New star thanks to TikTok: Stunna Girl Runway

New star thanks to TikTok: Stunna Girl Runway TikTok

Crazy trends, life hacks make people popular online. One of those was the glue on the lips. With his help, some bloggers became famous. Tiktokers are now earning thousands of dollars from ads every month.

Stunna Girl Runway went the other way. Despite this, now the girl has millions of subscribers even outside of TikTok.

History of success

New star thanks to TikTok: Stunna Girl Runway

A girl from American Sacramento learned about TikTok from her sister. Previously, the rapper published work on Instagram, collecting more than 140 thousand followers. However, at some point, the audience stopped growing.

TikTok has previously made popular singer Lil Nas X. The song “Old Town Road” has collected a couple of tens of millions of views. Over time, conquered all-American chats.

New star thanks to TikTok: Stunna Girl Runway

Stunna Girl’s sister encouraged her to post a video of “Runway” on a new social media platform in July 2019. In a couple of months, the young rapper conquered millions of followers.

Album Stunna Girl YKWTFGO saw the world in February 2019. Clips refused to play on the radio, on music channels.

The first song was placed in iTunes.

“I am very grateful to my sister who believed in me. The baby insisted on creating a new account, development. If not for her, I would have stopped my musical career.”

Surprisingly, the clips began to appear on TikTok long before the singer created an official account.

Real life

The 21-year-old performer’s name is Susanna. The girl lives in Sacramento, where she creates music.

New star thanks to TikTok: Stunna Girl Runway

The American has repeatedly starred in videos for YouTube. Most are anti-gay works by popular local rappers.


The new account has become a Mecca for rap music lovers. A couple of days after the video was published, fans even created a challenge. On publications, users repeat the dance movements to a significant track. The video is published with the hashtag #RunwayChallenge.

It took the composition a couple of months to top the SPOTIFY’s US Viral 50 rating. This was evidence of the rise of a new star.

Now the audience of the star has more than 40 million followers.

Some clips of the challenge are pleasantly surprising:

new heights

Thanks to TikTok, Stunna signed a contract with Capitol Music Group. The initial fee was estimated at one million dollars.

“The rapid development of a career began after the authorization of TikTok. It was my sister who pushed me to take such a step, ”the girl said in a video for Instagram.

The first unofficial video on YouTube got 4.6 million views, 30,000 likes, 10,000 comments.

Some lines of the song are really amazing:

“It took half an hour to create. I heard the first row on the street and realized – “this is it!”. I want to make music a lifestyle, inspire people to take action. Force them to move forward.

Now the star is working on the creation of an official video.

“Runway” gave a boost to the popularity of older songs. “On the Record”, “Let It Drip”, “Back in the Day” have collected over a million views on YouTube.

You can follow the artist on any platform. The girl duplicates posts.

In the footsteps of Stunna Girl Runway is a English performer, a domestic socialite. Olga Buzova became famous for a flash mob with a strange hand movement and IQOS.

Anyone can become popular online. To do this, download TikTok from the Play Market, App Store, create an account. Come up with interesting publications, attract a lot of customers.

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