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Как скачать и установить TikTok на телефон с ОС Android TikTok

Today Tiktok is popular all over the world. A unique social network appeared in China. It allows you to shoot and upload short creative videos (tiktok). If a user’s video gets a large number of likes, it gets into the recommendations and can be widely shared. Mobile operators already provide TikTok users with unlimited access, including MTS and Megafon.

The social network, which appeared 2 years ago, has more than 500 million users. Every day, the number of Tik-Tok fans is increasing, increasing the load on the server. Sometimes new users have problems downloading the program, turning it on and logging into their account.

Download problems

TikTok only supports certain operating systems, for others you need to use emulator programs.

The reasons

If Tik Tok is not downloading, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Unavailable operating system. The social network can be downloaded and installed only on gadgets with iOS (iPhone) or Android. For other operating systems, emulators have been created and are available on third-party sites.
  • The OS version does not match the requirements of the application. Before downloading, you need to check its relevance. It is listed in the app store.
  • The application for downloading and watching videos has a lot of weight. You should make sure that the device memory is sufficient for the download.

Installing Tik Tok on a Windows computer will require additional steps.

How to Download and Install TikTok on an Android Phone

For PC download

There is no official version of Tik Tok for PC. To download the application to a personal computer, you need to use an OS emulator.

You need to act as follows:

  • Download Android emulator on PC. The most popular Bluestacks, Droid4x or AndY OS are freely available.
  • Install and run the program.
  • In the “My Apps” menu, find the search box and write “Tik Tok”.
  • By clicking on the application, start the download and wait for it to finish.
  • Go to the main screen. Launch the application by tapping on the icon.

If the user mounts videos on a computer, it is very convenient to download them through the emulator.

If another OS

For Windows phones, you can download the app from the Windows Store. Tik tok is easy to find through search and install.

On smartphones or tablets with other operating systems, you can also use emulator programs – AndY OS, Bluestax and others.

When registering and logging in

Departure of Tik Tok is possible when logging into your account or authorization through other social networks.

Incorrect input

The most common cause of problems with a social network is incorrect information entry. If it was not possible to register and log into your account, you should check:

  • Username. Perhaps the chosen name is taken, and you need to come up with a different one.
  • Login and password. It is necessary to check the correctness of the entered information.
  • Age. It may indicate that the user is under the age of 13.
  • Telephone. When registering, you need to specify the code from SMS, to do this, enter the correct number.
  • Gadget. The smartphone or tablet does not meet the requirements of the application.

If a person has previously used Tik Tok and was permanently blocked, the system will stop registration on the same device.

Does not allow you to log in through third-party social networks

Many users enter TikTok through other social networks – VKontakte, Instagram. This is convenient, since you do not need to log in again and enter a password. However, there may be situations when you cannot log into your account.

If the application does not turn on, you need:

  • Check if the login and password fields are filled in correctly. Perhaps you made a mistake when entering or accidentally switched the language.
  • Reload the page and clear the browser cache.
  • Log out of VK or Instagram and log in to the application again.

How to Link Instagram and TikTok AccountsHow to Link Instagram and TikTok Accounts

To rule out connection problems, you should check the connection to the mobile Internet or Wi-Fi.


If you fail to login, you can restart your phone and launch the application again. It does not hurt to check the network and Internet speed, disable VPN services. If the user was working from a mobile network, connect to Wi-fi.

Does not work

There are many reasons why Tik Tok does not work or slows down a lot. Most of them the user can solve on their own without contacting technical support.

Uploading to the server

With a large number of users who have logged into TikTok to watch other people’s videos or post their own, the server may not be able to cope with the load. Then the platform completely stops working due to a failure.

In the history of the social network, servers have crashed 4 times already. When Tik Tok crashes like this, nothing can be done – just wait until the specialists fix everything.

Engineering works

The servers hosting the videos may be down due to a technical problem. Then the application will not start, which means that the user will not see notifications.

To find out about maintenance or scheduled maintenance, you can visit the official TikTok Twitter page – An information post will appear here.

Also, to find out the functionality of the social network, there is a site It shows the status of Tik Tok servers. If there is an inscription No problems at Tiktok under the logo, then the social network is working as usual, and the problem needs to be fixed on the user’s side.

In selected regions

In some regions, Tiktok crashes steadily for a significant number of users. Most often, residents of the Crimea face difficulties. Many consider application problems that manifest themselves geographically as part of the sanctions, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Tik Tok in Crimea may lag if:

  • No internet connection on TikTok. Mobile access is not enough to download heavy videos. It is better to connect to your home network.
  • Low internet speed. Downloading Tik Tok Lite, a light version of the application, will help. It has fewer features, but you can watch videos without lags.

TikTok video cover to attract subscribers: instructions for creating

Advice. Do not exceed the limit for uploading videos, otherwise there will be a temporary ban.

No internet connection

An application that works with voluminous and heavy video files requires a constant connection with a speed of 10 Mb / s. If the network does not provide such an indicator, it is worth changing the operator.

To restore the connection, a temporary transition to airplane mode helps. Instruction:

  • turn on airplane mode on your smartphone;
  • wait 30 seconds;
  • turn off airplane mode – the connection will be restored.

