Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal life

Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal life TikTok

Klava Koka is the original pseudonym of the young singer, and it was not chosen by chance. “Coca” used to be called egg yolk. He is associated with a girl with something sunny and cheerful. The star considers her work to be just that – bright and positive.

Real name: Claudia Vadimovna Vysokova

Birthday: July 23, 1996

Place of Birth: Yekaterinburg

Current place of residence: London

Nationality: English

Growth: 170 cm

The weight: 51 kg

eye color: blue

Hair color: blonde, often experimenting with bright colors, especially pinks and blues

Occupation: singer, composer, video blogger, TV presenter

Page in “Tiktok”: https://www.tiktok.com/@klavacoca?lang=ru

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/klavacoca/?hl=ru

Klava Koka is a popular performer who combines the genres of country pop, hip-hop and R’n’B. Fans adore not only her musical creativity, but also her incredible charisma. In addition, Klava Koka boasts a wildly popular TikTok: she now has more than 5.8 million followers. On the channel, the girl dances to her own and other people’s tracks, sings songs without processing, records humorous videos, shares makeup secrets, and tells details related to filming clips.

What is known about the childhood of Claudia Koki from TikTok?

Claudia Vysokova was born in Yekaterinburg. Since childhood, she has developed a warm relationship with her older brother Leo and younger sister Lada. The future singer grew up in a creative family in a musical environment: her parents took care of this. Dad had a huge collection of records by legendary artists: Queen, Beatles, Frank Sinatra. Mom regularly played the piano and sang for the kids.

Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal lifeKlava with family

Klava Koka from an early age could not imagine a day without music, and her tastes were very diverse. She liked both hard rock and light pop. Among the favorite performers of the star are Green Day, Tokio Hotel, Justin Bieber, as well as the English group Ranetki. Since childhood, the girl was fond of not only singing, but also dancing, English, drawing and even fencing. It is important that mom and dad did not put pressure on the child, but allowed the baby to independently choose the direction for further development.

First steps to popularity

At the age of 4, she entered a music school and began to learn to play the piano, and then the guitar and even drums. In the near future, the talented Klava headed the jazz choir. Together with him, the girl regularly participated in competitions, including abroad.

From the age of 8, the future singer began recording cover versions of popular songs by fashion artists and composing her own songs. After another 4 years, Claudia posted her first track Cuz I See on the Internet:

We can say that it was with this composition that her popularity began.

At the same time, the Vysokov family moved to London. Here the teenage girl has even more opportunities to become famous. She did not miss a single chance to participate in creative competitions, to act in commercials and as extras. Once the girl worked as a singer in a luxurious restaurant. At the same time, she worked as a promoter and salesperson in a toy store.

Education of Claudia Koki

After graduating from school, Klavdia Vysokova set a goal – to enter the London State Institute of Cinematography on a budgetary basis. Unfortunately, she did not succeed, because only one point in the exam was not enough. The singer did not want to spend an extra year just like that, and she began her studies at the Academy of National Economy. It is known that the girl successfully graduated from it.

Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal life

Klava Koka: on the way to glory

In 2012, Klava Koka reached the final of the TV show “I am an artist”, where she sang a lyric song:

An even greater victory awaited the girl at the competition a little later, namely on the TV show “Factor A”. The future idol of youth not only became one of the 6 best participants, but also received a compliment from Alla Pugacheva herself. The girl did not win the competition, but this did not stop her.

Of course, on the creative path of Claudia there were serious disappointments. After the release of her debut album “Cousteau”, the girl went to the “X-factor”. She presented 2 songs to the attention of the judges: “My Wanderer” (Allegrova) and “I will never forget you” (Kuzmina).

The judges rated the first song quite highly, especially Irina Allegrova herself liked it. But with the second composition came a complete failure. The audience accepted the song very kindly, and the jury – quite the contrary. Diana Arbenina immediately told the girl her “steel no”. Allegrova said that she regretted that after the first song she said “yes” to the young singer. Leontiev even called the performance “helpless”. Nikolai Noskov advised Klava to sing for friends and parents and never go on stage again. I wonder what these great judges would now say to a popular singer who gathers entire stadiums at her concerts? 😊

Many other creative people would have abandoned all their undertakings after what they heard, but definitely not Klava. She was worried and even cried, but decided to prove to the whole world that she deserved to become a real star.

Klava Koka in Black Star

Almost immediately after the humiliating show, the girl was selected for the Young Blood contest. She was very attracted by the main prize – a contract with the Black Star production center. And this time, luck smiled at her: the rising star won! The girl is sure that the label’s management appreciated her unusual timbre of voice and dissimilarity to other participants. At the same time, 3 days before the performance, she had to change the song. An excerpt with the performance of Claudia can be viewed at 16 minutes.

