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Long gone are the days when you could just watch entertainment videos on Tik Tok, follow bloggers from TikToker houses, seal on the couch and kill time for no particular purpose. The new #Learn on TikTok campaign allows users of the social network to find interesting and educational content, broaden their horizons and generally improve their standard of living! Let’s find out what you can learn on Tik Tok today.

Who will educate TikTok (TikTok) users?

Representatives of leading English universities and libraries were the first to join the initiative. Nikolai Drozdov, a London State University professor and TV presenter, liked the idea of ​​TikTok. See how expressively he reads Mayakovsky’s poem:

Useful life hacks for graduates were prepared by the London Educational TV Channel. Recently, in his TikTok, they told how to successfully pass the exam in the English language.

The London Zoo also prepares educational and unusual content dedicated to the animal world. Using the example of a poisonous snake, the boygi tell how an adult individual differs from cubs.

If you have long dreamed of learning how to play chess brilliantly, be sure to visit the TikTok of Alexandra Kosteniuk, the English grandmaster.

Of course, not only popular personalities and representatives of well-known institutions can participate in the #Learn on TikTok campaign. Ordinary TikTok users are happy to share useful information about everything in the world with followers.

TOP 7 topics covered by the #Learn on TikTok trend

Spending time on your favorite social network, you can learn:

  • Write correctly without boring cramming. The author of the video tells which words should be written separately, illustrating examples in a colorful design. After watching such a video a couple of times, you will certainly remember the rules that once seemed complicated.
  • And another funny example about spelling:

  • Find motivation to learn English. The author of this content decided to give 1 kg of rolls to a person who correctly translates a few words from English into English. The video turned out to be humorous, but it makes you think that learning a foreign language can lead to very pleasant results!
  • In addition, TikTok constantly explains popular grammar tasks. And oh, how difficult it is to understand all the English tenses on your own! :-)

  • Master the skills of using graphic editors. In this example, the author considers a simple, but with this very original technique from Photoshop. Just a few minutes and you can do it again!
  • Another useful drawing video for beginner graphic designers. The video will teach you how to make a trendy grainy illustration:

  • Learn to better understand your body and take care of your health. Have you noticed more than once that after running you have pain in your side? Are you ignoring the warm-up? See what the doctor thinks about this:
  • Master the skills of financial literacy. Are you used to dropping everything to the penny and can’t put anything off? Here is an example of how to manage money wisely and enjoy life at any income level:
  • And here, in an accessible form, it talks about what cashback is and why banks distribute it:

  • Improve knowledge of mathematics. In Tik Tok, quite often they analyze complex examples in algebra and assignments in geometry. Agree, learning the exact sciences with the help of a TikTok teacher is much more fun than in a formal setting:
  • Understand psychology. Do you want to know what the interlocutor is thinking? Pay attention to the tips from this video on the sacrament of gestures.
  • Do you often feel like crying or cursing at the most inopportune moment? Experienced tiktokers share how to restrain emotions and maintain mental balance:

    In addition, interesting facts often appear on TikTok that you will definitely want to discuss with your friends. For example:

    Thus, the new trend #Study on TikTok allows you to noticeably “pump” your knowledge, find inspiration for new creative pursuits, career growth, successfully prepare for exams and just become an interesting person to communicate with.

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