Popular songs from Tik Tok in 2022: trends and eternal hits

Popular songs from Tik Tok in 2022: trends and eternal hits TikTok

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of bright and atmospheric tracks from TikTok. Our selection contains popular songs of 2022, which are used in their videos by both ordinary tiktokers and reputable bloggers. Enjoy listening to tracks and immediately download the songs you like.

In the TOP music on TikTok, there are not only new tracks, but also songs that have long been loved by music lovers from previous years. We offer you a great opportunity to add hits to your playlist that are incredibly popular on TikTok in a few minutes. Here you will find music that is ideal for recording videos in a serious, humorous, fashion or sports style.

If you are looking for the best songs of 2022 from TikTok, then it’s time to check out the tracks from this article. Be trendy with us!

How to download songs from TikTok for 2022?

To download the most popular tracks in 2022 from TikTok, just visit our website!

You need to find the song you are interested in and find the three dots on the right side of the player. Click the “Download” button and the track will be downloaded to your device within a few seconds. Important information for music lovers: we offer only the best hits in high quality.

Popular songs from "Tik Tok" in 2022: trends and eternal hits

We offer you to listen to new tracks that have appeared recently and have already won the love of tiktokers and their subscribers.

Popular songs from Tik Tok 2020YOUR LIFE LIVE

JONY – On the purple moon

On TikTok, a trend is gaining momentum associated with updating old hits by young performers. This time, rapper Joni revived Leonid Agutin’s track, making it more youthful and modern. In turn, a more experienced colleague in the music department recorded his own version of the song “You are merciless.”

Maruv – Goodbye

Galibri & Mavik – Carnival

goro – Attention please

Scarlett Johansson – Heads Will Roll

Scarlett Johansson turned into a singing porcupineScarlett Johansson

More recently, the new “Sing 2” was released, in which actors in the images of anthropomorphic animals perform pop hits from previous decades. Scarlett Johansson, as a cute porcupine, recorded a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, and the result is clearly worthy of attention.

aespa – Dreams Come True

Another spectacular and bright remake was recorded by a female musical group from South Korea. This is an updated version of the song by the SM Entertainment SES team. Instead of a calm and measured lyrical track, the perky girls presented a bright mix of gentle female vocals and hip-hop elements. By the way, the video for the track became the leader in terms of views in the girls’ home country and entered the TOP-3 tracks worldwide on YouTube.

Lesha Svik – Cried

Maria Omg – Impact 2022

Boroda_Jk – Good Caravan

Karina Arakelyan – The devils are running

Popular songs 2020Latest music on Tik Tok

Love, both mutual and happy, and unrequited, unbearably sad, from year to year becomes one of the main themes of musical performers. In the mini-selection, we have placed the most popular lyrical, sentimental and spectacular songs from Tik Tok about feelings.

Zivert – Three Days of Love

Popular songs from "Tik Tok" in 2022: trends and eternal hitsZivert

The English pop singer dedicated the song to a short romance, which, apparently, was not destined to continue. The idea of ​​the track is that sometimes you should not limit yourself to stereotypes and frames, if sincere feelings arise between people, you need to surrender to them completely. After all, it is emotions that fill our life, making it bright.

Sulla – Friendzone

LP – Angels

Trevor Daniel – Falling

Under the trendy track of 2022, bloggers are happy to record catchy videos on a variety of topics:

HENSY – Pain and gone

Absolute TOP music from TikTok for 2022

Here we have collected those tracks from TikTok that have been heard from the speakers of music lovers for several days. These songs literally do not go out of the heads of fans of various musical genres. If you want to be in the subject, be sure to listen.

kostromin — My head is a screw

Gerber — Ulyalya

Konfuz — Ratata

Konfuz - Ratata (Mood video) - YouTubeKonfuz

ZAPRAVKA — Like Gigan

Cheese People — Wake Up

Samara ensemble Cheese People performed at the "Creation of the World" - Volga NewsCheese People

Rakhim — Blue Lamborghini

Rakhim Abramov’s track entered the TOP-5 TikTok videos, under which people most often record videos on the social network:

SLAVA MARLOW – You burn like fire

DEAD BLONDE — Boy on nine

The song performed by Arina Bulanova is dedicated to the criminal romance of the 90s, and such an unusual theme, combined with dance motifs of past years, attracts the attention of most music lovers. In one of the interviews, the girl said that her songs are largely irony and banter, and not a serious call for a return to a bygone era. In her opinion, the current generation is much more humane and smarter than the previous one.

