Confirmation of family ties with Loora WangTikTok
Sassy and adorable: Loora Wang and Sister X are taking over TikTok.
A video has surfaced online showing two young girls, Loora Wang, and another mysterious person walking the streets in chic outfits. One of them has a rather
Conservation International and Tik TokTikTok
Conservation International and TikTok save the seas and oceans.
Tik Tok and Conservation International have partnered to launch the #SaveOurOceans challenge to raise people’s awareness of protecting the oceans and seas.
Stunna Girl Runway accountTikTok
Stunna Girl Runway. Tik Tok has created another star.
After Lil Nas X went wild with ‘Old Town Road’, TikTok has another star: Stunna Girl with ‘Runway’. The track of the rapper’
Buzova created a Flashmob Here I amTikTok
Buzova smokes IQOS on Tik Tok. And not only smokes, but something else.
English pop star Olga Buzova recently recorded the song “Here I am”. Again wins the hearts of fans with a hit with interesting dance elements.
Girl glues her lipsTikTok
People glue their lips en masse on Tik Tok. Is this a beauty hack or madness?
Makeup tutorials are evolving on the TikTok app. But one recent beauty hack goes beyond logic and reason. A curious #lips trend on TikTok involves gluing
Skeleton Dance on Tik Tok HalloweenTikTok
New Tik Tok trend for Halloween. Learn Skeleton Dance.
The spooky Halloween season has arrived. With it, pumpkins appear on Tik Tok, on window sills and near houses – with burning eyes, scary faces, spiders and bats.
BTS has opened a new Tik Tok accountTikTok
Yes, BTS is now on Tik Tok: watch their first videos
On September 25, the BTS/BTS group announced the launch of a Tik Tok account through their official Twitter channel, where the boy band has become mega popular.
Search in Chinese version of Tik TokTikTok
Tik Tok’s new feature is “Search in Video”. Everything will be found.
You will soon be able to search for people on TikTok by looking at faces shown in short 15 second videos. TikTok is testing a tool whose power is both
Worth seeing and learning to drawTikTok
Who to watch on TikTok? 10 accounts with cool content.
It is not always clear what content on Tik Tok should be watched, and what is just useless rubbish. But still, who to see on Tik Tok? We have selected
Analog Tik Tok is catching upTikTok
Google is choking Tik Tok. Firework – a competitor or an unsuccessful analogue?
Tik Tok is a social video network developed by Beijing-based ByteDance that has become a global phenomenon in the past five years. The platform was formed