What does Telegram mean Last seen a long time ago?

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Telegram – what does Last seen a long time ago mean in the status?

The cross-platform messenger Telegram, which has won the recognition and love of users, allows you to exchange text messages and multimedia files, despite the conflict with subsequent blocking, continues to work without restrictions to this day.

With Telegram, users can quickly contact each other at any time of the day or night. The messenger provides many different functions, one of which is the display of the time of the last visit. This feature is available in all popular social networks: the last access time on Facebook, VK is displayed in the header of each personal account.

You can also find out when a messenger user last logged into the app using their online statuses, which indicate uptime.

In an application, the following characters are displayed:

  • “Last viewed 5/10/15 minutes ago.” This designation indicates the time of the last visit to the nearest minute and translates as “It was 5/10/15 minutes ago.”
  • If the account holder has used the application for more than one day, their system status may display the exact date, including the day, month, and year. It will look like “Last accessed 07/26/18”.
  • “Last accessed 2 hours ago” – “Was 2 hours ago”. The designation is used if more than an hour has passed since the last actions in the messenger, but not less than a day.
  • “Last seen.” This means that the person has just signed into the app.

States can be without specifying the exact date and time.

For example, “Last Access” refers to a recent visit to an app. It has been less than 3 days since the event.

“Last viewed within a week” – The user was active about 7 days ago.

But “Last access within a month” means that about a month has passed since the last visit.

“Last viewed a long time ago”: the messenger was viewed by the user for a long time, more than a month ago, or the administration imposed a temporary block on it.

If the network status says “Last accessed a long time ago” and the messages sent to him do not open, he probably stopped using the application, or set certain privacy settings, or completely blocked his interlocutor or a certain circle of people.

Preserving the privacy of all Telegram users is one of the key rules of the developer company. It is worth noting that Telegram is one of the few messengers that offers its customers the ability to hide the last session time, which ensures comfortable and pleasant communication.

Most often, “Last login a long time ago” is displayed when a person wants to hide their activity from someone. This can be done by opening the “Settings” – “Privacy and Security” – “Last Access” tab and manually selecting one of the required items: “All” (“All”), “My Contacts” or “None”. This simple procedure will not be difficult even for a novice Telegram user.

By setting such privacy settings, you should be aware that a user who has hidden their last activity time from a particular interlocutor will not be able to track when they were online.

In the “Last Access” menu, the developers, in addition to the basic settings, have implemented advanced options: “Never share with” and the opposite “Always share with”. With their help, you can set exceptions: for example, accounts marked “Never show” will constantly see the status of the user “It was a long time ago”, and contacts from the “Always show” list will see the opposite.

This setting takes precedence. Click “Finish” to save your settings.)

Also in Telegram there is an opportunity to read the message so that the interlocutor does not know. To do this, you need to activate the airplane mode in the smartphone settings, then enter the application, read the desired message, exit the application and deactivate the airplane mode. Thus, the message will be read, but the interlocutor will not know, and the time of the last action will not change.

Users of the popular messenger should remember such a Telegram feature as the ability to self-destruct an account. This is possible if the application has not been launched for more than six months. With zero activity, the contact and all photos, files, chat history and even the contact list are deleted without resetting.

What do the statuses “It was a long time ago” and “It was recently” mean?

If you see the “Recently Online” status on someone’s profile, it means they’ve been online from one minute to three days.

The status “Was (a) a long time ago” can mean that:

  • The user was online more than a month ago
  • The user has added you to the “Blacklist”

Types of statuses of the last online

Options for the status of the last visit to the application:

  • “For all”. If you set this option, any user in the chat window will see how long ago you joined Telegram.
  • “My contacts”. By selecting this item, your status will be visible only to your contacts.
  • “Nobody”. In this case, instead of a timestamp, the Telegram status will display the words “recently online”, “this week”, “this month”, “long ago” – the approximate value of the last date in the line.

