Pictures from TikTok and tiktokers for coloring

The color of baubles and ribbons worn by tiktokers TikTok

The Tik Tok coloring page is an ordinary picture that shows the logo of a social network or other drawings. There are entire collections that you can color to your taste or follow generally accepted principles for color composition.

What do you need

Coloring pages are perceived as a way to entertain a child, but some adults use them to relieve stress, distract from pressing problems. Pictures have a calming effect, cheer up and activate the flight of fantasy, which is important for the owners of Tik-Tok channels.

The color of baubles and ribbons worn by tiktokersTik Tok for boys and girls

Where can be useful

Users use picture blanks in different ways: some give them to a child, others spend hours drawing themselves.

By the way. On the TikTok app, you can view hundreds of videos under the hashtag “#coloring”. On them, users decorate black and white pictures, creating real masterpieces.

Where to get

Pictures can be taken from the Internet. Entire collections available for download are posted on the network. They are distributed free of charge, the user just needs to print them and start drawing.

How to decorate

After downloading and printing, the pictures are decorated with:

  • watercolor and oil paints;
  • felt-tip pens;
  • colored pencils;
  • ordinary ballpoint pen.
  • The main thing is to find an interesting basis that makes you want to create.

    What can be decorated

    There are many options in the collections. Commonly used ones include the logo of a social network, shrimp, airplanes, images of famous tiktokers, spirals, etc.


    The highlight of the TikTok logo is a 3D effect created by layering neon colors on top of each other. The non-standard solution is connected with the desire of the developers to convey musical vibrations through the sign. The logo exists in two main versions: a black note on a white background or vice versa. In both versions, there is an additional blue and pink tone – this approach helped to make the sign contrasting and catchy both in electronic and paper form.

    Pictures from TikTok and tiktokers for coloringLogo

    TikTok vs Likes

    The two social networks are constantly competing, which eventually led the authors to the idea of ​​creating entire collections of confrontation drawings. Pictures are created on one background (white, black, color) or two – any shade.

    The Tik-Tok logo is made in a classic style, and the Likee icon is painted in the following colors:

  • yellow;
  • orange;
  • red;
  • lilac;
  • Violet;
  • blue.
  • Frog

    The Frog from Peppa Pig is a popular hero, often installed on avatars. It uses the minimum number of colors:

  • dark green – edging line;
  • green;
  • black and white – for the eyes, the first imitates the pupils.
  • Changes are sometimes made to the classic picture: they add dark red round lips to the frog, try on a panama hat of any shade.


    The classic character does not require many colors, it is enough to use:

  • black – for the eyes;
  • white – to create borders between scales;
  • red – for the entire surface of the body.
  • Some users (especially girls) prefer pink or pastel colors.


    The classic airplane is also popular on TikTok. Any color is used for its coloring, but preference is given to the main white tone and black limiting lines. Particular attention is paid to the background – they draw a blue sky with white clouds and a yellow sun.


    Tiktoker coloring pages are also used by users. Famous channel owners include Peyton Murmier, an American author with a Tik Tok audience of 12 million subscribers.

    Popularity came to him because of the original videos, innate artistry and appearance. On the net you can find many pictures of Peyton in different clothes, with or without friends. The colors of the drawings are determined by the users themselves.

    Rakhim AbramovRakhim Abramov


    There is an unusual type of coloring with different arrangement and thickness of the spirals. Such images allow for endless experiments with colors and shades. With the addition of strokes, the picture will begin to come to life, showing the image hidden inside the rings. As a basis are used:

  • anime characters;
  • celebrities;
  • characters of popular games, etc.
  • A non-standard spiral approach to classic coloring has led to the emergence of a crowd of fans of such creativity. On the net you can find options for every taste. Including for girls.

    alien drawings

    Through the Yandex search engine, coloring lovers are invited to find common or rare images, breathe life into them with the help of paints or pencils. The sketches are dominated by:

  • girls;
  • cats, dogs and other pets;
  • hearts, cartoon characters;
  • whales, foxes, flowers;
  • pegasus and unicorns.
  • Coloring pages are the best way to escape from pressing problems, to immerse yourself in a fantasy world. Ready-made collections can be downloaded from the Internet, then it remains to print and color them. Girls especially love coloring books.

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