Instructing: how to get and spend coins on Tik Tok?

Coins in Tik Tok chest TikTok

If you are new to TikTok or trying to get your head around the app. This guide will tell you how to get coins on Tik Tok and why you need them. Consider how to buy and cash out safely. Process at a glance.

The guide will not contain methods for hacking the application system for profit. Hackers offer services for instant money hacking Tik Tok. 100% of such applications are successfully blocked by the security system and fall under sanctions. The use of such programs leads to the blocking of your TikTok account.

Earn honestly


  • Why coins are needed

  • How to buy coins

  • We spend coins rationally

  • Convert virtual money to real

    We withdraw money to the card

  • Questions

  • Why do you need coins in Tik Tok

    Tik Tok Coins is an in-app currency paid with real money. You can buy emoji or diamonds (Diamonds) by paying with virtual money. Thus, you thank the authors for the video for 15 seconds and express sympathy.

    Coins in Tik Tok chestWhat to do with coins in Tik Tok?

    Coins differ in value, which depends on the exchange rate. 2 months already, as the price for 100 coins has stabilized at around $0.99. The maximum amount to purchase is 10,000 coins for $100. The initial cost in 2018 is $1.29 per 100 coins.

    Buying coins

    To learn how to buy Tik Tok coins, follow this guide:

  • Open the app and go to your profile.
  • Choose an icon Settings in the upper right corner there are three dots.
  • My wallet
    from the popup menu.
  • Select the desired quantity in the left column. The price is displayed in dollars, on the right in the red rectangle.
  • Confirm your purchase on the next page. Here you check the purchase in the same way as usual, using a plastic card, Touch ID, Samsung Pay.
  • Buying coins on Tik TokWallet in Tik Tok. Buying coins

    Purchased coins are added to the amount in the online wallet. Use coins as you see fit and whenever you want. Decide for yourself what you need, you can save and not convert.

    100 coins in Tik Tok walletBalance replenished Purchase Tik Tok coins

    How to spend

    Once you have bought Tik Tok coins, they are stored in an online wallet and can be used within the video platform. Non-refundable, like most virtual items.

    Similar things may have been seen before in the Twitch app as a tip (gift)

    When you like how the video and the plot are recorded, give the author a certain amount – tips (tips). Buy an emoji or a diamond as a thank you. The more gifts you give, the more your name will be in the public eye. So you will quickly become popular and get a response from other users.

    An excellent way of feedback, with subscribers, stimulating fruitful work. This technique encourages the audience to spend money on gifts for you.

    How to cash out virtual coins on Tik Tok

    You have created some cool videos on TikTok and it has attracted a lot of followers. Watching your videos, fans supported with coins, and some with emoticons.

  • 200 diamonds = $1
  • 1 diamond costs 0.5 cents US
  • 100 coins cost $0.99
  • Diamond converter200 diamonds convert to $1 real currency

    All gifts received are converted into diamonds

    Accumulated more than $100 – 10,000 coins in the wallet. Now you want to get them on the map? How to read further in the instructions.

    Funds transfer rules

    Tik Tok sends funds only to the accounts of the PayPal payment system linked to the account. You will have to register an account if you don’t have one. When you register, make sure that the information entered is correct.

    Working with money online A simple and secure way to pay online

    Check your credit card details and residential address. Problems will arise, you are the only one responsible for the information entered. Better to avoid mistakes than to regret later.

  • Minimum payouts of $100
  • This means that you cannot withdraw less than $100. TikTok will accept your withdrawal request. There must be more than $100 on the wallet balance.

    When your content isn’t making a lot of money, wait a few days/weeks for the money to accumulate. Then take it out.

  • The maximum daily limit is $1000
  • You can only withdraw $1,000 once every 24 hours from your online wallet to your PayPal account. When the balance is $3400, you will have to divide the withdrawal into four days. The first three are $1,000, and the fourth is $400. This may be a little inconvenient. Those are the rules.


  • Open the app.
  • Go to profile settings.
  • Click Wallet.
  • My Rewards – My rewards (gifts).
  • Press the red button – Withdraw funds. The transfer will be activated when enough diamonds have been accumulated.
  • Transfer to moneyThe withdrawal of funds from the Tik Tok Day wallet belongs to you. Read the instructions on how to start making money on Tik Tok

    Questions about coins in Tik Tok

    Questions about Tik TokQuestions about coins in Tik Tok

    Question: What is the price of transferring funds from TikTok Wallet to PayPal?

    Answer: The TikTok app will not charge you any transfer fees. But PayPal will. Depending on the country in which the account is registered, PayPal may charge up to 3.8% of the amount on each transfer. Transactions over $500 will be charged up to 2.5%. You will also have to pay $5 for a transfer from a PayPal account to a bank account.

    Question: How long does it take to transfer money from Tik Tok?

    Answer: Don’t count on the money you have on Tik Tok. The withdrawal transaction takes from 15 to 21 business days. This is for security reasons.

    Question: I have problems with the withdrawal of funds, what should I do?

    Answer: For all questions, contact the support service at [email protected]

    Read the instructions on how to upgrade your account and increase views by 75%

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