Popular songs from "Tik Tok" in 2022: trends and eternal hitsTik Tok. Life. Music

And what hits do foreign performers delight music lovers with? You probably already know these tracks.

Jaymes Young – Infinity

American singer-songwriter James Young, who began his musical career in 2013, has been enjoying huge popularity thanks to this track for more than 4 years. The reason is not only the Tik Tok challenges, but also the original skateboarding anime series SK8 the Infinity, which fans associate with the lyrical indie song.

Rod Stewart – Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Adele – Water Under the Bridge

Meghan Trainor – Title

NLE Choppa – IYB

Top Shotta": NLE ChoppaNLE Choppa

The songs everyone is looking for Tik TokSearch Popular Songs on Tik Tok

Tik Tok: music from memes

Memes are considered symbols of modern culture. We offer a small collection of songs that are somehow connected with viral ideas.

tik tok meme music

Young Maylay — San Andreas

iamjuampi among us

Popular songs from "Tik Tok" in 2022: trends and eternal hits

Rhombi & Bombi — Rom Bim Bom

Vengaboys — We like to Party! (The Vengabus)

Igorek – Let’s wait

One of the non-standard memes on Tik Tok in 2022 is a funny song from the 90s of the last century from Igor. In this track, the main character complains to the listeners that his girlfriend not only does not know how to cook, but also relies on her mother for everything. Videos for the song began to be recorded by both ordinary users and bloggers, for example, YouTuber Karina Arakelyan:

TikTok: eternal

This is music that has been appearing in tiktoker videos for more than a year or a month.

The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – STAY

Kreepa – Oh No

Palina – Month

Polina’s lyrical song has become one of the best protest compositions and a real challenge in her native country of Belarus. In the text, the girl expresses her sincere feelings, stating that she “wants to love, not be afraid.”

Kevin MacLeod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

Anet Say – stay human

Anet Sai - Stay human |  lyrics, text |  Premiere 2021 - YouTube

Dzharakhov & Markul – I’m in the moment

Klava Koka – LA LA LA

Ramil’ – Dream

ooes – winter

Singer Ooes shared the album ooes

Lucy Chebotina – Sun of Monaco

Lyusya Chebotina - biography, photo, personal life, height and weight, listen songs online 2021 |  Learn EverythingLucy Chebotina

In 2022, many bloggers from TikTok decided to take up music and recorded their first tracks, and some of the public figures pleased the fans with powerful hits for the umpteenth time. Listen to a selection of 2022 music from youth idols and choose a tune to suit your mood.

Maha Goryacheva – Feel the wonder

Dani Milokhin's friend Maha Goryacheva is in serious conditionMaha Goryacheva

Danya Milokhin – Unicorn

Katya Adushkina – Sweet

Anya Pokrov – You are free

Your Marusya – Hooligan


GAVRILINA – Closer to the stars

Klava Koka – drunk at home

Under this incendiary party song, funny videos are recorded not only by Klava’s fans, but also by the girl herself.

Karna.val – I don’t sleep at night

Kara – Back off

If you want to know even more interesting information about the work of English and foreign artists, be sure to watch this video with a selection of the most popular Tik Tok songs:

Popular songs from Tik Tok for 2022 can cheer and inspire, motivate and relax, give a feeling of pleasant sadness, and even surprise with an instructive meaning. TikTok not only entertains, but also changes the world for the better, including through the hit music of talented artists.

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