Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts TikTok

Blogger Xabi Leim is a charismatic black guy whose popularity on TikTok is rapidly gaining momentum. As of the beginning of this month, “TikTok’s top anti-lifehacker” had 87 million followers. At the time of publication of the article, more than 10 million fans were added to this number.

Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

In July, Leim became the second most subscribed blogger on Tik Tok, with Charlie Damelio in first place. The main reason for Khabi’s popularity is funny videos in which he watches people complicating ordinary things with sarcasm and sincere bewilderment. The guy not only shows viewers that not all fashion hacks can be trusted, but also attracts fans with his funny reaction.

Early childhood and youth of Xabi Leim

Habi was born in the poor Republic of Senegal, West Africa, on March 9, 2000. A year later, the family moved to Italy in the commune of Chivasso, where the young man still lives. Interestingly, the blogger still has a Senegalese passport, not an Italian one, and is actively involved in paperwork in the hope of resolving the issue. According to Xabi, the difficulties are due to the fact that he is not a native of Italy.

Northern Italy 🇮🇹 Chivasso town (commune) Piedmont region - YouTubeChivasso, the city where Xabi lives

The TikTok anti-lifehacker does not particularly spread about his family. It is known that his childhood was happy, the atmosphere in the house
– benevolent and favorable. Italian sources write that Habi’s father is an entrepreneur, and his mother is a housewife. The guy has brothers and sisters, but their names are also not reported to the media. The family is Muslim.

As for hobbies during his school years, Leim enjoyed filming game videos. Perhaps the idea of ​​​​becoming a vlogger is connected with this hobby. In addition, as a teenager, he played football, basketball, and took part in competitions.

How Khaby Lame got hold of TikTok – News BlockXabi boasts an athletic physique

After leaving school, Xabi could not afford to continue his studies at an expensive college. In order not to depend on his parents, he went to the factory and became a CNC machine operator.

How Xabi Leim left the factory and became a TOP blogger

We all know how much the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of mankind, and not for the better. But the dismissal from the factory, associated with a strict quarantine in Italy, was the impetus for further development for Xabi Leim. Finding himself in a difficult financial situation, the guy first recorded “videos like everyone else”, but they were not very popular. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the videos were signed in Italian. As you can see, the videos were filmed in a modest parental apartment:

And here is the very first such video that Leim filmed:

Xabi began to develop his own branded theme only in April 2021, and from that moment he gained tremendous popularity.

TOP 7 coolest videos made by Xabi Leim

Consider the 7 most famous videos from Khabi and together with him we will be surprised, let’s say, at the naivety and confusion of people 😉

  • One of the funniest videos, according to followers, was ridiculing the useless “life hack” with a glass:
  • Then Habi amused subscribers with a funny reaction to a video in which some guy breaks a cup to get a medical mask out of it. Why make it so difficult? 😊
  • No less fans were “hooked” by the video in which the author of the “original” peels a banana … with a kitchen cleaver. So I want to make a “hand-face”! Instead, Khabi simply opens a banana to the camera in the usual way, with expressive facial expressions and a signature gesture:
  • Yes, sometimes you can’t find anything on the net! The girl in the video pulls out a roll of toilet paper to start tearing off the paper… from the inside. Just Spanish shame – this is exactly the reaction from Xabi.
  • And after this video, I just want to say to Khabi: “Thank you, Cap!” The author of the “original” noticed that his clothes were pinched by the car door, and for some reason cut his T-shirt. It’s amazing where only Xabi Leim finds such masterpieces.
  • The further, the merrier! This time the blogger had to “teach” the girl who is chasing the guy how to open the door. It turns out that in this case it was simply not necessary to block it with your foot …
  • Habi Leim did not forget to go through very strange “culinary life hacks”. The blogger reacted very violently to the proposal of the author of the video to make pizza with sour marmalade for children, showing the correct recipe for Italian pizza to the Italian anthem. The guy clearly urges people not to mock their national dish:
  • What else does antilifehacker do

    Xabi Leim stands for the constant development of his business. At the moment he is actively involved in collaborations. For example, in the campaign of the Barilla brand, the guy demonstrated how to eat rigatoni correctly, under a cover of the Funkytown song by Lipps Inc:

    By the way, it was a global flash mob invented by Jimmy Rules. He invited the participants to eat a serving of rigatoni on May 24, 2021.

    Khaby Lame posed as a model for a magazine before becoming famousKhabi as a model

    In addition, Xabi Leim regularly works as a model for various articles. In his free time, the guy prefers to meet friends and travel in a big company.

    Xabi Leim’s earnings in Tik Tok

    In order not to throw big words about earnings, we decided to calculate the income for ads on the page @ khaby.lame using the TikTok Money Calculator [Influencer Engagement & Earnings Estimator]. So, now the vlogger has more than 86 million subscribers, the average number of likes per video is 7 million, and the high level of engagement is 7.47%. Thus, the cost of an advertising publication can be more than 95 thousand dollars.

    Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

    Instagram blogger earnings

    Tik Tok is not the only platform where Leim actively shares exciting content. He has 32.3 million followers on Instagram. Let’s calculate the income of @khaby00 using the Instagram Influencer Sponsored Post Money Calculator service:

    Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

    It turns out that for 1 commercial, Xabi Leim can get almost the same amount as in Tik Tok – up to 95.6 thousand dollars.

    Personal life of a star

    Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, factsXabi Leim and Zaira Nucci

    As mentioned above, Xabi Leim is laconic, but still the public managed to find out the facts about his personal life. About a month ago, information appeared on the network about the engagement of a guy with 19-year-old Zaira Nucci. The reason was the story of the engagement ring on the finger of the chosen one.

    Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

    It is known that the couple met on the Internet: the blogger replied to Zaire’s story in October 2020. After a short correspondence, communication temporarily stopped. Then they met by chance in the city, she approached him and Habi asked the girl out on a date.

    Zaira Nucci also leads an active life on social networks, however, she has only 162 thousand followers on Instagram – on the page The topic of the blog is lifestyle. The girl loves to publish photos of nature, the beauty also shares her travel impressions and romantic moments with her lover.

    Interesting facts about Xabi Leim

    Despite some closeness of the guy, we managed to find some facts about him:

  • guy’s height – 185 cm;
  • according to the sign of the Zodiac – Pisces;
  • his full name is Habane Leim;
  • the branded “trick” of the video is that Khabi is usually silent on them, his facial expressions and gestures speak for themselves, moreover, they are understandable to viewers of any nationality;
  • despite the huge income, Khabi is a simple and sincere guy, he often even laughs at the “lifeless” bloggers, for whom a whole team of experts comes up with videos;
  • still Leim remains a football fan, his favorite team is Juventus;
  • at the end of May, one of the guy’s dreams came true – he appeared at the Juventus stadium in Turin and even … cut an apple for the legendary striker Alessandro Del Piero:
  • Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

  • Khabi has very noble plans – he wants to buy a luxurious and comfortable house, which his mother always dreamed of;
  • of cars, the young man prefers Range Rover and G-Wagon (Gelik).
  • Khaby Lame on Tik Tok: biography, earnings, facts

    The story of Xabi is a great example of how a creative and purposeful person can become famous without huge start-up investments and “connections”. Does the biography of the top Tik Tok blogger motivate you? What surprises do you think he will bring to fans in the future? Share your opinions and get motivated in the comments!

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