Instructions: how to find out who your guests are on Tik Tok

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Everyone wants to have superpowers, right? When it comes to social media, all we care about is who viewed our profile? In this guide, you will find out who your guests are on Tik Tok. My lover, my friend or girlfriend, did any of my family members look at my profile?

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  • How to see guests on Tik Tok

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  • A guide on how to become popular on Tik Tok was recently published. Get to know him.

    Unlike other social media platforms, Tik Tok has placed a separate section within the app’s interface. Here you can check which Tik Tok guests visited your account. When, for example, I logged into your account, you will receive a notification of my visit only tomorrow.

    How to see who your guests are on Tik Tok

    one. First, open the Tik Tok app.

    If you do not know how to install the application on your Android, iOS device or register, do it with us.

    2. Find the square message icon in the lower right corner (second from the right).

    See who is on Tik TokAccount activity button

    All activity on your account will be available.

    Your account statisticsYour information Tik Tok

    inbox are guests on Tik Tok

    Tik Tok guest dataVisit statistics and profiles of other users who visited your account


    Guests on Tik Tok left likesPage to view all left likes on your videos


    Guests on Tik Tok left comments Page to view all the comments left on your videos


    Guests on Tik Tok talk about you The page where mentions of you are posted


    All new subscribers Tab to view new subscribers

    3. Click on the first notification, which will open the full list of visitors. The notification consists of small photos of people who visited you, and then there will be an inscription “and many others checked your profile yesterday / many others checked your profile yesterday”.

    Your guests on Tik TokThe group of users who visited your profile

    Go to each guest, one at a time. It can be friends or people who are interested in clips.

    Subscribers of your account will be happy if you send them a video message thanking them for their support. Create an unusual video message by inserting text into the clip. Use free instructions on how to add text to Tik Tok.


    Question and answerAnswers to questions about Tik Tok

    Question: Do Tik Tok pay money?

    Answer 1: Tik Tok itself does not pay out any funds to the creators of the clips. It’s a matter of time. An affiliate program like YouTube has not yet been created. YouTube pays ad revenue to content creators.

    Answer 2: Tiktokers make money with audience-generated coins/emoji, sell their own products, and partner with brands. TikTok takes a commission from coins.

    Question: When is the best time to post videos?

    Answer: Probably on weekdays, at night or during people’s free time from work, for example, at lunchtime from 12 to 13. On weekends from 8 to 11 pm.

    Question: What are the disadvantages of the program?


    1. The application is misused.
    2. Videos of a dubious nature and without meaning are created.
    3. Some clips and advertisements contain inappropriate content, such as violence or sexual scenes.
    4. Age restrictions are poorly regulated, so some of the users are minors. Management tries to deal with these problems and gradually eliminates them.

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