Likee vs TikTok: Which app is cooler?

Likee против TikTok: какое приложение круче TikTok

Tik Tok and Likee are two big competitors in the video blogging and media entertainment space. Let’s take a look at which of these popular apps is better based on design, functionality, usability, similarities and differences.


Entertainment apps Likee and TikTok are designed to create and publish original video content with the addition of photos , music and special effects. In addition to thematic and functional similarities, there is also a difference between them.

The apps can be downloaded for free from the Apps Store and Google Play. To determine who will emerge victorious in the confrontation between TikTok VS Likee, a comparison of common and different features will help.

Story of creation

Both applications have already become very popular, despite the fact that they appeared relatively recently.


The entertainment social network Likee was launched in July 2017 ( originally called LIKE Video). It was developed by the Singaporean media company BIGO TECHNOLOGY. The service is presented in two versions – as a web video hosting and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

Likes is intended for creating and broadcasting short videos with the addition of special effects, of which there are more than three hundred in the application.

Likee vs TikTok: which app is coolerEntertainment social network Likee

Likee vs TikTok: which app is cooler

On a note. The main theme of the video content is popular songs and dances . The main audience is children and teenagers aged five to sixteen. According to statistics, the largest number of likers among Russian girls .

Most registered Like users are in Russia, the United States of America, India and Indonesia.

Likee developers focus primarily on exciting and safe leisure time for a children’s audience, which is why the application is sometimes called “TikTok for the little ones “. Content requirements are quite strict, any violation of them threatens to block the account.

The logo of the Likee media platform is a drawing in the form of a heart. On the left side are diagonal stripes of purple, lilac and magenta. They are almost completely covered by similar stripes of yellow, orange and crimson red located on the right.


TikTok is a media service for viewing, creating and uploading short videos of a predominantly musical or humorous nature. The application was launched by the Chinese company Beijing ByteDance in September 2016.

By the way. The old name of this media platform is Douyin, it is still used in China. Dowin and TikTok are the same app running on different servers. The Chinese version is subject to national censorship restrictions.

Tik Tok gained fame in 2017 after ByteDance acquired and combined both applications into a single entertainment resource. In terms of popularity, he quickly overtook YouTube .

In the summer of 2018, the international version of TikTok was launched , which has become one of the most actively downloaded applications in the world.

Likee vs TikTok: which app is coolerTik-Tok

The audience of TikTok are residents of more than 150 countries. Accounts in the application are maintained not only by active youth, but also by representatives of state bodies and official structures.

The TikTok logo looks simple and uncomplicated. It consists of a schematic representation of a note and the Latin inscription TikTok on a white background . The graphic symbol and the letter “O” in the text inscription have a combined color combination of black, turquoise and red.

What common

Both apps offer their users:

  • creation and placement of short videos;
  • convenient and simple interface;
  • the ability to add visual and sound special effects, as well as musical accompaniment;
  • preview and editing video content;
  • a set of paid features, advertising.

Likee vs TikTok: which app is coolerVideo in Tik-Tok

The requirements for users on both media platforms are similar:

  • compliance with established community rules;
  • respect for other participants;
  • manifestation of activity (accounts of inactive users can be blocked).

Transfer of personal data

In 2018, in the United States of America, the entertainment platform TikTok was convicted of illegally collecting personal data from children and teenagers under 13 without parental consent. Developers were fined $5.7 million for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Also, according to one version, until the fall of 2019, TikTok collected data from mobile devices running on Android, allowing you to monitor the actions of users on the Internet, bypassing privacy protection measures. However, there was no evidence for this.

As for the Like application, there were no suspicions about the collection and transfer of confidential data from users regarding the platform.


In the summer of 2020 , TikTok was blocked in India at the request of the authorities, along with other applications that “threat the territorial integrity of the state.”

A year earlier , in 2019, the US authorities, suspecting TikTok of stealing user data, banned the use of the app by US military personnel.

Cases of blocking Likee in different countries of the world have not been recorded.


The TikTok app in 2020 was recognized as the most valuable startup with a valuation of 100 billion US dollars.

The cost of developing the Likee platform is unknown.


To choose the coolest app, you need to compare Tik Tok and Likes with each other in terms of the main parameters: convenience and functionality, earning opportunities, target audience, content topics, etc.


The main purpose of both applications is to create videos, so they have similar functionality.

TikTok allows you to shoot short videos with background music of any genre. Various types of effects are supported: acceleration, deceleration and overlay filters.

Among the most popular modes on TikTok are reactions and duets. The first option is to record an author’s video in response to another video. Duet is a feature that came to TikTok from its predecessor, which allows you to merge two clips into one with a split screen: the original is placed on the right side, the response to the video is on the left.

