Mariana Ro: achievements in YouTube and TikTok, detailed biography

Mariana Ro TikTok


  • Who is Mariana Ro?

  • How it all started

  • Ivangai – a prince on a white horse?

  • Love in the style of rap: a secret wedding with Face?

  • Acting and musical career

  • Clothing line of Maryana Ro from TikTok

  • How much does Mariana Ro earn on TikTok and other platforms?

  • Where does Mariana Ro live?

  • Maryana Ro is a healthy lifestyle fan

  • Relationship with parents

  • What does Rozhkova love?

  • Interesting facts about Mariana Ro

  • Real name: Maryana Viktorovna Rozhkova.

    Date of Birth: October 7, 1999.

    Zodiac sign: Scales.

    According to the eastern horoscope: Rabbit.

    eye color: brown.

    Hair color: light, likes to experiment with bright colors.

    Growth: 160 cm.

    The weight: 45-48 kg.

    Figure Options: 76-58-81.

    Shoe size: 37.

    Clothing size:S.

    Breast size: one.

    tattoos: Yes, and one of them is dedicated to the first 5 million subscribers to YouTube. This is an image of an ice cream cone on a hand.

    Occupation: blogger on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, singer and actress.

    Mariana RoMariana Ro at Vidfest 2016 in St. Petersburg

    Mariana Ro is a favorite of the youth audience. She is adored for her good looks and bold experiments with style, the ease of content and the ability to remain herself even at the peak of fame. We offer blogger fans to learn more about their idol. In this article – only proven facts and unexpected details from the life of a star!

    Who is Mariana Ro?

    The popularity of the English video blogger Maryana Ro just rolls over, however, as does her amazing charisma, which millions of fans have fallen in love with! A slender and cheerful girl with a sweet smile became famous thanks to a YouTube channel with funny and incendiary lifestyle videos. The girl uploads Japanese-themed videos, shares her travel impressions, surprises with beauty finds, energizes fans with dances and arranges bold challenges.

    Today Maryana Ro boasts popularity not only on YouTube, but also on TikTok. Since January 2016, the charming girl has been honing her acting talents on social media, moving beautifully to trendy tracks, posting humorous sketches, challenging others and even laughing at gossip about herself. 4.5 million subscribers is very solid for a 20-year-old girl.

    Where did it all begin?

    The future blogger, actress and singer was born on October 7, 1999 in the Far East in a family of businessmen. When the girl was 9 years old, she and her family moved to the Japanese city of Otaru. The older brother Miroslav and the younger sister of the star Maresya were also brought up in the family. By the way, the girl sometimes appears in Maryana’s videos.

    Previously, the blogger’s childhood can be called happy: from a young age, her mother brought up a sense of beauty in her daughter, pampered her with stylish outfits and took her to salons, did her hair like a real princess. Rozhkova is not used to saving on personal care.

    At the age of 13, Maryana started a page on YouTube and began to tell viewers about Japanese culture, record funny and “cute” videos. Then she could not even imagine that soon a fateful meeting and a wave of popularity awaited her …

    Ivangai – a prince on a white horse?

    Before meeting the Ukrainian video blogger Ivangai, the number of Maryana’s followers did not exceed 30 thousand, although such a number of fans for a teenage girl is already a serious success. The real popularity of the girl was brought by videos recorded together with Ivan Rudsky, who at the end of 2014 could boast of an audience of three million. After the release of the video “Seven Seconds”, where a guy and a girl jointly perform each other’s tasks for speed, Maryana received a significant plus in the “piggy bank” of fans – as many as 8 thousand in one fell swoop.

    The acquaintance of the future “Romeo and Juliet” can be called romantic. Maryana posted a photo of Vanya on her page and signed “Oh my God, what a cutie, I fell in love!”. One of the fans immediately “reported” this to Ivan, and he immediately added the girl as a friend. Relations began to develop rapidly, although Maryana still has that character: the girl was late for the first date … for the whole day. Rozhkova’s parents were seriously worried, and for good reason: soon the desperate girl rushed off to London by fraud to live with her lover. Later, the blogger said that once her mother wrote a statement to Ivan in order to interfere with their relationship. I had to seek support from my father.

