Installing Tik Tok on a computer – step by step instructions

Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructions TikTok

Among the huge number of free applications on PC or phones, Tik Tok is very popular today, which has useful tricks at its disposal. This service used to be called Millions of users log into Tik Tok every day and spend a lot of time there, which indicates a certain level of fame.

What is this free online TikTok app

This is a trendy, fast-growing service that allows you to shoot and upload a small video, mount any music to it, which you can take from the huge audio library offered, and then put it on the Web for online viewing.

Users can apply effects, apply filters, just like in Instagram. After publication in the profile, the video is available to all registered people who have the right to watch it, comment on it or become the creator’s followers.

The company initially developed Tik Tok for smartphones on the Android or iOS platform. Because of this, a full-fledged licensed computer version does not exist. Where to find and how to safely download Tik Tok on PC, you will learn in our material.

Is it possible to download the English version to a computer for free

One of the ways to install the program on a stationary device or laptop is a method that involves the involvement of third-party software.

Download Android emulator for PC

There are Blue Stacks or Andy emulators (APK version), with their help you can download the official version of Tik Tok on your device:

  • You can find and download Andy or BlueStacks for Mac or Microsoft from English torrents. After installation, you will see a window on the device screen that resembles a standard Android interface.

    Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructionsGetting Started Installing BlueStacks

  • Then, in the list of available applications, select “Play Market” (App Store) to download Tik Tok.

    Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructionsPlay store

  • Then the standard authorization window in Google will be displayed. If you have your own Gmail account, select the active “Existing” button and click on it. If this is your first time in this service, click “New” and register in a couple of clicks.

    Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructionsLogin to google account

  • Specifying an e-mail address, confirming login and password will complete the initialization process.
  • After a successful login, enter the Tik Tok application itself in the search bar

    Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructionsSearch Tik Tok through the emulator

  • The search engine will give you information on downloading tiktok and you just need to install it by clicking on the button

    Installing Tik Tok on a computer - step by step instructionsInstall TikTok

  • To install Tik Tok on a PC via Andy or BlueStacks, click the “Install” button. After a couple of moments, the application is ready to go. You’ll be able to run it just like you would on an Android or iPhone, but with the convenience of a PC mouse and keyboard.

    Download to a Windows XP computer

    The only limitation is that the Microsoft operating system must be at least Windows 7. Developers have not released updates for this OS for a long time, so they do not support new programs. Installing the emulator here is also not possible.

    Download Tik Tok in Play Store

    Download to PC Windows 7

    To download the program to the “seven”, you need to have a system unit that meets the following characteristics:

  • RAM – 4 GB;
  • RAM – approximately 6 GB;
  • processor frequency – from 2.2 GHz;
  • space for files – at least 9 GB.
  • The emulator running the resource requires Administrator privileges.

    Download to Windows 10 computer

    Download the archive with the installation files of the selected service. Download BlueStacks. Double click to activate it. When the application is ready to go, go to the emulator and start the social network using the icon.

    Download to a computer with an iOS operating system

    To download a social network on a Macintosh, you need to carry out the same manipulations as in the Windows operating system. The only difference is that you need a Nox Application emulator.

    To use from devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, check the possibility of integration with the OS. You can download Tik Tok for iPhone if you have the latest version of iOS not lower than 9.3.

    Is it safe to download a program to a computer directly via torrent

    How to install Tik Tok on a computerInstallation via file sharing.

    If you want to download Tik Tok for free to your device through free file sharing, choose the services participating in the Kaspersky White List program (including

    Only such FreeSoft products are scanned, do not contain viruses and threats.

    Thus, you get a guarantee that after downloading Tik Tok to your PC via torrent, unmodified copies of the original files will be installed.

    Benefits of running a free service on a PC

    By downloading Tik Tok for free on PC, you get a lot of benefits, including:

  • free memory on the phone;
  • saving battery power;
  • using a full keyboard;
  • the ability to be online for a long time – unlike smartphones;
  • saving mobile Internet;
  • a chance to watch videos on a wide monitor in good quality.
  • All application options will open for you, including publications and commenting.

    Rules for the design and operation of TikTok

    There are two methods of registration on the Tik web portal: by e-mail address or phone number; through an account of one of the supported messengers. In the same way, you can enter the program.

    The corresponding button on the control panel will help to synchronize contacts and set up data exchange between the application and the messenger from whose account the registration was performed.

    After entering the social network, the user is prompted to go to the “Recommended” section, where the video clips with the most views are located.

    Once you have downloaded Tik Tok on PC and installed it, you can chat, open videos or leave comments.

    Other features of Tik Tok

    The main purpose of the application is to create clips with background music to upload them to your profile. This is easy to do using the navigation buttons located at the bottom of the screen. Management resembles the Instagram network.

    You can shoot videos with a duration of 15 and 60 seconds (there are no other options). When choosing a ringtone from the site’s storage, you need to remember that some of them do not overlap with videos longer than 15 seconds.

    How to use Tik Tok on PCFeatures of Tik Tok on the computer.

    At the moment, a large number of effects are available to create funny and unusual videos:

  • Choice of camera – front or rear.
  • “Beauty” – to eliminate blurry fragments in the recording.
  • “Change effect” – to quickly select the appropriate one.
  • “Timer” – will help free your hands during shooting, also, using this effect, you can stop the process with further continuation.
  • Button to start streaming.
  • The site is equipped with filters for convenient and quick navigation, helping to find funny videos for given hashtags.

    To increase profile traffic, you can redirect your subscribers from other social networks to your Tik Tok account, and vice versa.

    To increase the number of subscribers, you need to go to the pages and view the videos of other users, leave comments and likes on them. This will greatly expand your audience.


    As it became clear, downloading a popular application to a computer, laptop or any mobile device is not difficult. Plus, it frees up space on your phone and allows you to enjoy fun music videos on a big screen.

    Detailed instructions are visible on the video:

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