Interview with blogger Mary Ferliy from TikTok

Interview with blogger Mary Ferliy from TikTok TikTok

On the site, we constantly post articles about TikTok celebrities with a million audience, but do not forget that our idols could not always boast of such a number of followers. Success comes gradually, and today we have a unique opportunity to observe the growing popularity of the Ukrainian blogger Mary.Ferliy. More than 18 thousand people follow the girl’s page, and this figure is increasing every day! We decided to interview Masha to get to know the blogger better and find out what her future plans are for promotion on TikTok.

Let’s start with the banal, but without it, nowhere, fans are very interested in such information 😊 Tell us a little about yourself: your real name, age, what do you do and enjoy besides TikTok?

My name is Masha (Maria), I’m 13 years old, I’m still in school. In addition to TikTok, I am fond of horse riding and music.

Your little sister often appears in your videos, it turns out very cool! How do your parents feel about the TikTok hobby?

Interview with blogger Mary Ferliy from TikTokMasha with her sister

Positively! My mother also has her own blog on social networks, and she already has more than one thousand subscribers. She supports me in everything, so we don’t have any disagreements about the TikTok hobby.

It’s great when the closest people have a positive attitude towards your work! We are wondering how the idea to shoot videos for TikTok came about? Maybe someone or something inspired you?

It all started with Laika.

For reference: Likee is a global video sharing platform, a social network like TikTok. Basically, this application is preferred by children.

Yes, I really like Dasha Koreika.

Our celebrity has a very unusual idol. Under the pseudonym Dasha Koreika, the video is uploaded not by a girl, but by a guy – Maxim Matveev, who has established himself as a freak. In his videos, the young man often wears women’s clothing. Maxim earned popularity thanks to his charisma, high voice, lean physique, ability to transform and the absolute absence of complexes. It is known that the guy graduated from 9 classes and so far is not going to study further, because the blog brings him sufficient income. It’s funny that grandmother and other relatives constantly appear in Dasha Koreika’s video.

Do you remember your first videos? What were they about?

Of course! At first, I recorded the video without my participation. Basically, these videos were devoted to fashion trends, interesting facts for the audience. I mounted them using a special program.

It’s great that you regularly shoot videos with good deeds: you help homeless animals, delight children with sweets. Do you plan to develop this section in the future?

Yes, I love this section. Unfortunately, at the moment I have lost my phone and so far I cannot please the followers with high-quality videos. In the near future I will definitely solve this issue and surprise fans with original ideas!

What topics do you enjoy shooting on the most?

I love a variety of topics. This is helping children and animals, stylish bows and fashionable mistakes, as well as provocative videos, a la pranks.

And with what, perhaps, there are difficulties during the shooting?

I am not always happy with how I look in the frame, it takes a lot of time to prepare the image. It often happens that I shoot the same thing for 15 takes, and then it bothers me, and I generally refuse to shoot this video.

What are your plans for further development in TikTok?

I am very determined: I will develop my account until I achieve the desired popularity! Even some difficulties and unforeseen circumstances will not prevent me from achieving my goal.

This is very commendable! And now more about your blog. The commercials often feature shoes and clothing from Nike, Levi’s and other brands. What style do you prefer? Would you like to try yourself as a fashion blogger?

I really really want to try myself as a fashion blogger. One of my fashion videos has over 160 thousand views, this result is very motivating! In life, I like to wear provocative outfits: I like the style of punks, goths, freaks. If you want to dress as comfortably as possible, I will choose oversized. Sometimes, depending on the mood, I can try on an image from the 90s.

You have a very slim figure, do you probably go in for sports? If yes, then how?

Nature gave me a slender figure, I can eat my favorite food and not gain weight at all. In addition, as I said, I regularly go in for equestrian sports.

You said you were into music. Can you give more details?

Music is my second life, I can’t imagine a day without it. I can play drums, guitar, ukulele, now I’m learning to play the piano.

Lastly, please share some of your favorite songs with our readers so they can update their playlist 😊.

Interview with blogger Mary Ferliy from TikTokMary Ferliy in a new goth look

I have quite specific musical tastes. I mainly like rock music, both classical and modern. An example of what I like:

The Cranberries — Zombie

Viktor Tsoi – Blood type

Red mold — Anthem of Pankov

We thank Masha for participating in our interview and sincerely wish you success in conquering TikTok!

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