Paper Dragons from Tik Tok: Ideas and Tips

Paper Dragons from Tik Tok: Ideas and Tips TikTok

More recently, a new challenge has appeared on TikTok: users are actively making videos in which cute paper dragons appear on their hands. Funny animals play the main roles in humorous stories, participate in battles, measure their strength, dance, sing popular music hits of recent months and become the best friends of their creators.

In Tik Tok, both original origami – colorful, with numerous accessories and realistic drawings – and very simple crafts that can be done in 20 minutes are popular.

Paper dragons: looking for an idea

It is not necessary to create a unique character. To draw more attention to your dragon video, take a popular hero. His fans will definitely appreciate your work and put the desired likes. For example, an idea can be taken from:

  • the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”;
  • fantasy game Dragon Age;
  • cartoon “Raya and the last dragon”;
  • series “Game of Thrones”;
  • cartoon “Magic Dragon”;
  • legendary MMORPG Neverwinter.
  • Charming or, on the contrary, insidious dragons with superpowers will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. Choosing a character for TikTok videos depends on your target audience.

    Paper Dragons from Tik Tok: Tutorials

    DIY fans are constantly posting tutorials and tutorials on creating dragons. Usually, for the manufacture of origami, you can limit yourself to improvised materials:

  • white or colored A4 paper;
  • cardboard;
  • glue;
  • tape;
  • scissors;
  • multi-colored markers.
  • You can also stock up on glitter if you want to decorate your Tik Tok paper dragon.

    The principle of creating the basis for paper dragons is approximately the same. You can use this simple mini-guide:

  • Take a sheet of A4 paper and place it horizontally. Bend the bottom of the sheet about 3 cm from the bottom. Continue to fold the sheet up in the same way until you reach the top edge of the paper and get one horizontal line about 3 cm wide.
  • Exactly the same procedure must be done with the second sheet. Only now the width should be 4 cm.
  • Bend both resulting paper strips in half, and you will get the upper and lower jaw of the dragon. Moreover, the upper jaw should be wider and longer. Cut off a few centimeters from the lower jaw along the length (at the edges).
  • Straighten the horizontal paper strips and place them on top of each other. On a longer strip, draw a nose (on the fold), eyes (on the sides of the fold), come up with a coloring of the dragon. Decorate the lower jaw as well.
  • To make the dragon voluminous and realistic, the authors of the training videos take another sheet of paper folded in half, put the upper jaw of the dragon on top and circle it with a pencil – so that a triangle is obtained. Then they retreat from the lines of the triangle by about a centimeter and draw another triangle to make a triangle within a triangle.

    By cutting out a larger triangle from the paper folded in half, 2 triangles are obtained. On the sides, each triangle is bent (along the line of the smaller triangle drawn earlier). One triangle is colored, and the second is left white. Glue is applied to the bent parts of the triangles. The white triangle is attached to the lower part of the lower jaw of the dragon, and the colored triangle is attached to the upper part of the upper jaw. For realism, one large tooth can be glued to the lower jaw with tape. 2 teeth are also glued to the upper jaw – one small and one larger.
    You can also make a beautiful dragon mouth. Two already finished parts are placed side by side on a horizontally located sheet of paper, and most of the parts should be in contact. The jaws are outlined with a pencil, and again, another contour is drawn, retreating 1 cm from the circled lines. The new diamond-shaped part is cut out and painted, folded in half with a pattern inside. The edges along the contour are bent and glued to the top and bottom of the dragon. To make the finished craft even more charming, you can make beautiful ears – also from paper.

    Have you already shot videos with funny or frightening paper dragons put on your hand? Share with us the secrets of successful crafts in the comments.

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