Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in Germany

Топ-20 самых популярных тиктокеров Германии TikTok

Hardly any other social media app gets as much attention as Tiktok. TikTok is the leading short video platform. Her mission is to inspire and enrich people by creating a creative home for them and providing an authentic, fun and positive experience.

Getting famous on the app is easy, but staying on top is harder. To keep abreast of events, it is worth knowing who entered the top twenty of the most successful tiktokers in Germany.

Based on its predecessor in 2016, the app is especially popular among young people. 69 percent of German users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

In addition to well-known musicians and dancers, other German celebrities from film and show business have long switched to TikTok. There they not only share their thoughts about their personal lives, but also have fun. In addition to humorous parodies, tricks or delicious recipes, the community offers entertaining videos on any topic.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyPopular memes in the German part of the platform

Popular memes in the German part of the platform:

  • Verzerrer;
  • Oh No;
  • Im Bored;
  • Album Look Alike;
  • Sadi Gali;
  • Mimic Meme;
  • Wipe It Down;
  • Gar Kein Bock;
  • Leider Geil;
  • You got it.

Many well-known German tiktokers share their knowledge by making videos about health, technology or law. For this, they even created a special hashtag – #LernenMitTikTok. Such videos combine elements of entertainment and education.

The TikTok community in Germany is authentic and diverse. That is why it has been campaigning on socially significant issues for several years. For example, #BLM protest videos have had a strong impact on platform users. Particularly popular in the German part of the app are the Stitch and Duett tools, with which you can creatively react to other TikToker videos.

Top 20 German TikTokers

Not only in the international arena, there are real stars who have become famous thanks to TikTok. Since the app is primarily about dancing, it’s no surprise that there are more female TikTokers. The most successful formats are dancing and lip-synching (opening your mouth to music).

Reference. The combination of short dance and music videos, mini-tutorials and daily tasks is especially popular with younger audiences.


More than 31 million people are subscribed to Younes Zara on his Tiktok channel, almost 365 million users have liked the videos. YZ is the most successful blogger in Germany. The guy works as a German web video producer and is the biggest user of the Tik Tok platform.

Younes was born in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in Flörsheim am Main. Its roots go back to Morocco. The blogger studies business informatics at the Provadis School of International Management and Technology.

A 22-year-old student pleases subscribers with colorful creative videos. In his account, the guy uses paint, balloons and water to show how visual effects can be realized without digital processing.

Younes Zaru has two Tiktok accounts: an international one with 31 million followers and a German one with 3 million followers. In August 2019, he started uploading videos to the Tik Tok platform. In March 2020, for a month non-stop, the youngster entertained viewers live on the platform. Sometimes the blogger was watched by 200,000 people.

For information. Younes was nominated in the 2021 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Social Media Stars: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.


Falco Punch, 24, is one of the most successful Tiktok stars from Germany. With his videos, the blogger inspires more than ten million subscribers around the world. The guy is young, good looking and pleases fans with skillful video editing technology. In 2016, Falco started making clips for Tiktok’s predecessors. In 2019, his career took off.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in Germanyfalco

Features of tiktoker clips: fast, discreet cuts and a lot of creativity. This is the “trademark” of the guy’s videos. Falco Punch mixes pictures, music and special effects. He is not interested in deeper messages.

“I want to share joyful and amazing moments with people,” says Falko, who lives with his parents in a village about 50 kilometers from Hamburg. The blogger wants to keep the exact location a secret. The young man signed 10.2 million people.

Anna Catify

Anna Catify is a content creator and social media influencer. The girl gathered around her a ten million audience and scored more than 759 million likes, largely thanks to music, dance and clips with transitions.

The girl was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Marshall, Michigan. She has an older sister and a younger brother. Anna graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in mechanical engineering and went on to pursue a master’s degree in film and television production.

In July 2016, the Tiktoker debuted on YouTube with a travel vlog called Poland Day 1. In late 2017, she uploaded a duet with herself on TikTok to the song Doja Cat Say So. Thanks to this clip, the girl became recognizable not only in her native country, but throughout the world.

Dalia Mya

Dalia (on TikTok @daliamya, on Instagram @dalia) is probably the most successful girl on TikTok in Germany. She has over 6 million followers.

The blogger was born on March 1, 2002. Dahlia is the daughter of Dasha Lehmann and Dennis Schmidt-Voss and grew up in Berlin. The star’s parents work in voice acting, and his father gave his voice to “Captain America”! Tiktoker is also the granddaughter of the famous German actor Manfred Lehmann.

Dahlia works as an actress. In 2019, the Internet star played in the web series KrassKlassenfahrt. In the same year, the role of Zoe in “Spotlight” followed. Dahlia keeps up with her parents and voices movie characters.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyDalia Mya

For information. At the age of four, the blogger voiced the young Shelby Zemanek from Grey’s Anatomy!

However, the main hobby of the tiktoker is working as an influencer.