The Likee app also has a built-in editor for creating and editing videos. Supports overlaying music and visual special effects.

Likee vs TikTok: which app is coolerLikee app

The mobile app is available in two versions. The standard version is designed for creating an account and downloading video content, while the lite version is for use on weak devices.

Likes has two features that TikTok does not have:

  • increasing the status and rating for being active;
  • parental control for young users under the age of 13.


The page loading speed in both applications is a few seconds, but Tik Tok performs all actions a little faster.

At the same time , Likes works well on outdated and underpowered devices, while TikTok is more demanding on the system.

The main technical characteristics of the applications are presented in the table.

TikTok Like
Application weight 450 MB 150 MB
Battery consumption in 30 minutes 5% 5%
Score according to Play Market data 4.1 4.3


For Likee, updates are released more frequently, which reduces the number of bugs and expands the functionality.

Video creation

For creating and editing videos, applications offer different tools, in terms of the number and variety of which Tik Tok is the leader. Some functions are shown in the table.

TikTok Like
Editing screen with the ability to cut video fragments and change their sequence Beauty effect that allows you to apply virtual makeup or apply plastic correction
Voice effects that allow you to change your voice Filters to change brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation and more
Volume control
Creative transitions: highlights, smoke, reflections, etc.
Creating an introductory text that explains the subject of the video
Attaching stickers, emojis and GIFs

Both applications – Likes and TikTok – welcome bright and original videos in which users demonstrate their talents and abilities. Challenges and contests are in demand, the participants of which dance , sing, tell funny stories, draw and do any other creative work.

Since the Likee app is aimed at a younger audience, content related to cartoons , slimes, games , animals, and anything that might interest a child is the most popular .

Competitions are popular among users, in which it is proposed to create and demonstrate an unusual image, perform complex dance movements, draw a drawing on a given topic with a pencil , or sing an author’s song. As a result of voting , the participants who take high places receive prizes.

There are three types of content popular on TikTok: entertaining, aesthetic, and useful. The top positions of the rating are often occupied by videos about extraordinary hobbies and hobbies, love and romantic relationships, the beauty of nature, pets.

In addition to dance and music videos, viewers are interested in household and professional life hacks (how to bake a cake , sew fashionable clothes , master a new computer program, etc.).

Interest in the TikTok audience is also caused by parodies of celebrities, blitz interviews with passers-by and pictures for sketching .

The target audience

The main viewers and authors of video content on the Likee social network are children and young people aged 10–20 years. To protect the young audience from inappropriate content, resource administrators have introduced strict moderation rules for each uploaded video.

The target audience

TikTok is aimed at teenagers and young people from 15 to 25 years old.

Trends in TikTok and Like are videos shot by top bloggers with the most views.

To get into the recommendations, it is advisable for novice likers and tiktokers to focus on the following areas:

  • dancing to popular songs or remixes;
  • humor and parodies;
  • life hacks and useful tricks;
  • tricks with revealing their secrets;
  • challenges;
  • animal videos.

Number of users

TikTok leads the way in terms of user numbers, with more than 500 million downloads on the App Store and Google Play as of 2023. Likee is used by 100 million people .

What is better for earning

Both entertainment platforms – Likee and tiktok – are used by bloggers not only for self-expression, but also for making money.

The following ways of earning are available to users of the Likes application:

  • advertising profiles of little-known bloggers;
  • monetization of live broadcasts by placing short advertising inserts at the beginning, middle or end of the video;
  • earnings on affiliate programs;
  • placing advertisements for brands;
  • earnings on diamonds and beans – a virtual currency that, with sufficient accumulation, can be exchanged for real money.

TikTok offers more opportunities for earning:

  • advertising products, companies or people in their videos;
  • obtaining the status of a representative of a popular brand;
  • sale of goods;
  • script writing;
  • promotion of music content;
  • participation in affiliate programs – receiving payment from advertisers for advertising in thematic videos;
  • promotion of own services for video editing, photo processing and collage creation , writing advertising slogans, etc.;
  • administration of other people’s accounts;
  • accepting donations.

The table shows the amounts that the most successful Russian Tik Tok bloggers earn for one video.

 is a talented artist who carves miniature figures from pencil leads. $3980–6630
blogger-dwarf, author of funny sketches $2780–4650
 twins who publish entertainment content $2450-4088

Better Like or Tik Tok – everyone decides for himself. When choosing an app, you should compare design, features, specifications, and other criteria. Beginning bloggers are encouraged to make their debut in Likes, and then, having perfected their skills, they can go to Tik Tok and make money on their hobby.

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