New Tik Tok trend for Halloween. Learn Skeleton Dance.

Skeleton Dance on Tik Tok Halloween TikTok

The spooky Halloween season has arrived. With it, pumpkins appear on Tik Tok, on window sills and near houses – with burning eyes, scary faces, spiders and bats. Young people come up with scary and original costumes to dress up on the night of October 31 and flex.

Halloween is not only about costume parades and parties. This holiday is also accompanied by the “dance of the skeleton” – “Skeleton Dance”. The dance was first introduced in the 1929 Walt Disney animated film Silly Symphony. Walt Disney himself developed the dance, and revived the animation, the famous special effects specialist Ub Iwerks. The video has been viewed over 30 million times on YouTube.

Skeleton Dance on Tik Tok HalloweenWalt Disney’s First Skeleton Dance

The song “Spooky, Scary Skeletons” was first performed by Andrew Gold back in 1996 and has been a meme for years. One of the popular examples of using the track in a video was a video remix with Minecraft characters in 2014 on October 27th. Little pixel men repeat “skeleton dance” to the beat of the song.

Tik Tok Halloween and Skeleton Dance in MinecraftSkeleton Dance in Minecraft

Every year, the song enjoys a resurgence in popularity as Halloween approaches, and every year it is added to Halloween party playlists around the planet, second to none.

Gold’s techno remix of the song is currently trending on TikTok, but this is the first time the track has been popularized in YouTube gamer culture.

Tiktokers from America, Europe, Asia are transforming into skeletons and learning dance moves to follow the trend, which includes LMFAO-esque shuffle dance and a range of spooky effects from the Tik Tok app.

LMFAOEvery day I`m shuffling

TikToker with over 577,000 followers named Maddi Winter aka @maddiwinter has made one of the most creative skeleton videos to date, with over 3.3 million likes. Maddy claims to have designed and hand-drawn 350 pictures on her own and combined them into one Tik Tok clip in 12 hours.

There are new versions and attempts to replicate the skeleton dance on Tik Tok that are posted so often that it is almost impossible to track them, so we have created a small collection of videos for you – “Spooky, Scary Skeletons”. Enjoy watching. Happy Halloween. Bugugga…

List of popular Halloween videos from Tik Tok

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