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Which is better like or tik tok TikTok

Social networks have become so ingrained in our lives over the past decade that it is difficult to find a person who would not be registered at least somewhere. Some publics are available all over the world, others are designed for certain demographic or geographic factors. Recently, new resources with very similar functionality have appeared.

Today we will figure out which is better – Like or Tik Tok.

Description of Tik Tok (

A few years ago this application was known only in Asia, now its popularity has spread everywhere. The vast majority of visitors are young people under 19, because there are no long reads or political news here.

The content of the application is cool short videos with funny special effects and music superimposed on them in completely different genres. Tiktokers actively upload their own sketches, comment on friends’ videos, and like them.

The account rating is based on the number of views and subscribers. On Tik Tok, you can join duets or post an instant reaction to the videos you watch.

Benefits of TikTok:

  • A chance to share your skills with the whole world by posting an interesting video on the platform.
  • Fast growth of subscribers with relevant content.
  • A wide selection of music in the service library.
  • Adaptation of the resource for any modern gadgets.
  • Lots of free stickers, emojis, effects.
  • The right to send posts to other synchronized social networks.
  • Which is better like or tik tokLike VS Tik Tok.

    TikTok visitors are attracted by the fact that filters will help to make the picture more harmonious.

    This is a good chance for talented young people who can dance and perform various tricks to become famous.

    Like app features

    The Singapore Like platform is identical to the Chinese one. Here you can also shoot short videos with music, add photos, drawings, create collages, use effects. The service has well implemented interactivity, in 2019 it received the highest ratings.

    Live communication in Laika is rather poorly developed. However, this is offset by original content for relaxation and fun.

    There are no bugs and glitches in the operation of the Like application. Personal account data is securely protected from information leakage and hacking of pages in the application.

    The main advantage of the Like platform is fresh and original posts with music videos.

    Like VS Tik Tok

    When betting Tik Tok against Like, it is quite difficult to determine the favorite at first glance, because they are similar to each other. In many ways, the applications are identical, but at certain points the developers nevertheless foresaw differences.

    How are they similar

    Resources Tik Tok and Like cannot be called mirror, although they have a lot in common:

  • Ability to create cool sketches in a couple of minutes.
  • Viewing the finished material in draft and after it is posted on the Web.
  • Availability of various special effects (slowmo, zoom, etc.) and filters.
  • The mutual subscription of users helps to increase the level of the profile.
  • You can watch the publications of other “residents” of these social networks without limitation in quantity and quality.
  • A large selection of musical compositions of different genres for the design of videos.
  • The impossibility of cheating by hacking other people’s pages.
  • Create duets with friends.
  • To determine the rating, the number of subscribers, streams, reposts, likes is taken into account.
  • Turning the best video frames into Like and Tik Tok pictures, searching for channels of interest by hashtags.
  • Also in Tik Tok and Like there are no restrictions on the number of ratings affixed by other users.

    Platform differences

    What is the difference between like and tik tokInstalling Tik Tok with

    The main difference between these applications is manifested in the interface, and also in the design and design.

    In addition, a striking difference is the space required for installation. For Like you will need 115 MB of free space, for Tik Tok more.

    Therefore, if you put Like against Tik Tok, then it is better for owners of phones with a small amount of memory to choose the first option.

    The load on the battery is also different. For thirty minutes of working with Like or Tik Tok, it discharges by about 5%.

    What gadgets are compatible

    Initially, the platforms were developed for mobile devices and were supported by Apple and Android products. At the moment, through torrents or trashboxes, you can download free emulators to install these social networks on desktop computers or laptops.

    For users in this format, all application options will open, including publications and commenting. In some cases, it is even more convenient to log in from a PC – phone charging and memory are saved, videos can be watched in excellent quality and on a large screen.

    To use Like or Tik Tok from devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, check the integration of app and OS purchases. The latter must be at least iOS 9.3.

    Versions from 4X to 9X are suitable for installation on Android.


    Speaking about what is more popular – Like or Tik Tok, it is worth noting that the first service is technically the most in demand. It has twice as many registered users as But this does not mean that Like is better. These are not completely identical platforms.

    They work synchronously, but there are differences. Most of them are in the appearance, interface. The functionality is similar, but it is presented to users “from a different angle”.

    Therefore, users themselves should decide what is closer in spirit to them. Only by independently evaluating the ease of navigation, the speed of downloading videos and images, the number of free stickers and filters, you can draw certain conclusions for yourself.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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