“Recently” is how much

The “Recently” status is displayed if the user logged in less than a month ago. You can also see “It was a long time ago”. This means: either the person really logged into the application a few months ago, or they blocked you.

If you don’t want to hide your company information from some users, add them to the exclusion list. In more detail about how to select contacts who will see the “Recently online” status in Telegram, we described in detail below.

Why hide your status?

The ability to hide the time of your last visit to Telegram is quite useful if you want to use the app more anonymously. But it is impossible to completely hide your activity in the messenger. The online status will be visible to everyone, it cannot be hidden.

Why hide your status? To make it impossible to determine exactly when you were online.


What does last seen recently mean

These marks tell us how long the user has been offline. Recently – a couple of days, within a week – about a week, within a month – about a month, a long time ago – a month or more.

This text is only displayed for users who want to hide the date they last visited the app from the user.


making last recently seen status in telegram is pretty easy. This is how the messenger attracts its numerous subscribers. The steps for phone and computer are slightly different.

On mobile phone

You can make your business private on an Android or iOS smartphone in one way:

What does self destruct timer mean?

This function destroys the message after a few hours. Read more in the secret chat on our website. Everything is detailed there.

How to check visiting time

There is no way you can see your time, and there is no special logic in this, because at the time of viewing you will definitely be “online”. You can do this if you sign in with a different computer and a different messaging account.


Well, to find out when a friend last visited, open any dialogue with him. The date will be displayed at the top, just below his nickname and avatar. Usually it does not appear immediately, but after a few seconds.

How to hide visit time

Visiting hours cannot be deleted on the computer. However, they may soon fix it.

On your phone, do the following:

  • Select “Privacy and Security”.
  • From the list, select who is allowed to see the date of your last visit.
  • Below the item “Always hide from”: choose who should not see it under any circumstances.
  • Click Recent Activity.
  • Open settings.

On the phone (Android)

To hide the last login time on your smartphone, you need to:

  • Enter your profile settings
  • Open the “Privacy” sectionIMG_20210619_000748.jpg
  • Select “Last Activity”


Next, you need to specify who will see the exact time of your last entry.


If you choose:

  • My contacts – visible only to those you have added to your address book
  • No: your online status is not visible to anyone
  • Everyone: Your online status is visible to all users

You will not be able to see the status of those users from whom you have hidden yours. Instead of an exact time, your profile will show an approximate value: Recently, This Week, This Month, or A Long Time Ago.

You can add exceptions – a list of people who are allowed (or not allowed) to see your online status, regardless of your settings.

On IOS (iPhone, Ipad)

On iPhone, the last login time can be hidden through the settings menu.

Let’s go through the points in order:

  • “Settings”
  • “Confidentiality”
  • “Last Activity”

Then select the desired option from the menu that opens.

The time of your last action is seen by:

  • “My contacts”
  • “Nobody”
  • “All”

On the computer

If you are using Telegram on PC and want to hide your online status:

  • Launch the Telegram client (web version or desktop app)
  • Go to the menu by clicking on the icon in the form of three horizontal lines
  • Select “Settings” from the list
  • Open the “Privacy and Security” tabIMG_20210619_001018.png
  • Go to the “Last seen online” sectionIMG_20210619_001039.png
  • In the menu that appears, select “My Contacts” or “None”
  • Click “Save”
  • Confirm your changes by clicking the “Continue” button

Set status and select exclusions

exceptions can be configured for each of the three options. Identify specific people in your contact list who will always or never see your status!

