Popular curly tiktokers in EU-US and abroad

Rakhim Abramov TikTok

TikTok is gaining more and more popularity. The social network is already dictating its trends, including hairstyles. In the article, we will consider which haircuts are most popular among bloggers.

Hairstyles of top TikTok bloggers

A stylish haircut is one of the key details of a casual look that people around pay attention to. Subscribers notice changes in both haircut and hair color, so it’s important to always stay in trend.

Especially tiktokers love elongated curls, randomly scattered on the head, gaining the most popularity now. This hairstyle speaks of individuality and originality.

Also famous bloggers choose the following hairstyles:

  • bleached or dyed hair;
  • elongated bangs;
  • crop haircuts.
  • Curly tiktokers

    There are many curly bloggers in EU-US and in other countries. It may seem unexpected that there are a lot more curly guys in the world than girls.

    Curly hair tiktokers consider their “chip” (or “highlight”). Some have such gorgeous hair by nature, others curl it on purpose. If you successfully beat an interesting hairstyle, then soon subscribers will begin to recognize a person precisely because of her.

    Rakhim Abramov

    Many people know the popular blogger on TikTok and Instagram, as well as the aspiring singer Rakhim Abramov. At 22, he has a gigantic audience: the number of subscribers on TikTok has exceeded 10 million, and on Instagram there are more than 6 million. The guy started his career with vines and entertainment videos, but recently he decided to go into music.

    On a note. In 2020, Rakhim Abramov became the highest paid tiktoker in EU-US.

    The blogger does not naturally have such chestnut curls. Rakhim uses artificial perms.

    Rakhim AbramovRakhim Abramov

    Evgeny Kulik

    Actor, comedian, weiner, not a single muscle on whose face flinches during the video, and just a modest guy. The blogger’s Instagram has 3.8 million followers, and the TikTok audience is over 11,000. Shoots entertaining content.

    Chocolate curls have always been the main attribute of Eugene. Excess weight and a curly head create a comical image that has become a kind of highlight of the artist.

    Gilmer Cruz

    Model and actor. He has over 31 million followers on Tiktok. The guy shoots comedy 15-second videos, gaining several million likes.

    The brown-haired girl has recently been wearing medium-length tousled curls.

    Jayden Cruz

    Jaden Cruz is the brother of the blogger described above. The guy has a slightly smaller audience (23.3 million people). Specializes in short and humorous videos.

    Sometimes she bleaches her hair, but now she prefers brown short curls.

    Benji Krol

    Internet celebrity, rising to popularity among young people on TikTok (14.8 million followers). He prefers to make funny videos with popular music. The young man also has a multi-million audience on Instagram and is developing a YouTube channel.

    Benjy has tousled chocolate-colored hair that accentuates his cuteness.

    Egor Creed

    Singer, actor, songwriter, tiktoker and just a creative person who is known to almost everyone in EU-US. After leaving the Black Star label, the artist began to develop his social networks more actively. The guy has 9.5 million followers on TikTok. Egor shoots trends and short funny videos.

    The artist has blond curls and a crop style hairstyle.

    Joy Klaasen

    An outstanding blogger who has gathered an audience of more than 19 million people around him through creative and comedic content.

    The American Curly TikToker has bleached hair with dark blond roots.

    Josh Richards

    A young talent who has earned fame on the TikTok app thanks to short humorous videos. The guy has about 24 million subscribers. Josh is not only a tiktoker but also a model as well as an actor.

    Josh RichardsJosh Richards

    The blogger has messy blond hair with dark roots.

    Artur Babich

    Ukrainian curly tiktoker and musician. Member of the first line-up of the Tiktoker Dream Team House. Now more than 8.4 million people have subscribed to the guy on TikTok. Artur Babich makes funny life videos.

    The blogger has a crop style hairstyle with chestnut curls.

    Karina Egamedieva

    A popular girl with a doll appearance among young people. The blogger attracts attention with her creativity and humor. She now has over 7.8 million followers on TikTok.

    Karina Egamediev prefers bob and slightly wavy black hair with light strands.

    Katya Adushkina

    The girl is 17 years old, but she has already succeeded in many areas of life. So, the tiktoker wrote a book, dances in the Todes group, sings songs and actively maintains pages on social networks. Katya entertains almost 6 million TikTok followers with upbeat content.

    The girl has gorgeous long blond curls with a smooth transition of color to the lightest at the tips.

    Andrey Noils

    Popular blogger Andrey Noils has made a name for himself with his energetic and provocative videos, which are gaining millions of views. Tiktoker calls himself a playboy, a millionaire, a philanthropist, just a handsome guy and a musician (in August 2020 he posted the first track to the public). He has almost 3 million subscribers.

    Andrey is the owner of long honey-colored curls.

    Tiktokers spin their hair on a battery

    Recently, a new trend has firmly settled on TikTok, which teaches you how to curl your hair in the strangest way. For those who have already tried socks, classic curlers, scarves, tubes, a new way has appeared – a battery. Today, bloggers use heaters to curl their hair.

    The trend was launched by a girl with the nickname kekka.mngcs. The heroine of the video showed how she wraps long curls around the cylinders of the battery, as if it were an ordinary curling iron! A couple of seconds – and the perfect curl is ready. The surprised audience picked up the idea.

    Attention! This method is not recommended. If you move carelessly, there is a chance to burn your face or tangle your hair.

    BTS’s V got rid of his curls

    Remember how excited BTS fans were when member V showed off his new curls? Not so long ago, the singer again surprised the audience by demonstrating tremendous changes in his appearance.

    In the posted photo, you can see that V’s hair has become short and straight. Perfectly straight and smooth hair is a new trend from Taehyung, for which the fans were not ready.

    However, the majority of fans supported the artist’s decision. Users believe that absolutely any hairstyle and haircut suits him.

    The rest of the fans were overcome by nostalgia. Fans flooded Twitter with old photos that still show the artist’s light curls.

    Curly hair is undoubtedly the trend of 2021. If you successfully beat him and emphasize your own individuality, then you can gain popularity thanks to a new and interesting image. After all, people are drawn to those who look stylish and modern.

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