    In 2015, Maryana was waiting for the first serious victory. She visited the festival of video bloggers “Vidfest”, where she received the prize “Like for a newcomer”.

    Teenage love was not destined to develop into something serious: young people either converged or diverged, and on the eve of the new 2016, the separation was officially announced. But the ex-lovers even received the title of “The cutest couple of English YouTube”!

    Love in the style of rap: a secret wedding with Face?

    At the moment, Maryana is in a serious relationship with the outrageous rap artist Face (real name is Ivan Dremin). The girl repeatedly called her lover her husband and even managed to demonstrate an engagement ring. However, the couple has already managed to excite the public with outright provocations with hints of Rozhkova’s pregnancy. Soon the blogger showed a false belly. According to her, this experiment once again proved that people constantly get into their own business and give out unsolicited advice, so the star prefers not to distribute the real details of her personal life.

    Acting and musical career

    The YouTube and TikTok star has starred in the sci-fi film Hack Bloggers as herself. Unfortunately, the film failed and received a low score on Kinopoisk.

    But in the musical field, Maryana can boast of great success. The ironic clip “Mega-star”, dedicated to narcissism and “star” illness, the lyrical song “Help me”, a funny cover on Last Christmas and a daring composition “Poh” – the talented girl brilliantly showed herself in different genres.

    At the end of the summer of 2019, the singer released a bright video for the song “Snow”. In the video, the girl walks around the city and the shopping center. Fans immediately picked up the phrase “Where did you buy these crosses – apricot-colored crosses.” A week later, Maryana gave a performance in a St. Petersburg club.

    Clothing line of Maryana Ro from TikTok

    Together with the Yoo brand, Rozhkova created her own merchandise collection. She is represented by things and jewelry that the girl herself wears with pleasure. These are loose joggers and T-shirts, youth crop tops and hoodies, flaming popsockets and other creative accessories.

    The “chip” of the collection was a shiny skull with a reference to the Princess album. Bold color combinations and original styles are loved by thousands of blogger fans around the world. Fans also appreciated socks with provocative inscriptions, for example: “Boy, I don’t give a fuck”, “I shine brighter than ICE”, “The most f$ @ white”.

    Mariana Ro: achievements in YouTube and TikTok, detailed biography

    How much does Mariana Ro earn on TikTok and other platforms?

    Using the TikTok calculator, we calculated the approximate income from placing advertising posts on the blogger’s page. At the time of publication, the girl has 4.5 million subscribers, 42.5 million likes, 215 published videos. The average level of reader engagement is 4.34%. Estimated income varies between 2700-4500 dollars for one advertising publication.

    Mariana Ro: achievements in YouTube and TikTok, detailed biography

    According to experts, Maryana’s total income from various sources is about 2,113,867 *** per month.

    The blogger herself is unhappy with her attitude to money: the girl considers herself wasteful. In an interview with Maxim magazine, the girl admitted that her most expensive purchase was a bracelet for 3 million, which she hardly wears. The blogger seeks to get rid of squandering and even began to save money for storage in the bank.

    It is interesting that Maryana has had an “entrepreneurial streak” since childhood. At the age of 9, the girl began selling Japanese goods in EU-US through an online store. During these years, Rozhkova has already managed to earn her first 100 thousand ***.

    Where does Mariana Ro live?

    In April 2019, on her YouTube channel, the girl released a video in which she boasted of buying a new apartment in the capital for 67 million ***. The property is located in the London City complex. Here the girl lives with her boyfriend (or husband?). It is known that Maryana also bought housing for her parents in Japan. According to Numbeo, real estate prices in this country are very high – about $4,000 per square meter.

