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Posting “Good morning” cards on Tik Tok has become a popular way to cheer up friends. Users often exchange similar posts, setting up relatives and friends for positive.


On TikTok, greetings are sent by both teenagers and older people. The video can be funny, serious or reminiscent of an important event. They are used to congratulate relatives and friends on an important date, to show their attentive attitude.


This message is used to:

  • wish good morning;
  • to please a friend, and if the video is cool, it can still make you laugh;
  • cheer up subscribers.
  • People like to view funny and cute courtesies and experience positive emotions, thus increasing the frequency of visits to the Tik Tok channel.


    In the social network TikTok, there is a challenge with funny videos on the theme of good morning (the tag of the same name has collected about 500 million views). There are no rules for the design of postcards, the creation of a creative video is required

    On a note. The content must be copyrighted, this will help the channel owner to move to the recommendations. Trying to download someone else’s idea will end in a ban.

    Where to find

    For people who do not use social networks, the search for interesting videos is limited to YouTube (YouTube). The hosting has a lot of short videos with the theme “good morning”, you can watch them without registration.

    Tik Tok postcardsTik Tok postcards

    On TikTok

    To search for postcards from TikTok “Good morning”, the user needs to follow a few steps:

  • Open the application and click on the magnifying glass located on the right side of the screen at the bottom.
  • Enter the word “postcard” in the search box and check the “hashtags” block.
  • Watch the video that appears on the screen.
  • There is an arrow on the right panel, after clicking it, you can choose where to send the congratulations (for example, to WhatsApp as a message, etc.).
  • If desired, you can copy the link to the image and forward it via email.

    Tik Tok postcardsTik Tok postcards

    In social networks

    In social networks (Instagram, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc.) there are entire catalogs of interesting video postcards, including new ones. The search is carried out on the phrase “good morning” for 2020 and previous years.

    By the way. In Insta, when searching, the hashtag “#” and the main phrase are written (continuously).

    Special Sites

    There are special resources with ready-made materials:

  • How to send

    To transfer video materials to TikTok, a standard scheme is used, including downloading and uploading to the feed. If you wish, you can simply send a link to an interesting fragment.


    The download is carried out using the screen recording function on a smartphone with Android or other OS, the finished videos are saved in the gallery.


    To download a video postcard, the following algorithm is followed:

  • In TikTok on your phone, you need to press the key located to the right of the record button to open the gallery.
  • Clicking on the video material will redirect to the editor, where the video parameters are set.
  • After editing, the clip is uploaded to the feed.
  • Share link

    To perform the action, just copy the link and send it via TikTok private messages.

    How to do it yourself

    You can create a cheerful congratulation or wish yourself. It must be remembered that the social network does not allow materials that do not comply with its policies.


    To create an interesting post, you can use the following ideas:

  • view the materials of bloggers who are in the TOP, find a twist in their video;
  • make a creative record – with a loved one, a meeting, a winter evening, etc .;
  • create a joint video with a tiktoker that has a similar number of subscribers;
  • create a meme – online publications are popular, they contribute to an increase in the number of views;
  • sing congratulatory material to the camera, read cool poems.
  • Top videos require unusual effects and specific editing, quality of performance. Successful options will help to increase the rating and increase the number of subscribers.


    For wishes can be used:

  • animals, birds;
  • sun, delicate flower;
  • boys, girls, guys, girls, men, women – subject to the unusualness of the character;
  • morning, afternoon or evening;
  • original effects (the picture may flicker and shimmer);
  • jokes, foreign and local music tracks, songs.
  • Hashtags

    Tags help promote posts for free. Creating hashtags does not take much time, they can be formed in both English and English.

    In English

    In the English-speaking segment, there are such options:

  • the morning is good;
  • good morning;
  • good morning does not exist;
  • wombs good;
  • Monday morning, etc.
  • Before each inscription “good morning” and the day of the week (Monday, Friday), the “#” sign is put down.

    In English

    The English edition includes:

  • #morning;
  • #goodmorning;
  • #mornings;
  • #goodmorningworld;
  • #goodmorningpost.
  • A picture with a beautiful sky and a sunny day, complemented by a twinkling effect and soothing music, becomes a good motivator even in cloudy weather. Postcards inspire optimism and hope, cause smiles, give happiness and good mood.

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