POV on TikTok: what is it, features of POV, examples

TikTok point of views (POV) part 2 - YouTube |  Pov, Point of view, Music songs TikTok

The social network TikTok uses different genres of videos. One of the most common is called POV (POV). The name itself stands for Point of View, that is, point of view. POV is usually called the main character of the video, which invites the viewer to look at a certain situation with their own eyes.

TikTok point of views (POV) part 2 - YouTube |  Pov, Point of view, Music songs

POV feature is that, as a rule, shooting takes place in the first person. This genre is often chosen by novice bloggers who have an interesting idea, but do not have the opportunity to use expensive equipment, scenery and special effects. To create a video, a modern smartphone with a normal camera is enough. The main thing is to make really exciting and original content.

Main Features of POV in TikTok

POV (POV) in TikTok has the following characteristics:

  • Limited number of actors. As a rule, one person participates in the video, less often – 2. The same author can play different roles, changing the hairstyle, using makeup, experimenting with sound and musical accompaniment.
  • POV filmed on topical topics that are interesting to the reader. To collect as many likes and comments as possible, it is worth thinking about what priorities and problems your potential viewers have. For example, teenage schoolchildren are unlikely to “get into” POVs about the curious situations that young mothers face, and sports fans will not appreciate jokes about the consequences of hanging out in a nightclub with cocktails.
  • Often POV involves dividing a certain story into several parts.. Thus, a “mini-series” is recorded, and the audience is looking forward to continuing. You can ask the audience to put a certain number of likes so that you post the next part sooner.
  • Experienced TikTok Users Often Use POV to Live Stream. If you tag POV or POV in the description of a live broadcast, then potential viewers will understand that you will be sharing your opinion on the air. Such broadcasts help to find contact with followers, interest new subscribers, and openly communicate with the audience.
  • Usually, POV videos are accompanied by various inscriptions that clarify the situation shown.. Often in the form of a dialogue. Fictitious correspondence in instant messengers or social networks can also be shown.
  • This Disturbing TikTok 'POV' Trend Is All About Domestic AbusePOV may touch on sensitive topics

    How to record POV on Tik Tok?

    The process of shooting a video in the first person is no different from the usual process of recording a video:

    Open the TikTok app and click the plus sign at the bottom of the screen in the middle:

    POV on TikTok: what is it, features of POV, examples

    Take a video with the front camera or upload a ready-made video. If necessary, add music and effects in the next step:

    POV on TikTok: what is it, features of POV, examples

    Add relevant hashtags and post the video:

    POV on TikTok: what is it, features of POV, examples

    Experienced tiktokers recommend not limiting yourself to the word POV or POV in hashtags. You can add accompanying captions, such as check if you are reviewing some features of the TikTok app or other types of software. The Life mark is usually set if the video is dedicated to any life events. Are you planning to talk about funny situations? You can add a Meme signature.

    What to shoot POV videos about?

    In 2021, there are many ideas for making memorable Tik Tok videos. We recommend that you pay attention to the following options:

  • serial romantic stories, for example, about the acquaintance of a beautiful girl with a shy guy;
  • about betrayal by the closest people;
  • about situations that occur during shopping, for example, on Chinese sites;
  • horror stories dedicated to crime or mysticism;
  • jokes about misunderstanding due to the language barrier;
  • videos about what annoys us literally every day;
  • stories related to Tik Tok stars like Peyton.
  • So, now you know why and how they shoot POV-style videos for Tik Tok. It’s time to look for interesting videos with relevant hashtags or start creating your own interesting video. If you have experience shooting POV, please share useful tips in the comments.

    Some more interesting ideas can be taken from this video:

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