Tornado 1261

This account is the profile of the whole family. Every day the family uploads funny clips with pranks, jokes and sketches. The video features a mother, father and two young daughters. Their lives are followed by almost 6 million people who have put more than 85 million likes!

Tornado 1261 is considered one of the main authorities in Germany. The family works with several large commercial advertising organizations.


If anyone has fun in life, it’s Patrick. The guy found a calling in dance and comedy, and on his own YouTube and Tik Tok channels called patroX combines these two components. Another tiktoker hobby is football.

As for dancing, Patrick is well versed in such areas as hip-hop, animation, tricking, break dancing and acrobatics. Besides winning the Masters of Dance, Patrick’s greatest dream is to find a girl who loves his hyperactivity. The blogger also wants to become a millionaire within two years.

For winning the show “Masters of Dance” he has already received a prize of 50,000 euros. Patrick’s peculiar humor appealed to 6.8 million followers on Tik Tok!


Enyadres is not only a blogger, but also a singer. Singing has always been her great passion. As a child, Eni was in the choir for a long time. The girl still adheres to this hobby, even made the hobby her job. In 2016, the blogger released her first single Mädchen. Two more songs followed: Learning to Fly and Bandit.

But as a little girl, Ani had other dreams: Instead of being a social media star, she really wanted to be a police officer. Today, the TikTok star uploads dances and lip-synching, which are enjoyed by 4.7 million subscribers.

Rick Azas

Rick Azas is a professional show artist and video producer based in Munich. With over seven years of performance experience, the guy is involved in the projects of many prominent companies, including Bogner, Google, BMW. In addition to this, the blogger specializes in video production for corporations such as Mauiandsons, Eagle Creek and Softybag. He loves his job and enjoys every new project.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyRick Azas

Rick posts a video on his account showing tricks with elements:

  • acrobatics;
  • parkour;
  • freerunning;
  • breakdance;
  • juggling;
  • diabolo.

With his four million audience, the guy is in 9th place among German bloggers!

F.C. Bayern

Bayern is a professional German football club based in Munich. Founded in 1900. This is the most titled club in Germany. Bayern took 3rd place in the list of the best football teams of the 20th century according to FIFA, 2nd place according to Kicker magazine.

TikTok has become the platform of choice for established sports brands like FC Bayern to reach a wide audience in a fun and engaging way. The social network offers a unique opportunity to connect with users like no other platform. Almost 5 million people follow the fate of the Bayern club.


Dannero, born in 1991, is a mentalist, mind reader, magician, hypnotist, video maker. He is one of the most successful German tiktokers with 4 million followers. In his stage shows, the guy captivates the audience with amazing thoughts and experiments with hypnosis.

Dannero received a private magician degree from the Academy of Magic in Munich. Then the star developed an interest in hypnosis. Since then, he has held shows and workshops, for example in schools or companies.

The blogger even has a book – “I see who you are.” In the piece, Dannero explains how he went from an outsider to one of the most sought-after magicians and video artists in the country.

Interesting! Another feature of the tiktoker is not a completely open face: the guy wears a bandana under his eyes.

Lukas Rieger

Lukas Rieger is a German singer and social media star. The blogger was born on June 3, 1999 in Lehrte, Lower Saxony and grew up in a musical family. At an early age, the guy sang to the melodies of his father’s guitar. Mother is a music teacher.

After graduating from high school, Lukas Rieger began training as a media designer, but cut it short and focused entirely on his music career. In 2014, the singer took part in the casting show The Voice Kids. There he dropped out in battles, but then began to be published on YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.

In a very short time, Lucas built up a significant following and is now often referred to as the “German Justin Bieber”, also because he has covered several of the Canadian’s songs.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyLukas Rieger

In 2016, well-known music labels found out about Lucas Rieger and sent him to Los Angeles, where he worked with producers who had contracts with Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber in the past. With his first album Compass, the blogger immediately took 4th place in the German charts. The subsequent creation Code even climbed to second place in 2018.

In autumn 2017, the biography Der Lukas Rieger Code was published. The book stormed to the top of the bestseller lists. In 2019, the guy was a candidate for the Let’s Dance show. The number of subscribers is 3.9 million.

Nick Kaufmann

Nick’s mother is from India and his father is German. But until 2018, the blogger grew up in Singapore. At the age of 17, Nick moved to Munich, where he began to study business computer science.

Tiktoker likes to be creative: the guy works on his content with Photoshop and After Effects and loves to animate things. Apart from TikTok, photography is one of his favorite hobbies.

Nick Kaufmann started posting videos on social media back in April 2018. Tiktoker now has almost 5 million followers. Due to his stylish looks and cool manners, rapper MC BILAL invited Nick to play in his music video for the song Bye Bye.


Blonde Alina Murs has been one of the main stars of German TikTok for a long time. More than 2.7 million users are subscribed to the girl in this platform and are entertained by beauty comedy videos.

