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Music from TikTok

In 2016, the world saw the app Musicali. In 2017–2018 the service was bought out and merged with TikTok. The entire content of the application revolves around trending songs: some tiktokers dance, others just use musical accompaniment, and others resort to lipsyncs.

The best performers and compositions, instructions for downloading the track you like – about this in the article.

Music from

The social network that changed the music industry continues to be trendy. New tracks go viral in Musically and then beyond the platform.

The following musical genres are the most popular:

  • pop;
  • hip-hop;
  • rock;
  • rap.
  • Songs from Music Li can be used both in the application itself (for example, for musical accompaniment in videos), and in everyday life. For example, popular tracks will be appropriate at parties and holidays. There are also many songs for sports, study, meditation, calming, etc. Therefore, music from Musical will be of interest to everyone.

    Music from Musical.lyMusic from

    English performers

    Popular English compositions in winter 2021:

  • Slava Marlow & Morgenshtern – Fast;
  • Niman – Thalia (ft. Truwer, Raida, Scryptonite);
  • Vogel – Fools are lucky;
  • Vanya Dmitrienko – Venus-Jupiter;
  • Hensy – It hurt and passed;
  • Scryptonite – Pure OST “Psycho”;
  • Slava Marlow – You burn like fire
  • Danya Milokhin – I’m at home.
  • Especially often in EU-US they listen to hip-hop, rap and pop music. Also, people like tracks on a topical topic, and compositions about love, both unhappy and mutual, always catch listeners and are present in the ratings.

    Foreign performers

    List of popular foreign compositions:

  • Black Pink – How You Like That
  • Twocolors-Lovefool;
  • Princess Chelsea – The Cigarette Duet;
  • Puri, Jhorrmountain, Adje-Coño;
  • Megan Thee Stallion
  • Masked Wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean;
  • Doja Cat – Streets;
  • Kreepa – Oh No.
  • Globally, dancehall, pop, hip-hop rules in this social network. The main theme still remains the theme of love, so lyrical compositions glorifying this feeling have always been and remain popular among most music lovers. The performers also sing about moral pain, trauma, loneliness and fame.

    How to download a track

    As mentioned above, in 2018, Music Lee hosting ceased to exist. Due to the lack of an application, it is impossible to download the Musical ly song, but you can select and download your favorite tracks from catalogs on sites.

    The following are the Internet portals through which you can save songs from Music Lee:

  • and others.
  • Consider how to download music through a computer using the second site from the list as an example:

  • Type in the name of the website in the search bar of your browser.
  • Go to the site.
  • The page contains a list of hits that can be downloaded for free. Most often, this is popular music from Musically. To download, click on the button to the right of the song title.
  • If you want to find a specific track, then use the “Search for music” building. Type in the name of the song there and download it.
  • Instructions for downloading songs via phone and computer are no different from each other.

    Tiktok or Musicals is a developing and popular platform with a huge audience, where many English and foreign hits are gaining popularity, which can be found on different sites in the corresponding directories.

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