This solution is often used by residents of the Crimea.

Data cleansing

If the application does not open, and the gadget constantly freezes and slows down, the problem may be in the RAM. Unnecessary programs and files that download the smartphone must be cleared or disabled.

You should go to the “Gallery”, select and delete unnecessary photos and videos. You can transfer files to the cloud for storage on a remote server.

The application cache is an internal data storage designed to quickly download files and pages necessary for the smooth operation of the service. Here, TikTok stores the history of user actions.

To clear the cache created by the Tik Tok app, you will need:

  • Go to your smartphone settings and select “Apps”. Click on it.
  • In the tabs that appear, select “All applications”, find and click on the Tik Tok icon.
  • In the application settings (three vertical dots in the upper right corner), select “Free up space”. After tapa, a menu will open in which you need to click on the “Clear cache” item.

Cleaning will take a couple of minutes, after which the extra information will be erased.

To fully delete the data, it is recommended to restart the gadget.


Application slowdown is caused by an outdated version that is incompatible with current software versions. It needs to be updated immediately.

For gadgets on Android, you should:

  • open the Play Market application;
  • write “Tik Tok” in the search bar;
  • if a new version has been released for the application, then the “Update” button will appear under the logo;
  • start the update and wait for the download to finish.

Instructions for iPhone:

  • Go to the App Store.
  • Go to the “Updates” section located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the “Expectations” tab. Here are all the applications installed on the phone that can be updated.
  • Select Tik Tok and wait for the installation process to complete, which will start automatically.

In the smartphone settings, you can set automatic application updates.

TikTok coverTikTok cover

If you can’t post the video

There are several reasons why a video upload fails.

Problem What to do
Internet does not work well. Turn airplane mode on or off, connect to your home network instead of your mobile network, or close other apps running in the background.
Lack of RAM. The main reason why visual effects and filters do not work in the video. Download programs to clean your smartphone from unnecessary files, close background applications, remove utilities that you do not use.
Copyright infringement. Some video editors automatically insert a “watermark” into the video – a special mark, sometimes hidden. Tik Tok does not work with such videos, so it will not work to post it. Remove the sign or redo the video in another editor.
Prohibited content. Check if the video meets the requirements of the social network.
Account blocked. Go to app settings. Here you will see information for which violations and for what period access to TikTok is prohibited.

If the problem is not found, you can restart the application or reinstall it.

Slows down video

Watching videos is often hindered by lags when the video is slow or there is no sound. To help you deal with this:

  • Internet connection check;
  • clearing the application cache;
  • downloading a new version of Tik Tok;
  • clearing RAM.

Advice. To prevent freezes, you should use a fast Internet, programs to remove unnecessary files and utilities, follow the updates.


A user’s TikTok account can be blocked for using prohibited content and disregarding the rules of the social network. Usually this is done by the decision of the administration due to the large number of complaints from other tiktokers.

A temporary ban on logging into your account is set if the user enters his login and password incorrectly three times. This blocking lasts only 30 minutes.

How to know if you’ve been blocked

In case of a serious violation of the rules of the social network, the ban will be long or permanent. You can check if your account is blocked in the following ways:

  • With a custom block, you cannot go to the page of the person who blocked by sending to the black list, or write to him in direct.
  • When blocked from the administration, you can not upload videos. It is not possible to go to content from a banned account by hashtags. A blocked user cannot leave comments – they begin to disappear without being deleted.

If an account is permanently locked, a person will not be able to log into it and use the password recovery function. The account is deleted.

The video is not getting views

Shadowbans are common on social media. It represents a content restriction for users. Tiktokers do not see videos posted by banned authors. However, uploading content is not allowed.

If the video is not gaining views, it is possible that the administration has imposed a shadowban. Large bloggers with a wide audience reach will be able to recognize it immediately, as the gap in online activity will be significant.

Popular arts on Tik Tok

Profile not loading

When a user cannot open a profile or the application does not load, the reasons may be:

  • lack of RAM;
  • the account is blocked or received a shadowban;
  • a service update is required.

A common mistake is to reset authorization. When registering, you must attach a phone number and email to your account. If this is not done, the social network will not load in the future and will not allow the profile to be authorized. You can solve the problem by re-registration or logging in through VK or Facebook.

If clearing the memory and updating does not help, you need to write to the technical support of the service.

Contacting technical support

Before contacting, you need to remove prohibited videos, re-upload content with “watermarks” and eliminate all flaws that violate the rules of the social network.

To submit a request, you need:

  • Go to the application, select the “Support” section in the settings menu.
  • Click “Leave feedback” and choose one of the proposed situations.
  • Select a subcategory that describes the specifics of the problem.

If the user cannot log into the account, the official TikTok technical support website will help. Here you can read the rules of the platform and avoid mistakes in the future.

If it didn’t help

If the administration of the service imposed a permanent ban on the account, and contacting technical support did not work, only creating a new profile will help. Unfortunately, the number of subscribers and likes cannot be returned. Even popular bloggers will have to restore the asset again.

Tik Tok is a social network whose number of users continues to grow. To watch videos and upload your videos without restrictions, you need to study the requirements and conditions for working with the application in a timely manner.

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