasing an international version.

In May of this year, according to official data, Tik Tok had more than 500 million users from 134 countries. The interface is available in 35 languages. The only negative is that there is no application to download directly to the PC. Utilities are only available for smartphone, tablet.

What is the problem

Recently, the company’s management announced a desire to disguise the origin of the social network in the United States market. This is due to strained political relations between states, problems with the special services.

“Due to sharp statements by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping towards each other, the imposition of duties on products and a number of economic factors, we are losing our audience. This applies not only to the average user, but also to advertisers. Losses are estimated at $3-5 million monthly,” management told The Wall Street Journal.

Also, the purchase of the platform by the corporation that owns the social network and censorship caused a problem. To avoid further financial losses, the creators of Tik Tok have announced the next rebranding:

Rebranding to be: how Tik Tok will change“The change in image is aimed at removing the association “China” from the name of Tik Tok. Updates will affect the interface, especially the colors, logo. Also, the strategy for entering the market, advertising campaigns will change.”

It is not yet known when the updates will take effect.

Recall that Tik Tok is the first Chinese social network that has achieved success outside the country of origin. The total number of downloads has already exceeded 1.5 billion. Users were “hooked” by the ability to shoot instant videos using filters during the recording process. In addition, advertising here is very well paid.

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