Mass following and mass liking in TikTok: the best programs and services

Mass following and mass liking on TikTok TikTok

Mass actions (mass liking, mass following, mass commenting, etc.) are a great alternative to the classic ways to promote accounts on Tik Tok, especially when there is no time to regularly post new content and there is no budget for buying ads and other tiktokers. Thanks to simple tools for automating work on the site, the user will be able to quickly, and most importantly, safely wind up new subscribers, increase the number of views and likes.

Next, consider the best Tik Tok programs for mass following.

Bulk Actions on TikTok

Mass following is the process of automatically following a large number of accounts to attract users to view your content. It works like this: you, for example, subscribe to a thousand people, half of them will view your profile, and a third will become followers.

For greater efficiency, mass following is used in conjunction with mass liking – the process of automatically putting likes on videos. These tools can also be used individually.

The main task of any mass action – be it mass liking or mass following – is to increase the effectiveness of promotion in social networks. However, despite the fact that TikTok does not track mass actions and block accounts, these profile promotion techniques should be used with caution.

On a note. You should not wind up several hundred thousand subscribers at a time or put tens of millions of likes under one video.

Bulk actions can be performed manually or automatically. The first method is not the most convenient, because it takes a lot of time and effort. To quickly gain an audience, you should turn to services that specialize in automating work in Tik Tok.

Mass following and mass liking on TikTokMass following and mass liking on TikTok

Services and programs for mass following and mass liking

TOP 5 programs for automating the process of performing mass actions on TikTok:

  • TikTokTool.
  • Tokker.
  • Vinste.
  • Cybertok.
  • LuckyTok.
  • Attention! Third-party tools are used to promote the account at your own risk. With too active mass following and mass liking, the possibility of getting a ban from the site is not excluded.

    Top Tool

    ToTop Tool is a comprehensive tool for promoting a TikTok account by attracting a target audience. Therefore, the list of functions, settings and options is very large.

    Main functionality of the software:

  • Working with accounts: ToTop Tool can connect an unlimited number of accounts created using fake emails and virtual mobile numbers.
  • Profile editor: allows you to change information and avatars simultaneously on all connected accounts and one by one.
  • Bypass protection mechanisms: the service automatically passes captchas for authorization and bypasses all restrictions set during the work of parsers.
  • Mass operations: defining the target audience by criteria (keywords, competitors and hashtags), assigning, stopping and deleting tasks for subscription, unsubscribing, liking, etc.
  • Auto-posting: Simulation of the actions of a real person by automatically posting various content on pages.
  • Top Tool Benefits:

  • convenient user interface;
  • support for an unlimited number of accounts;
  • a large number of tools for editing parameters of bulk actions.
  • The cost of the program is from 37 ***. per day (depending on the license term).

    There is no trial period.


    Tokker is a service for attracting the attention of new followers by mass liking, mass following and mass liking of comments under the video of the specified audience segment.


    Features of Tokker:

  • Bulk Like: Automatically like people’s posts on your behalf.
  • Bulk Follow: Automatically follow users who will follow your account in response.
  • Comment liking: putting “hearts” on the comments of the users you need in automatic mode.
  • Service benefits:

  • clear user interface;
  • an abundance of tools for comprehensive account promotion;
  • the ability to manage mass actions from a mobile device through the application.
  • Cost – 990 *** / month.

    The trial period is free (for 3 days).


    Vinste is an online service for promoting on the Tik Tok social network, which has become an indispensable tool for many bloggers, entrepreneurs and SMM managers.

    Service features:

  • Active account promotion: Vinste automatically likes videos of the target audience, posts comments, and subscribes to accounts.
  • Promotion statistics: the user can analyze the operation of the service at any time and verify its effectiveness.
  • TikTok Proxy module: bypassing restrictions and blocking from the site to ensure stable operation of the system and optimize TikTok promotion processes.
  • Vinste Advantages:

  • full automation of TikTok mass liking, mass following, mass commenting and auto-unfollowing;
  • more than 50 settings and filters for promotion;
  • access to account statistics.
  • Cost – 799 *** / month for 1 account.

    The trial period is paid (50 ***), for 3 days.



    CyberTok is software for automating web processes in the Tik Tok social network.

    Key features:

  • Mass following classically and by hashtags / marks under the photo.
  • Audience parsing.
  • Massliking without limits.
  • Advantages:

  • constant updating of the service;
  • a large number of additional tools for setting up mass actions;
  • the opportunity to consult with the developer on the use of software.
  • Cost – 4895 *** / 3 months (this includes a consultation, several public cases, access to chats with clients and closed groups).

    There is no trial period.


    LuckyTok is a service for promoting and earning money on Tik Tok with the help of massive likes, subscriptions and unsubscribes.

    Features of LuckyTok:

  • Selection and sorting of the audience according to the specified filters.
  • Fully automatic promotion through mass liking, mass following/unfollowing.
  • Displaying the dynamics of the appearance of new subscriptions, followers and likes of the promoted channel on the charts for the desired period.
  • Service benefits:

  • smart audience gathering;
  • access to the earnings system;
  • full technical support for users.
  • The cost is 910 *** / month.

    The trial period is free (for 3 days).


    Setting up and launching mass actions on TikTok

    Consider how to properly set up TikTok mass following using the popular ToTop Tool promotion program as an example:

  • We select the target audience by hashtags, keywords and competitors.
  • Create a new tab specifically for mass following. To do this, click on the “+” icon in the bookmark menu, go to the “Bookmarks” section and click “Edit current bookmark” in the drop-down menu. Here you can specify a name for the bookmark, as well as add its icon, color.
  • Select an account for mass following by entering your login in a special line.
  • In the menu at the top, click on “Setting up and running tasks” / “Subscriptions (+ Likes) according to the list of users.”
  • In the next window, fill in the “Task Name” field and select the list with the target audience. Here you can also set the number of subscriptions, mark whether you need likes, and add already subscribed users to the ignore list. All other items can be left as default.
  • To start mass actions, click on the “Add task to the queue” button.
  • If the instructions are followed correctly, the progress of subscriptions will appear on the screen next to the account being promoted, and the status “In Progress” will be displayed.

    What is crowding out mass following in 2021

    Mass following as a way to promote your Tik Tok account has quite a few competitors:

  • massliking;
  • mass commenting (automatic writing of comments under the videos of other tiktokers);
  • masslooking (mass views of content);
  • buying ads from other bloggers.
  • Each of these methods of promotion can really have a positive impact on the popularity of the profile. But be that as it may, mass following is a more effective mass action. Only with its help, you can attract a lot of live followers, without undergoing strong time or money costs.

    Helpful Hints

    High-quality profile promotion in TikTok is impossible without the correct setting of mass actions. Below are tips for working with specialized programs and services:

  • Set at least a small (from 30 minutes to an hour) interval for a timeout between actions – this way it will be possible to simulate the actions of a living person.
  • Do not run automatic scans at night when most users are asleep.
  • Combine tasks, alternately launching different types of mass actions. This will make it harder for TikTok algorithms to detect the work of third-party software.
  • Use private mobile proxies for Tik Tok.
  • Before buying access to a particular service, use the trial version of the functionality, which can be downloaded for free from the official website of the software developer or forum. This will allow you to understand whether this or that tool is right for you.
  • Quick profile promotion in TikTok is possible. It is enough to use one of the mass action services that activate the processes of mass liking, mass following and mass commenting. These techniques are much more effective than the classic manual audience engagement.

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