Norwalk TikTok Star Appears in Animated Feature Film

Norwalk TikTok Star Appears in Animated Feature Film TikTok

Social networks bring bloggers to the global level. Some start working on television, building a career as models, actors, musicians. They earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Today’s heroine is no exception.

Charlie D’Amelio and TikTok

A year ago, a girl from Norwalk lived an ordinary, boring life as a teenager. One day she decided to register in the new social network TikTok. The action changed everything.

“I never thought that a social network would make me so popular. Millions of subscribers, street recognition, famous TV shows,” Charlie D’Amelio told the host of the multi-million dollar show.

The Skeleton Dance with specific movements brought the girl special popularity.

Norwalk TikTok Star Appears in Animated Feature Film

Now the account of the new star is filled daily. Charlie D’Amelio posts dance moves, practical jokes, weekday activities, celebrity dating. Particular attention is paid to musical performances. With her voice, the girl conquered the followers.

New film

Norwalk TikTok Star Appears in Animated Feature FilmAfter becoming the most followed TikTok star of all time and arguably a reality TV hit, Norwalk teenager Charlie D’Amelio is transferring his voice talents to the silver screen.

The girl will play the lead role in the US release of StarDog and TurboCat. The animated film is about a dog and a cat who become superheroes. The cartoon also stars Luke Evans and Nick Frost.

D’Amelio lends his voice to the character Tinker, a small mouse that StarDog and TurboCat meet to return to Earth.

Actress Rachel Louise Miller starred in the UK release of the film last year. Today she was replaced by a TikTok star.

The film is currently slated to release in theaters on June 19th. However, you can see the picture on May 21 on DIRECTV due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to illness, TikTok began cooperation with the World Health Organization. The official page contains tips, descriptions of symptoms, preventive measures and other life hacks.

Anyone can become popular in a social network. The main thing is to start making funny or useful videos. Also, do not forget about utility updates. TikTok installation from App Store, Play Market is free.

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