So, where to find the visibility and exclusion settings:

In Telegram for Android: In Telegram for iOS: On the Telegram desktop:
Main menu → section “Privacy and security” → item “Last activity” Main menu → section “Privacy” → item “Last activity” Main menu → subsection “Privacy and security” → item “Who sees the last access time”
photo: last login display selection menu image: setting the status of the last entry in a telegram on an iPhone Image: How to Hide the Last Online Telegram Desktop Time

Was online recently

Of course, the absence of a tag with the time of the last access to the network will make it difficult to understand whether this person is an active user of Telegram, or even not be able to receive your message. Thus, even if the last time was online hidden from you, you can still see the approximate time, such as “Recently” (which corresponds to a period from 1 minute to 3 days) or “Been online this month” privacy and, in the same time, shows whether the user can be contacted via Telegram.

By the way, about inactive users – soon there will be few of them. Starting today, Telegram accounts will self-destruct if you haven’t logged into your account in the last 6 months.

How to add exclusions on a smartphone

To select those contacts on your smartphone who will see your activity in Telegram, follow the following path:

  • “Settings”.
  • “Confidentiality”.
  • “Last Activity”.
  • Subsection “Exceptions”, button “Add”.
  • Select the necessary contacts, click the “Finish” button.

Did you know that you can meet an attractive member of the opposite sex on Telegram? In this article, you will learn how to use special online dating bots.

How the status works when a user is blocked

This question comes up often, so we’ve covered it separately: even if you have status visibility for everyone on your Telegram, a blocked user will see “long time online” under your name.

Therefore, if you suddenly see such a state in a person with whom you recently spoke, it may mean that he blocked you for some reason.

By the way, if you first wrote to a person who is not in the contact list, there will be a “Spam” button next to his nickname.

Accounts that receive spam reports will not be able to send messages to people outside of their contact list.

Blocking can last from a week to an indefinite period, depending on how often the account received complaints.

Therefore, with all this in mind, it is worth thinking carefully before writing to a stranger.

If a user blocks you, you won’t see the exact time of their last visit

Is there a current time and visiting time in telegram

how to remove visiting hours in telegram and not only
To begin with, let’s find out how strongly the messenger is connected with the function of time and what these functions are in general.

Many users would like the application to be able to see the time in a specific time zone at any time. They say that in the vastness of the network a robot was even created for this. However, we were unable to find it, and the creators are ignoring this request.

But they listened to something else and added the ability to watch the last time the user came in, which is no less convenient.

You can view the current time on a special website or directly on the Google page. The specialists of our information portal have checked – you just need to enter the correct query in the search engine and everything will be displayed on the screen even before the search results.

How to set and adjust the time

One of them might be the wrong time. For example, your friend’s watch may be incorrectly set and travel to the future or return to the past. You go once, say, in December to his profile, and there – “the last time was in January of next year.” Did he invent the car of the future?

However, this is still not solved: it is simply impossible to change the application time.

It is not known where the messenger takes your time zone from: either it determines it by IP address, or is guided by the system date.

As a result, most problems are solved in several ways. And now let’s talk briefly with everyone.

Why is the wrong time set?

The reason for this is clear and simple: the messenger program incorrectly identified your current belt, so it displays it incorrectly.

There are two ways to fix this:

  • Keep track of the current date on your device. If something is wrong, change it.
  • Please check that your address is correct. You can watch it on the site 2ip.ru. If the city is not displayed as it should, contact your ISP.

Sometimes the cause is simply incurable, so you will have to bear the consequences.

What to do if telegram shows the wrong time

Obviously I will translate to the correct one. Giving up is a bad choice. After all, then the work of useful robots such as a tomato timer will be inaccessible and useless for you. And I want everything to work out.

If the system clock is the cause, proceed as follows:

  • Select “Set date and time”.
  • Click Change Settings.
  • Select Update Now.
  • Go to the “online” tab.
  • Right-click the clock at the bottom of the screen.

Important nuance

important to know: you will hide your data, but you will not see other people’s!

What does the status “Was (a) recently in Telegram” mean? Using this hidden option will make the last visit data of other users inaccessible.

The status “Recently” in Telegram is valid on a bilateral basis. That is, you will not be able to track the activity of the person from whom you hid yours.

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