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Updates in the Play Market TikTok

Don’t be afraid, be bolder, ask – How to make a poll on Tik Tok? For the demand is not hit in the nose. After reading the short instructions, you can learn more. Subscribers will see that you are ready to discuss any issues and their number will increase by 10,000 times.

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  • Instructions – how to do

  • Checking the results

  • Why is this feature needed?

    How to use

  • Summing up

  • Questions

  • The Tik Tok app allows you to ask questions quickly and for free. The answer will be Yes or No, Like/Dislike, Good/Bad, Will/Won’t be and many others.

    How to do a survey – instructions

    one. Go to Play Market or App Store. This is done to check for updates for TikTok on smartphone, tablet. The version with which you can do surveys in the application must be at least 11.7.3

    Updates in the Play MarketCheck for Tik Tok updates in the Play Store

    2. Turn on the application and switch to shooting mode.

    3. Add cool sound and click on record video.

    4. At the end of the recording, click on the icon in the form of a folded emoticon – Stickers and then Poll.

    Sticker function selection Sticker function

    Poll - poll in Tik TokChoose Poll

    5. Ask a question. Question length is limited to 40 characters. You can also add text to the poll.

    6. Change the volume and position of the text as you like. Editing is allowed before the clip is posted for 15 or 60 seconds.

    Adding Poll Text to Tik TokEnter text up to 40 characters and add effects

    7. Before posting, add special effects, poll background, add emoji.

    Inserting pictures for the survey is not yet available. It’s a matter of time. You can make a poll on Tik Tok with pictures in a slide show. Download the survey, it does not work. The video is saved on the smartphone, but without the Poll sticker.

    eight. Publish.

    Instructions - how to make a poll on TikTokPublished video in Tik Tok

    How to check the results

    Voting data will be available immediately after publication. The response time is stretched from 1 to 24 hours. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get answers right away. Let users think.

  • In the profile, find the published video and open it.
  • Click on the survey and go to the results view. See who answered yes or no. The avatar and the name of the user who voted are displayed.
  • Checking Poll Responses on Tik TokCheck the voting results

    The poll will remain available until you delete this video.

    To find out who visited your account, read a short instruction HERE

    Why do it?

    The main thing is to get information about the audience that was attracted. So it got stuck. These people will visit your profile again. The robot that manages the application will see that there is activity on the publications and will raise videos in recommendations.

    Don’t know what video clips and what music your subscribers want to see? Don’t guess, ask directly. You have everything for this.

    Instructions - how to make a poll on TikTokUnderstand what you will do with the received data

    Based on the data obtained, build relationships with people and satisfy their desires. The result will be such that it will not just be followers, but people who influence the approach of your person to the podium of fame.

    Set up a PRO account on TikTok for free and analyze your own and subscribers’ actions HERE

    How to use poll in Tik Tok?

    Play with users in an easy and unpretentious survey. They will have to choose one correct answer. It will hook, and they will want to test their erudition. The task is to ask a cool question that will arouse the interest of 100,000 people.

    Need an answer to a question on Tik TokAsk a question

    The Believe/Don’t Believe game is a good way to chat with tiktokers. They will be interested in identifying a controversial fact from your life. Let users try to guess if it’s true or not. Try to post the correct answer from you no later than the next day.

    I don't believe in Tik TokI believe/I don’t believe


    Polls on TikTok are an important tool for communicating with followers. Without these people, the account will look suspended. Constant interaction with tiktokers gives:

  • Opinion about the clips that were filmed.
  • Implement the wishes of the main audience.
  • Involvement in the discussion of topics.
  • Analyze people’s reactions to your video work.
  • Determination of points of growth.
  • The result of the analysis of the poll in TikTokWhat does a TikTok poll give?

    Be an open person. Do not be afraid of criticism and discuss more.

    Be easieropen man


    Answers on questionsQuestions about Tik Tok

    Question: What to do if the Stickers button is missing?

    Answer: Make sure the Tik Tok app is up to date. Go to the Play Market or App Store and click Update.

    Question: Where is the verification code sent on Tik Tok?

    Answer: A confirmation code is sent to the registered phone number or e-mail during registration.

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