One of the main trends in Tik Tok of the outgoing summer

One of the main trends in Tik Tok of the outgoing summer TikTok

This summer period turned out to be quite rich in new viral trends. Many of them are dedicated to some large-scale events. For example, the social network at one time was flooded with videos about two sensational films “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie”. But these films did not become fundamental for one of the most philosophical, at the same time bewitching trends.

Canonical Events

One of the main trends in Tik Tok of the outgoing summer

The culprit behind the popularity of this trend was the movie Spider-Man: Web of Universes. It premiered at the very beginning of summer: June 2, 2023. At its core, this is a full-length cartoon, the main theme of which is the theory of the multiverse. It says that there is an infinite number of parallel universes in which certain events take place according to a completely different scenario.

What is the purpose of Tiktoker?

One of the main trends in Tik Tok of the outgoing summer

Usually, to the accompaniment of the cartoon itself – Spider Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara), people describe their most successful or failed moments in life that led them to where they are now. In addition, the authors discuss how their life path would be reversed if they changed their choice in a particular situation. Most Tiktokers draw on their memories from the past: childhood, adolescence, youth. The main emphasis is on the current state of affairs of a person, on who he has become or is today.

Reasons for the popularity of this trend

At the moment, more than 750,000 videos have been shot at the request of sound. So what was the reason for such demand:

  • Philosophical part of the subject. These judgments can be discussed almost endlessly. This is very interesting, both for the authors themselves (to reflect on their own life route), and for viewers who can appreciate other people’s mistakes or good moments from the outside. Of course, most of the videos have a rather subjective connotation, but some make you seriously think about the correctness of the decisions that we make on a daily basis.
  • Personality progression. Each of us has our own personality. Any person wants to think that he is unique. So it is, because everyone has their own progress, their own formation of personality. Moreover, it is obvious that this transformation is subject to a large number of factors. Almost any, even not so significant event can radically change a person. Showing someone’s transformation is a very popular technique that became a breakthrough in its time when filming TV shows. A prime example is The Sopranos. People found it extremely interesting to watch the development of characters. And although this trend cannot fully describe the fate of a person, it can tell us about a piece of it.
  • Space for creativity. This trend has great potential for recapitulation. That is, it is very diverse, not the same type. Each new video has its own message from the author to himself or his audience.
  • Is the trend still relevant today?

    One of the main trends in Tik Tok of the outgoing summer

    As you know, many trends in Tik Tok do not live very long. The average duration of “life” is no more than 2 months. However, this one is inherently unique. Due to its properties listed above, new videos on this topic appear to this day. Of course, it is impossible to say for sure how long it will be in demand. But now we can say that its relevance has been preserved in full.

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