Popular arts on Tik Tok

Popular arts on Tik Tok TikTok

Tik Tok is a relatively new social network that has won millions of people thanks to its unique content format – short music videos with colorful effects and impressive transitions.

A popular topic on the site is Tik Tok Art, in which users share their own creativity, as well as post step-by-step lessons on drawing on paper, sand, and glass. Such videos are sticky, quickly go to the recommendations feed, get a lot of likes and enthusiastic comments.


Every novice tiktoker should first of all remember that TikTok is for entertainment content. Thus, viewers love light themes and a colorful picture, while advertising and serious videos are not welcome at all.

In addition, before starting to fill out their own profile, the user should understand the features of the chosen topic, get acquainted with popular art techniques and content of famous tiktoker artists.

Popular arts on Tik TokPopular arts on Tik Tok

What is included in the concept

Art (English art) translated from English – art, craft, something artistic.


On TikTok, the word “art” is often used in hashtags for videos about drawing. These can be short video tutorials, filmed drawing on canvas, wood, glass, a graphics tablet, or even a computer. Videos with jokes about artists and their lifestyle are also popular on the site.

Interesting techniques

Artistic techniques in demand on the media platform:

  • body art – drawings on the face and body, the content of which is revealed using non-verbal language: postures, gestures, facial expressions;
  • nail art – artistic images on the nails;
  • drawings on wood with a drill, burner, electricity;
  • sculptures made of plaster, clay, stone;
  • design of clothes, footwear, accessories;
  • sketchbook design;
  • needlework – attractive handicrafts from improvised materials.
  • This is not a complete list of current ideas for creative videos.

    What is popular

    On TikTok, a myriad of likes and comments are received by videos with fan art – drawings of favorite characters from computer games (for example, Roblox), series, films, cartoons, anime, comics and books. Also popular are portraits of famous personalities (actors, singers) and custom-made drawings.

    Notable artists

    In order to find the authors of the best art videos on TikTok, it is enough to enter a few thematic hashtags in the search engine on the site. Videos by Salavat Farai, Sarah Carstairs and other well-known tiktoker artists will appear on the screen.

    Popular arts on Tik TokPopular arts on Tik Tok

    How to find

    Tiktoker art can be found by hashtags #art, #drawing, #draw, #artist, #colors, #myart, #tutorial, #painting, #fyp, #artwork, #art, #artists, #drawing, #drawing, #tutorial , #painting, as well as thematic words like #watercolor, #sketch, #outfitart, etc.

    How to create yourself

    In order for an art video to get into the recommendations, to collect a bunch of likes and comments, it is not enough just to film the drawing process. It is necessary to properly organize the desktop and set up lighting, work on the presentation of content and choose a musical sequence that will accompany the author’s actions from beginning to end.


    Sketching in itself is a fairly popular trend for creative videos on Tik Tok. However, choosing an image for copying is not so easy, given the variety of ideas that are presented on the site. The only way out in this case is daily monitoring of the recommendations feed. Analysis of popular content will allow you to choose the subject of drawings and be inspired to create your own masterpieces.

    Featured Images

    Beginners in sketching often resort to light drawings made with a simple pencil without shading. These can be images with large details, without symmetry and geometry. Having stuffed your hand, you can move on to more complex drawing techniques, for example, the Zentangle technique, which consists in repeating the same hatching.

    True TikTok fans draw the app logo. It is not difficult and, moreover, will allow you to demonstrate your imagination, skill in choosing the style of the picture and the material used.

    Having improved your drawing skills, you can proceed to landscapes and portraits. Images of people from the blogging, modeling, and acting industries are especially popular. Also, videos with drawn animals (dogs, cats, foxes, wolves, etc.), anime heroes and characters from comics, TV shows, cartoons often fall into trends.

    An equally relevant idea for videos is do-it-yourself gifts in the form of a picture. On TikTok, you can find a lot of fascinating videos dedicated to the gradual transformation of an ordinary postcard.