    Maryana Ro is a healthy lifestyle fan

    The favorite of YouTube and TikTok users has a chiseled and miniature figure, so many are interested in her relationship with sports. It turns out that the girl not only periodically advertises fitness clothes (for example, for the Adidas brand), but she herself never sits still. The blonde likes to experiment with different types of workouts. She is close to the TRX direction. Mariana enjoys doing yoga to relax or recharge her energy for the whole day. In the warm season, she enjoys cycling. As a child, Rozhkova played baseball.

    Mariana Ro wakes up early in the morning and starts every day with a glass of water. The girl does not drink coffee, preferring green tea. The blogger’s diet contains a lot of seafood, fresh vegetables, herbs, and berries. The star is especially fond of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. Despite her active lifestyle, Rozhkova prefers to cook food at home to be sure of its composition. The girl considers the “sponsor” of the health and beauty of her hair … avocado!

    Relationship with parents

    Unfortunately, recently Maryana has had constant conflicts with her mother. According to the girl, she had to regularly pay off the debts of her parents, who did not even say “thank you” to her for this. Accusations and insults from the closest people constantly rained down on the blogger’s head.

    In 2018, Maryana’s mother announced to the whole country that her daughter allegedly kicked her out of the house, leaving her without a livelihood. Reliable details of this situation are unknown. In a protracted conflict with her mother, Rozhkova is supported by her lover.

    What does Rozhkova love?

  • Movies: Joker, Pokemon. Detective Pikachu.
  • Clothing brands: Adidas, Dior, Asos, Zara.
  • Gadgets: Apple.
  • Interesting facts about Mariana Ro

  • The girl is close to the culture of African Americans. She likes hip-hop.
  • Rozhkova is also not indifferent to rock: in June 2019, she fulfilled her childhood dream and attended a concert of her idols, the KISS band.
  • As a child, Maryana often meditated and was fond of mythology. Her room was decorated in the style of a forest, and the girl herself liked to sleep on the floor.
  • Rozhkova has experience learning Spanish, as she was a fan of Spanish TV shows as a teenager.
  • The blogger draws well, especially in anime style.
  • The girl suffers from trypophobia – the fear of cluster holes.
  • Maryana Rozhkova does not have a higher education. She graduated from high school in Japan, and then fully focused on her “star” career. In one of the interviews, the girl said that she would like to get an education as an architect in the future.
  • When Mariana was little, she dreamed of becoming a surgeon.
  • The blogger doesn’t like sweets. The exception is pumpkin cream ice cream.
  • In the future, the YouTube and TikTok star is planning children. She wants to call her daughter an unusual name – Constance.
  • Ro’s favorite color is white.
  • Maryana loves to demonstrate a beautiful body and is not at all shy about it. For the first time in light erotica, the girl “lit up” at the age of 17 as part of Dmitry Krikun’s #NakedBloggers project. At the age of 19, the girl starred for MAXIM magazine in the image of a Japanese schoolgirl “without a kimono”.
  • In one of the episodes of the Youtube show “Tender Editor”, Maryana admitted that she had lost her innocence very early – at the age of 15. This experience disappointed her.
  • Another sad revelation of Rozhkova: she suspects frigidity. The girl believes that the reason is an unpleasant incident from childhood: when she was 11, an outsider approached her and demonstrated his sexual organ. Then Mariana experienced a strong disgust.
  • Rozhkova is a very emotional girl who is used to speaking everything directly. She periodically conflicts with other stars. For example, at a youth party, a blogger quarreled with Marie Senn because of an unsuccessful joke addressed to her. Maryana also did not tolerate sarcastic antics from Lolita Milyavskaya, who ridiculed the young star for “parasite words.” Rozhkova responded to the attack with a simple but caustic phrase: “You are such an old hall …” and supplemented the post with emoticons.

    We hope that Maryana will delight fans with cool videos and sparkling humor for a long time to come. If you are also crazy about the talented blonde beauty, don’t forget to share the information about the idol with your friends.

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