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Functions for changing text in Tik Tok TikTok

Tik Tok is a new application of the 21st century, corresponding to this time. Various effects are available to users. Now you can safely create non-standard content. The main thing is that it will be the author’s video. Despite the variety of filters and clip editing features, users have been limited in their ability to add text to Tik Tok videos all this time.

Inventive tiktokers wrote on sheets of paper, pasted messages to themselves. Some users even use special video editing programs outside of the Tik Tok app to add posts to the video frame.

The era of clean sheets is over, a new round in the development of the platform has come – text. Now it’s easier to create videos with text content. The developers have created an editing function with different font and letter color changing effects.

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  • Control Panel

    Additional features

  • Add Text to Tik Tok

  • Questions

  • Opportunities in editing and signature mode

  • Fill change.
  • Align left, right, or center.
  • Font selection.
  • Color selection.
  • Functions for changing text in Tik TokText editing mode in Tik Tok

    Available fonts on Tik Tok

    1. Classic – Classic

    Classic font add to Tik TokChoosing a classic font

    2. Typewriter – Printable

    Print font add to Tik TokSelecting a print font

    3. Handwriting – handwritten

    Handwritten text font in tik tokHandwriting selection

    4. Neon – with neon illumination

    Neon font add to Tik TokChoosing a neon font

    Borders and icons around the sticker

  • Pencil – switch to signature editing mode.
  • Arrows – zoom in/out or move the sticker to any part of the screen.
  • Clock – choose the time when the post will appear and disappear.
  • Cross – close the sticker (complete deletion of the entered words).
  • Screen EditingAdditional editorial features

    By holding a signature with your finger, you can move it to the basket in one motion

    Delete textHidden post delete feature

    How to add text to Tik Tok

    If you’re going to record a 15 or 60 second clip then go for it. When the video is ready, start editing. Of course, use the new trick – adding a post to Tik Tok.

    one. At the bottom of the screen, tap the capital-and-small Aa icon. The on-screen keyboard will open. Will be available, fonts and color effects.

    Selecting the Add Text FunctionIcon for adding text to video

    2. Enter a phrase or word.

    Typing on Tik TokType in the text you want

    3. Choose a color and font.

    Choose color and fontChoice of color and font

    4. Change the size and location of the caption within the screen.

    Post location and sizeChoosing the location and size of the text

    5. Touch the text sticker. Choose when the post will appear and when it will disappear. A timeline will appear where you specify the desired start and end mark for the demonstration.

    Choose the time of the postSelecting a time period for displaying text

    Apply filters, effects, stickers and change the playback speed. Post a clip

    The result of the workAs a result, you get a video with text

    How to add text to Tik Tok is no longer a question. In the application, this is the simplest action, but what an effective one for promoting an account. It can be short phrases, words or sentences of four or more words. The more and more often users demand from developers. The more they will be given functions in the future. Communication is always the result.


    Questions section on Tik TokAnswers to questions about Tik Tok

    Question: I have duets turned on, but when people try to create a collaborative clip, the system tells them “Duet has been disabled by the user.” Why and how can I fix it?

    Answer: Make sure that duets are enabled not only in the privacy settings, but also in the video settings.

    Question: How do I insert a photo at the end of a clip?

    Answer: To do this, you will need third-party editing software. TikTok allows you to combine many photos or videos, but not both at the same time.

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