The victory was not easy for the girl: she had to go through 6 severe trials. Claudia gathered the audience at a street concert, gave a live interview on the radio, did a provocative photo shoot with a real snake, put together a fashionable look on a limited budget. Interestingly, in one of the assignments, her experience as a salesperson also came in handy.

In a recent interview for Evening Urgant, Klava said that she loves Black Star because they never push her into strict limits.

Brilliant musical career of Claudia

Shortly after signing a contract with Black Star, Klava Koka released her debut single “May”, and then a video for this song. The audience appreciated not only the vocal abilities of the singer, but also the spring atmosphere of the video. The audience also liked the fact that the song is saturated with an atmosphere of romance. Neither in the track itself, nor in the video there is a hint of vulgarity, which is often present in the videos of youth idols.

In 2017, Klava Koka starred in a joint video with Yegor Creed, Lyusya Chebotina and Maryana Ro. The song “I’m tired” is dedicated to the difficulties in the relationship between a guy and a girl: an annoying fan just got her with his increased attention. In the video, the girl has already appeared before the audience in her current stage image.

Claudia quickly realized that joint videos with top musicians had a positive effect on her popularity, and soon posted a video on her YouTube channel with Luis Fonsi, the performer of the incendiary track Despacito.

Soon Klava recorded another joint performance with Olga Buzova. The video quickly gained over 2 million views:

2020 has become the most productive year in the singer’s musical career (of course, according to information at the moment, many new heights lie ahead for her). Among the most popular works of Klava is the song and the video “I don’t give a fuck”, which came out almost on New Year’s Eve. The girl recorded this work together with Morgenstern, which led to the spread of rumors about a love affair between the performers. According to Claudia, this is not so, but the guys are friends. Alisher helped her reveal her femininity, get rid of her fear of provocative and bold images. Now she is not even embarrassed by frank kisses on camera.

While the fans were puzzled over whether there was a relationship between their idols, Klava blew up the audience with the song and the video “Left the chat”, which became a real hit.

In June 2020, fans waited for another musical masterpiece from their favorite performer. This time Klava Koka sang along with Niletto. The clip was made in the spirit of the legendary games GTA and Counter-Strike.

3 days after the publication, “Crash” found himself in the TOP of the Vkontakte chart, in addition, he is still at the peak of popularity on TikTok. According to the performers, “crash” is an intermediate stage in a relationship, when love goes into decline and is replaced by mutual hostility.

More recently, Klava pleased the listeners with a joint track and video with HENSY. “Bonfire” is a truly autumn song that warms you from the very first seconds of sounding.

Personal life of Claudia Vysokova

Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal life

Nothing is known for certain about the romantic side of the singer’s life. She was credited with an affair with Alisher, and with Dima Bilan, and with Anatoly Tsoi, and with Yegor Creed. As for the latter, the network even started a rumor that he forced the girl to terminate the pregnancy. Claudia laughs at such inventions and says that under no circumstances would she agree to such a thing.

Klava Koka and Dima GordeyKlava Koka and Gordey

For Klava, the ideal partner should be a wise, honest and creative person.

There is a possibility that at the moment Klava is dating Dima Gordey. They carefully hide the novel from the public.

Klava Koki’s earnings in TikTok

Of course, the singer receives most of her income through her musical activities, but popularity on social networks also bears fruit. Calculate the approximate earnings of a star using a calculator:

Klava Koka: musical career, TikTok, personal life

It turns out that for one commercial for TikTok, Klava Koka can receive from 700 to 1800 dollars.

According to an unofficial source, the average income of a singer on YouTube can reach 526 thousand *** a month.

Klava Koka from TikTok: facts

  • in the 8th grade of the school, the girl attended courses at a culinary college;
  • while still signing documents at school, Klava told teachers that she would have such a signature when she became famous and signed autographs for fans;
  • Claudia Koka does not believe that she initially has a good and outstanding voice: she is sure that she achieved everything with perseverance and faith in herself;
  • at the very first casting of Black Star in 2014, the girl was refused;
  • Klava does not really like being called a video blogger, because she has been developing in this area for only a few years, and devoted almost her entire conscious life to music;
  • one of Klava’s most daring works is the song and video “In love with MDK”. The video shows a cutting of stories from Instagram.
  • in 2018, Klava Koka became the host of the Eagle and Tails travel television program;
  • Klava Koka prefers vegetarian food. She cares about her health and does not eat unhealthy foods.
  • Now you know a lot of interesting facts from the biography of Klava Koka, so if you wish, you can share the information with your friends. Be sure to visit our website to regularly read informative articles about your idols!

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