Large List of Telegram Bots Review 2022


Hi all. I am an admin of Telegram channels/bots and my name is TeleGuide. Especially for readers, I have compiled a large selection of Telegram bots that are relevant at the beginning of 2022. The article is updated regularly, so feel free to add it to your Bookmarks.

Bots for entertainment

RoundDFBot is a free bot that, using a neural network, transfers facial expressions, as well as individual parts of the face, to the body of another person.

TgCumBot – with this bot you can edit photos of friends and girlfriends. With the latter, you can have fun from the heart over the result.

Createmem_Bot – with it you can create memes, unusual fonts, avatars or watermark.

Akinator is a legendary service that guesses any real or fictional character. Now the service has moved to Telegram.

Txt_to_voicebot – voices the text in different voices.

Einstein_iqbot – IQ test bot.
Important! Don’t worry, the bot is absolutely free. After passing, you will not need to pay to find out the result.

BeRelaxBot is #1 sleep and meditation bot on Telegram. 100% way to fall asleep and relax. Meditation courses, special sounds for rest and relaxation. The bot also has: a dream book, a horoscope for every day, numerology according to your date of birth, checking compatibility with your partner in horoscope, numerology and interests.

FindFilmX_bot – searches for all films by photo.

TXTMusBot – search for lyrics, as well as listening to them in Telegram.

Icinema_bot is the first created cinema bot in Telegram with online movie viewing.

Video download bots

MagicSaverBot – Download videos and music from TikTok and Instagram. The only telegram bot that works without ads and mandatory subscriptions from the bot. Respect to this admin!

TikTockBot – downloads any video from TikTok without a watermark, even if the admin has disabled this feature.

YoutubeAudioDownloadBot – download music from Youtube.

Instadowbot – downloads any media files from Instagram.

CreatorMusbot – with it you can create your own music bot without programming. You can use it for commercial purposes (promote it, place your ads in it).

Music download bots

VkMusicXbot – for searching and downloading music from VK. The best of all music bots.

Mixvk_bot is a similar music search bot. It allows you to monitor current hits by genre and play music offline.

Сreatormusbot – music bot constructor. It takes 2 minutes to create your own bot to search for music in Telegram!

Bots for earnings

CryptoAirdrop_robot – complete simple tasks and earn crypto.

SmmFather_bot is the cheapest bot for boosting social media activity. For 1000 subscribers less than 1 dollars. The bot has a 5% partner with which you can earn on the promotion of the bot.

Dating bots

RuAnon_bot – anonymous chat for communication between two random people. A useful bot that will help you find friends or a soul mate.

BridgeofLove_bot – for anonymous communication with different people!

MeetHubBot is another analog of Telegram dating. Fill in your details and you will be able to meet other people.

Talkrubot is a new and improved anonymous chat, where you can find a person of interest thanks to the new “rooms” feature

Bots for downloading books

Aud_books_bot – for searching and listening to audiobooks.

Flibustafreebookbot – searches for books on the Flibusta library.

Bots for searching data about people

GlasBoga_robot is the very Eye of God. The best tool for finding leaked information about people. It will find full name, email, leaked passwords, phone numbers, passport details, car owner’s name by number. Huge database on the CIS.

Poisk_po_nomeru_robot is a search engine for phone numbers and other open source data.

PasswordSearchBot – shows passwords by email address.

Iptools_robot – search for information about the ip address, the owner of the domain and much more. More than 30 search options.

Neuroperson_bot – using neural networks, the bot generates a photo of a non-existent person and his personal data, such as: full name, bank cards, phone number, home address with an index, etc.

Egrul_bot – sends information about Russian companies and individual entrepreneurs.

Useful bots

Username Bot – official telegram bot that restores busy username for your account, public group or channel. It will help when the same username is occupied by you in at least two of these services: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram .

NakrutkaBot – through the bot you can wind up subscribers, likes, coverage, complaints, views in all social networks. I’ve been using it for over a year and it works well.

Siteshot_bot – after sending the link, the bot will send a full screenshot of the web page.

Textsmakebot – will help you make decorative fonts in telegram.

BeNotice_Bot – notifies about the release of new episodes of series or the date of the premiere of the movie.

Сardgen_bot – will generate non-existent bank card details. Useful when you need to link a map to a service.

Tenvsten_bot – organizes cloud storage for your music, video, any files, text and audio notes.

SpamBot is the official bot from Telegram. Helps users with restricted accounts regain full functionality.

Vgifbot – converts video format to GIF.

WhatTheFileBot – Generates a link to any submitted file.

FaceProBot – will turn your photo into an art picture.

My_AdjutantBot – gives out useful guides, checklists and top collections of services for working with various social networks.

DrWebBot – checks the file for viruses. The maximum file size is 25 megabytes.

Perebot – translates from English into Russian. Can be configured to translate in any dialog.

TempMailBot – creates temporary mail.

Bots for telegram admins

BotFather is the only bot that rules over all existing ones. Use it to create and manage your bots.

BaslayBot is a handy deferred posting bot already used by advanced admins. It has all the best of all analogues. For example, when publishing, a bot can apply watermarks to photos and videos. And the content plan contains not only scheduled, but also published posts, so you don’t need to send them from the channel to edit posts.

NotepostBot is another functional posting bot. Its feature is that you can create post templates, set up publishing scripts, connect integration with Notion, Evernote or Google Calendar, collect reaction statistics in Google Sheets.

TrueCheckerBot – allows you to independently count bot users. Guarantor of checking for the real number of active users in someone else’s bot.

Donate is the official bot of the Telegram team. Helps content creators sell subscriptions to private channels.

SMM_Father – assistant SMM manager and channel administrator. It will help to promote and promote your social networks. Displays telegram channels in the top of the search.

Telegraph – can help you log in to, manage your articles and get pageview statistics for any page.

Riddle bot – shows different messages for those who are subscribed and not subscribed to the channel.

MotherSearchBot – Telegram search.

Username_to_id_bot – shows the ID of the account / channel / chat in telegram.

Sharkhelper_bot is a powerful helper for managing groups (chats).

Shark_sale_bot – for selling channels/chats/bots.

Nemilin_bot – organization of a paid subscription to Telegram.

Livegram bot is an ancient feedback bot.

Finefontbot is a font decorator, but with original design options. Useful for posting.

Working with cryptocurrency

CryptoBot is the official bot for buying and selling BitCoin and TONcoin (telegram’s cryptocurrency).

Wallet is the official cryptocurrency wallet from Telegram developers. The wallet is tied to your Telegram account. Only Toncoin and Bitcoin are used.

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I can already guess how many experts and advisers there will be in the comments. Write in the comments what bots you use. I look forward to your criticism, wishes and suggestions!

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