Instructions: how to turn on the flash on Tik Tok

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Tik Tok is used by almost 1 billion people, but not everyone knows how to turn on the flash on Tik Tok. There are a number of other features that users have not mastered yet. But today is not about that.

At the beginning of the 21st century, humanity has taken more photographs than ever before. This is thanks to our handy smartphones. When it comes to taking photos and videos, more consumers are reaching into their pockets instead of their camera bags, according to new research.

Photo and video cameraCamera and pocket camcorder

People seem very happy when they feel that their phone’s flash can illuminate the subject well. However, flash is not always useful on Tik Tok.

In fact, most famous tiktokers will advise against using flash. It is also important to know when to use and when not to use.

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  • How to turn on the flash in Tik Tok on the rear camera

    Turn on flash on tik tokFlash on the back of the smartphone

    To use flashlight while recording a 15 second clip on the main camera, follow a few simple steps:

    one. Log in to the app on your smartphone or tablet.

    2. To switch to recording mode, click on the cross.

    Recording mode iconEntering Recording Mode

    3. In the right menu, select the last icon in the form of a crossed out lightning bolt.

    Turn on flash on tik tokActivate the flash

    4. Click on Flashlight and the backlight of the main camera will turn on.

    Main camera lightBacklight of the main camera

    5. Now that you know how to turn on the flash on Tik Tok, start recording videos, add text, effects and stickers.

    Video recording start buttonStart recording clip with flash

    How to enable front flash on tik tok

    front flashFront Flash

    Tiktokers record more videos on the front camera. It is so convenient to work with a selfie stick and take pictures of yourself.

    one.Login to the platform to record short videos.

    2. Go to recording.

    3. At the bottom right, click on the crossed out lightning bolt.

    4. From the top, click on the icon for changing the camera from back to front. The LED light will turn on automatically. When the mode is disabled, then there will be no flash when recording a video.

    Instructions: how to turn on the flash on Tik Tok


    Questions about Tik TokQuestions and answers about Tik Tok

    Question: How to add friends on TikTok by ID?

    Answer: Enter your TikTok username/ID in the search field, then select “follow” the user with that ID.

    Question: How to block ads?

    Answer: AdLock is a multifunctional ad blocker that works with Android and Windows OS. First, it will block pop-ups, banners, videos, or cryptocurrency ads. Secondly, Adlock will hide sensitive data, check for malicious links, and warn you about errors and viruses. Thirdly, the program saves battery power.

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