Making “waves” in Tik Tok – tips and instructions

How to make waves on Tik Tok TikTok

Those who follow the work of popular Tik Tok bloggers have probably noticed that they use all sorts of effects to create their clips. This makes them more interesting, unlike others. Therefore, users who decide to create their own channel in the application want to understand how to make waves on Tik Tok. Consider a step-by-step guide to adding an effect.

What is the feature

The music service allows you to shoot and then edit small videos on your iPhone or Android. They are posted online for public viewing. But only the most beautiful and memorable ones can get into TikTok recommendations. Various chips and effects allow you to make them so, one of which is waves.

To add dynamism to the image, a slight twitching of the frame, similar to the movement of water, is used. The video is especially interesting, it looks together with suitable music.

detailed instructions

HowWaves on Tik Tok.

Let’s take a look at how to make a wave effect on Tik Tok step by step:

  • To ensure that the video is not blurry, you need to record it in good lighting.
  • Think of an idea, choose a suitable melody. The track can be found in the gallery or downloaded from your mobile device.
  • Turn on the camera, specifying the optimal speed for shooting. The wave will look best at 2x.
  • Listen to the track again to determine where to pause.
  • Click on the record button and shoot everything according to a pre-created scenario.
  • At the right moment, the process stops, and the speed changes by 0.5x.
  • The camera turns on again and with a certain frequency sways around several times.
  • Recording stops again to set the original speed mode. This is how it ends up.
  • View the result. If the effect doesn’t work, redo it.
  • The finished work can be cropped, edited, prescribe hashtags and then added to view.
  • Creating a semblance of movement on the water is easy. At the same time, the video with him turns out to be beautiful and memorable.

    Tips from bloggers

    Users who regularly appear in the recommendations feed share their secrets about shooting videos and adding effects to them so that the video can get to the TOP faster:

  • During recording, you do not need to pull the camera too actively. To make the images realistic, it is enough to shake it slightly from side to side.
  • To improve perception, you need to choose the right music track, use other available editing options.
  • A clip that is too long should be cut off.
  • For promotion, it is useful to prescribe suitable hashtags.
  • With a little practice, every novice blogger will be able to make a unique and beautiful clip. You can see worthy works by using the Tik Tok people search team.


    The uniqueness of this music application lies not only in the ability to record video, but also to edit it. It’s easy to do, just follow the step by step guide.

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