    Before you start shooting, you should choose materials for work: what paper in size and purpose (watercolor, for pastels) will be used, how the drawing itself will be applied – with pencils, brushes with paints, and so on.

    Take a good look at the picture that you will draw: note for yourself the thickness of the pencil pressure, the smoothness of the lines, the palette for a stylish combination and the overall look of the work.

    Then you can proceed to the sketch: apply markup and basic details, adjust the scale. You should not start drawing with small details – it is better to postpone their drawing until the end of the work.

    Be careful when drawing. Do not erase bold pencil lines several times to avoid dirt.

    The best option for beginners is step-by-step drawing, taking into account all the instructions of the author of the picture. However, remember that copying is not always copying other people’s ideas. Drawings from TikTok should provide a basis for your own creation, in which all your fantasies, skills, talent and style will manifest.

    Art in Tik TokArt in Tik Tok

    Promotion of your own creativity

    Promotion on TikTok happens in the same way as on other social networks – through attracting followers. Getting the audience interested in your profile is not so easy, especially if you are a beginner tiktoker with no drawing experience and no unique ideas. However, there are a couple of effective ways to get your first followers:

  • use of hashtags;
  • shooting reactions to other people’s creations;
  • buying ads from other bloggers;
  • mass actions (mass liking, mass following);
  • posting of voluminous videos in parts.
  • These methods of promoting TikTok accounts are used by both beginners and more experienced TikTokers. But do not forget – a lot depends on the content itself. No one will watch boring videos to the monotonous accent of the author, and in this situation, you can generally forget about subscribers.

    Ideas for jokes

    Funny videos about the everyday life of an artist and his emotional states, videos with dialogues between two drawn characters, challenges “Draw me”, “My first / last work” – there are a lot of ideas for video jokes and it is unlikely that they will ever be exhausted.


    Challenge is a genre of videos in which a tiktoker performs tasks on a video camera and places it on the network, then offers to repeat the same actions to his friend or an unlimited circle of users. Art challenges have appeared recently, but have already managed to capture the recommendation feed and attract several tens of thousands of social network users to the activity.

    What will help

    The main advantage of art challenges is that they are popular even with non-creative people who like to just watch the drawing process. Artists, on the other hand, prefer to participate in such movements for two reasons: firstly, it is fun, and secondly, posting challenges is an effective method of promoting a profile.

    On a note. You can find current drawing challenges in the “Interesting” tab. In addition, videos with thematic hashtags often appear in the recommendation feed.


    According to the rules of this drawing marathon (takes place every October), artists must draw pictures on a specific topic every day, using only ink. This gives the authors the opportunity to develop their own skills and share their creativity with other artists who are also involved in the process.


    The essence of the challenge is to draw mermaids for a whole month (May in this case). They depict the heroines of Slavic mythology in styles either invented on their own or taken from other popular artists.


    The main idea of ​​the “Draw it your way” challenge is quite simple – one artist with the most active and largest audience depicts an object and allows everyone to redraw this picture in their own style.

    The resulting drawing is posted online, and the author of the original image is noted in the comments to the video. So, users begin to draw en masse, promote their own creativity and the profile of the artist who created the trend.


    A relatively new challenge that has captured almost every artist on TikTok. The authors of the video literally divided their photo in half and completed the missing part in their favorite style.


    A very popular challenge, the meaning of which is to create an interesting combination of any six fan arts using the “grid”. Most artists are getting creative with this trend, bringing together characters from different cartoon universes. However, there are also users who, before creating a drawing, conduct entire surveys of subscribers about which characters they want to see in a particular grid.

    Create your

    When launching their own challenge, a TikToker needs to choose the right target audience, shoot a high-quality and exciting video as an example for others to follow. For the trend to become truly massive, the theme for the drawing should be understandable and relevant, and its implementation should not cause difficulties even for novice artists.

    Tik Tok Art is a trend that is becoming more popular every day. Therefore, it is not easy to achieve success in this area, to gain recognition from a large number of social network users. However, drawing is a truly inexhaustible source of inspiration and ideas for creating videos. Only the imagination can limit creativity.

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