At school, the tiktoker was often laughed at because of the video. Locking in was never an option for a powerful young girl. Thanks to great motivation, hard work and sleepless nights for two or three years, Alina Murs managed to do what others only dream of!

Interesting! The fortune of the cheerleader for 2020 was estimated at about $ 300,000!


This profile belongs to a young couple. Jenny and Marco are German stars of the social platform TikTok with over three million followers. They recently became parents for the first time. Jenny is an office clerk with a degree in economics. Marco is an industrial engineering electronics technician who worked as a hip-hop dance teacher from 2008-2018.

Jenny and Mark make videos on the following topics:

  • comedy;
  • life style;
  •  trips;
  • sport;
  • family.

“Jenny and Marco – Between Diapers and Social Media” – The couple’s podcast. In it, the stars talk about the life of young parents, as well as how to combine work with family happiness. The podcast began on January 14th with pre-birth preparations and continues every Thursday after delivery.

Herr Anwalt

Lawyer Tim Hendrick Walter, who calls himself “Mr Lawyer” online, has been running a TikTok channel since the end of 2019. In the evenings, after work, the blogger shoots a video every day for his community. Tim Hendrik Walter from Unna tries to be closer to the youth. In fact, the blogger specializes in family law, but such topics are not of interest to children.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyHerr Anwalt

The peculiarity of the channel is a one-minute explanation of the legal problems that everyone encounters in everyday life. In his short but informative videos on Tiktok, the lawyer answers questions asked by his young followers. The man has 3.7 million followers.


JamooTv’s name is Jamal Edin El-Bahri and he was born on January 18, 1999. He is a German web video producer with Lebanese roots from Hannover. Also, being an aspiring rapper, he released an original song called Wallah Haram Bruder.

Early in his career, the tiktoker performed Jeremy Felton’s Oui dance. This clip brought him unprecedented popularity. The number of subscribers is 3.7 million.


Mido is a German TikTok star and creator of interesting content. Most of all, the guy is known for comedy skits and videos with lip syncs. More than 3.5 million people follow the guy’s content.

Tiktoker first started posting via TikTok in November 2018. Started with content mainly for cars. The first few videos were filmed in France and collected over 30,000 likes.

Adrian Kozakiewicz

While many are afraid to run at the sight of the smallest spider, Adrian Kozakiewicz can’t get enough of exotic crawling animals. From childhood, insects were his great passion, which the guy later turned into a profession. A few years ago, the blogger became a breeder and trader. The number of subscribers is 6.8 million.

At first, the clips that Adrian Kozakiewicz uploaded were very short, unedited and simple. Over time, the content began to quickly gain popularity. The quality of the clips has also changed. “Videos of such insects or spiders, some of which many people have never seen in their lives, almost always go viral,” Adrian shares his thoughts.


Bright, contrasting, provocative makeup is the best way to describe social media queen Naomi John. In 2013, the girl made her debut on Instagram. Since then, content has been added to the YouTube channel, Twitter and TikTok accounts.

Naomi John entertains her countless followers with beauty tutorials, cool styles, or other fun activities. But she is especially known for extravagant makeup and hairstyles.

Top 20 Most Popular Tiktokers in GermanyNaomi

Interesting! The girl calls her followers “broccoli” because she loves green vegetables very much.

In 2019, Naomi John launched her own fashion brand Unprofashional and opened an online store. The girl has 3.5 million followers.


While the 2020 corona pandemic was turning the world upside down, Tim Kampmann’s ratings were skyrocketing! A native of Cologne has become an Internet star in a few months. Prior to his sudden success, the 20-year-old wanted to become a high school German and English teacher, but dropped out of his studies at the University of Cologne after just one semester.

Tim loves to cause a stir. Whether it’s a curler, a feather duster, or a weird rocket suit, TikToker surprises with new ideas every day. He is followed by 2.9 million subscribers.

How a German hospital used Tik Tok for recruiting

Skeleton dances, karaoke with a stethoscope, and the resurrection of rubber chickens are what doctors do when no one is looking (at least that’s what ordinary people think). Well, the guessing game is over – now they’re doing it in plain sight!

For some practitioners at the Klinikum Dortmund, a municipal hospital in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area in western Germany, this activity has become part of their official work. On the hospital’s TikTok account, doctors clutch their disinfectant bottles to cult ’80s electronic music and dance to country-inspired tracks.

In Germany, it is difficult to find hospital staff due to a shortage of skilled labor and a lot of competition. In 2019, about 20,000 vacancies remained unfilled in German hospitals. And the clinics entered into a bidding war.

The main audience is not patients, but other medical professionals and hospital staff. “We engage all of our interns through social media,” says the clinic’s head of communications. And the method really works!

The division of the German TikTok does not lag behind the international part. Millions of subscribers, almost billions of likes and thousands of comments – the Germans definitely fell in love with this social network!

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