Mark Zuckerberg and his secret Tik Tok account. What is he hiding?

Mark Zuckerberg secret account TikTok

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  • Mark Zuckerberg seems to be keeping a close eye on the meteoric rise of the teen platform TikTok. And not just follow the application, through news bulletins on Facebook. Mark quietly created his own Tik Tok account.

    Users discovered Zuckerberg’s personal TikTok account with the nickname @finkd. The profile description clearly states “Founder and CEO at Facebook.” What does it mean in English: “Founder and CEO at Facebook.”

    Mark Zuckerberg secret accountMark Zuckerberg’s empty Tik Tok account The social media giant Facebook has made no statement about it.

    The account is not verified on TikTok, but it does link to Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram profile. The head of Facebook also follows @finkd on his active Twitter account.

    Zuckerberg seems to be something of a Tik Tok ghost. The account has a modest 4,089 followers and zero activity, with no posted videos or likes.

    The only activity is in relation to celebrity accounts. Zuckerberg only follows 61 people on Tik Tok. All but three have blue checkmarks that mark them as verified or popular creator accounts.

    Here is a short list of TikTok celebrities that Mark Zuckerberg follows. Why exactly them, it is not clear ?!

  • Notable musicians include Will Smith, Jason Derulo, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Ollie Mears (269,000 followers) and Gwen Stefani.
  • Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal
  • Tik Tok superstars such as Lauren Gray (34.9 million followers), Baby Ariel (29.9 million), Jacob Sartorius (21 million), Lucas and Marcus Dobre (18.1 million), Daniel Cohn (14.5 million subscribers).
  • Jiffpom, Pomeranian dog with 19.5 million followers.
  • Three unverified accounts: Fashion Videos (7 million followers), a podcast called Russ Turner (193,000 followers), plus an account that appears to belong to a teenage girl (406,000 followers).
  • TikTok has become a major threat to Facebook, becoming a Gen Z favorite as Facebook users age and engage. Let’s see now if Mark Zuckerberg comes out when he was discovered on a competitor’s platform.

    Mark Zuckerberg fights Tik TokConfrontation TikTok vs Facebook In general, users of both platforms would be happy if there was a combination with one big goal – to make the world a better place using technology. Mark, with all due respect: “Let’s live together”

    Why is Mark Zuckerberg’s TikTok username @finkd?

  • There are positives to all this global chaos, and Mark believes in it.
  • After Zuckerberg stopped visiting New York when his cousin was mugged by amateur droids, he ventured into a new path of telekinetic travel.

    It was on one of these trips that he met Finkelton! – An unusually tiny alien species that helped him get a billion dollars in 3 months. Thus, Facebook was born.

    It turns out that @finkd is a TikTok name that is a memorial to one of Mark’s best advisors from outer space.

  • Perhaps Zuckerberg, back on Twitter, wanted to use the name “finked.” But Dave Fink (@finked), in 2009, registered a Twitter account a few days before Mark did. Hence, Mark took “@finkd”.
  • So the name “@finkd” doesn’t mean anything yet, but maybe that’s for the best. If you add I`m finked to the name, then the translation turns out to be “I screwed up”, which is relevant today. But this is just a play on words and there is no connection to the real situation between Facebook and Tik Tok.

    FYI, Dave Fink’s @finked profile has not had a single tweet in 10 years. There is a hidden truth here that only Zuckerberg and Dave know.

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