Manifesto 369 in Tik Tok: what is it

Manifesto 369 TikTok

The Tik Tok mobile application is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, especially among young people. In the application, users share their pain in an accessible and cool short video format.

The proposed material discusses the TikTok manifesto, taking into account the meaning of this concept and how it can be used on this platform.


A manifesto in TikTok (and not only) is understood as a wish formulated in writing, put on a paper sheet or in a notebook of a mobile device. When you repeat the recording in the required sequence, the specified number of times the conceived is embodied.

Manifesto 369Manifesto 369

What is used for

The manifesto is used to fulfill a cherished desire with the power of thought. Goals depend on the needs that a person experiences. It can be winning a large amount, getting a profitable job, reaching a predetermined number of subscribers in a mobile account, or any other task.

The whole trick is that with the correct use of the formula, the stated idea materializes. And this is not a magical intervention, but the power of mental influence.


People who have a wish come true when using the Manifesto method post these videos on the Tik Tok platform. The easiest way to search for such video confirmations is with a set of hashtags in the application’s search bar with consecutive input of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 or 7 and 21 with the formula for using this method. A numeric query is appended with manifest or manifesting entries.

With a correctly compiled entry in the search engine, the platform will present a series of videos with irrefutable evidence of the method’s work.

Principle of operation

The principle of the manifesto is indeed based on the power of mental influence. The more the author of the entries concentrates on the desired result, the higher the probability of a positive outcome of the plan.

The magic of numbers and Nikola Tesla

The application of the method 369 of the Manifesto is associated with the magic of numbers, discovered by the great scientist Nikola Tesla. His inventions serve people in everyday life. This applies to such familiar things for everyone:

  • neon lamps;
  • faxes;
  • electrical wires;
  • ozonizers;
  • AC motors;
  • multiphase electric generators;
  • radars, speedometers, tachometers;
  • electrotherapeutic procedures;
  • myostimulators;
  • apparatus for x-rays.
  • The value of many of these developments was not appreciated by contemporaries, since inventions were several decades ahead of the current era. Some argue that Tesla got ideas directly from outer space.

    In the last years of his life, the scientist studied the magic of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, involved in the technique of the Manifesto of the fulfillment of desires. The genius saw in this the key to understanding the universe. But this idea of ​​his remained unconfirmed.

    Manifesto 369Manifesto 369


    According to Marko Rodin, the creator of vortex mathematics, with the help of these numbers, one can construct a vector from the third to the fourth dimension. The repetition of a wish made in a special way programs the author and releases energy, through which the written materializes in reality.

    How to participate

    To participate in a trend, you must follow a certain procedure.


    The records are:

  • In the morning – write down the object of desire (three times).
  • In the daytime, they make up a proposal based on the fact that the dream has come true, formulating the event in the present or past tense (6 times).
  • In the evening – they indicate what was achieved with the fulfillment of a wish (9 times).
  • By the way. Many people believe that a note made on paper is more effective than an electronic notebook in a smartphone or laptop.


    The table below shows the template for completing 369 of the Manifesto for a teenager who conducted such an experiment.



    There are various recommendations. Some advise sticking to a pattern of 3, 6, or 9 repetitions of phrases, respectively. Others recommend writing a Manifesto for 7 or 21 days in a row (or until the goal is reached).

    Correct wording

    The correct composition of the phrase involves the exact indication of the desired object, up to the device model or the full name of the person, the amount of wages, the name of the place of work (depending on desire).

    The entry is made in the present or past tense, as if the plan has come true.

    Important Points

    The easiest way to put the completed sheet is in one of the books in your personal library, which parents do not intend to use, forgetting about the placement. It is important to write down desires in an upbeat emotional mood, mentally imagining the goal in great detail. Use a pen or pencil to write.

    per person

    The manifesto helps in love affairs to achieve reciprocity in love or restore broken relationships. Here is an example of such a formula:

  • in the morning we write down the name and surname of the object of passion three times, for example, “Fedya Skvortsov”;
  • during the day we indicate six times what he needs to do (using the present tense): “Fedya Skvortsov invited me to the Retro club on Dostoevsky Street, 12”;
  • in the evening we repeat the entry nine times: “We are going with Fedya Skvortsov to the Retro club along Dostoevsky Street, 12.”
  • The main thing is to follow the correct order of entries and avoid mistakes.


    The user can make the following mistakes:

  • indicate what was intended, missing essential details;
  • do not maintain the necessary emotional mood;
  • not securely hide the Manifesto;
  • enter the wrong number of entries;
  • inaccurate visualization of desire.
  • Every little thing counts to ensure the success of the event.

    How to post this video

    Many people post videos about their wish come true on the TikTok platform, where you can find many such videos.

    Why post

    Users have different goals. Some want to support the trend, others want to confirm that the method works.

    What can be removed

    Usually they remove the procedure for making records and placing the Manifesto with a demonstration of the result.


    As hashtags in the search line, the options for desires, the numbers 3, 6, 9 and the word “Manifesto” in English or Latin transcription are noted. You can supplement the request with the number of days of repetitions by marking the number 7 and the number 21.


    For use in TikTok as a Manifesto, the following ideas are suitable, indicating the following desires:

  • my account with a nickname (indicate the name) was visited by 30,000 subscribers;
  • I pass the exam on testing the theoretical course for obtaining a driver’s license in the MREO in category “B” without errors (with 20 correct answers to 20 questions in 15 minutes);
  • I am spending holiday in June 2020 in Corsica.
  • These and other ideas are easy to beat by making a video, the possibilities for which are provided by the Tik Tok platform.

    A manifesto is an easy way to get what you want if you persist and don’t make unwanted mistakes. And the posted video with the achieved result will simply blow up the Internet, increasing your popularity and raising the prestige of the brand.

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