Instagram or TikTok: which social network is better?

Instagram or TikTok TikTok

Today, Instagram and Tik Tok are the largest social networks, with an audience of more than a billion people around the world. No platform for publishing content has yet repeated such success, so the competition between these mobile applications is becoming more and more intense every month.

A natural question arises: which social network to choose for yourself – Tik Tok or Instagram? And what are the main differences between these programs?

Instagram VS Tik Tok

Instagram is a mobile app for sharing photos and videos with other users. Helpers in creating unique content are numerous filters and effects that can be applied to published posts and stories (temporary publications).

The main audience of Instagram is young boys and girls aged 20 to 30 years.

Tik Tok is a service for publishing and watching short videos, the duration of which is from 15 to 60 seconds. The social network also has built-in tools for creating interesting videos: various masks and effects, the function of adding an audio sequence, and much more.

Instagram or TikTokInstagram or Tik Tok

The audience of Tik Tok is much younger than that of Insta – the service is more focused on teenagers, and the category of users over 25 years old makes up no more than 35% of the total number of registered accounts. However, in 2020, the popularity of Tik Tok has skyrocketed and, perhaps, over time, there will be many more adult filming TikTokers on the service.

History of creation

Instagram’s official “date of birth” is October 6, 2010. It was on this day that an application designed for sharing photos appeared on the App Store. Gradually, the functionality of the service began to become more complicated: hashtags, filters for publications, Stories, and much more appeared.

Tik Tok is a relatively young social network. It was created in September 2016 and was named Douyin. Later, a copy of this social network was released, which was called Tik Tok. In November 2017, ByteDance acquired the social network and in August 2018 merged it with Tik Tok, after which the application appeared in the version in which we are used to seeing it.

Popularity level

According to this indicator, TikTok is practically not inferior to Instagram – both have more than 1 billion installations on Google Play. Only the number of ratings is different: the first has 31 million, the second has 112 million.

Content type

On Instagram, users post photos and videos, post temporary posts, and actively broadcast live, where they communicate with their subscribers on various topics.

All Tik Tok content is based on short videos. The possibility of live broadcasting appeared quite recently and so far it is not very popular on Tik Tok.


The purpose of the blogger

Most tik tok users and instagrammers have the same goal – to attract an audience. Sometimes all the content on the page is directed towards it. Another question is why users need a large audience. Everyone will have their own answer: some advertise products or services in this way, others promote their own opinion and experience to the masses, others simply share their achievements and creativity.

Monetization options

Tik Tok monetization is based on the number of views under the videos – the more there are, the higher the earnings. So, for a million views, from $10 to $20 is paid. However, monetization is not available to everyone. The main condition is the presence of only author’s content, at least 10,000 subscribers and 10,000 views in the last month. Similar monetization conditions apply to YouTube.

In Instagram, monetization works in a completely different way. Here, users can earn income if they place ads from third-party brands or bloggers on their page, and also turn their personal page into their own trading platform.


To promote mobile applications, online stores and other services, Tik Tok uses a special tool – Tik Tok Ads. With its help, ads are shown in the user recommendations feed or during the launch of the platform. You can target by gender, age, location, interests and other parameters.

Instagram also has targeted ads that are displayed in the social network feed and Stories. Unlike blogging ads, targeting is quick to launch and easier to control.

Promotion and promotion

An important role in the promotion of Tik Tok, Instagram and even YouTube channels is played by the correct design of the profile: a memorable name, a beautiful avatar and a feed of publications. The quality of the content, its usefulness and relevance also play an important role.

For promotion, the user can use a variety of methods: hashtags, geotags, advertising with bloggers, targeted advertising, as well as mutual PR, mass following, mass liking, etc.

Successful start

In order to create good content, the user must have their own style, special skills in image processing, video editing and writing posts. But for effective promotion, sometimes it’s enough just to be able to communicate with your audience and find new ways to attract subscribers.

Benefits of Tik Tok

The main advantages of Tik Tok as a social network:

  • the ability to quickly become popular and get a lot of likes without involving third-party services and without investing additional funds in promotion;
  • constantly updated list of music and effects;
  • you can record videos with other bloggers;
  • the minimum number of ads in the video.
  • Many applications are flooded with business profiles, filled with uninteresting selling content. TikTok, in turn, has retained the atmosphere that attracted users so much – fun and interesting content is posted on the site every day. True, every day there are more and more people who simply catch the hype on topical issues.

    Tik TokTik Tok

    How to link Tik Tok to Instagram

    Tik Tok and Instagram are closely related social networks. Linking two profiles will help in promoting content, attracting subscribers from one site to another and vice versa.

    There are not so many ways to link Tik Tok to Instagram:

  • Adding an Instagram button to the profile to switch the user to the social network.
  • Publishing a new video from Tik Tok to the feed or stories.
  • Adding Insta’s nickname to the profile description.
  • Next, we will consider each method in more detail.

    Link to profile

    In order for a special icon to be displayed in the TikTok profile, when clicked, the Instagram page will appear:

  • Open the social network and go through authorization.
  • In the navigation bar below, select the “Me” section.
  • Click on “Edit Profile” / “Add Instagram”.
  • In the authorization window that appears, enter your Instagram profile login and password and allow Tik Tok to use the social network data.
  • After all the manipulations, an Instagram tile will appear next to the “Edit Profile” button, by clicking on which the subscriber will be able to go to the user’s account on another social network.

    Video posting

    Reposting a video is another effective way to successfully manage several pages on social networks at once. To post a video on Instagram that has already been uploaded to Tik Tok:

  • Select the video you want to post.
  • In the panel to the right of the clip, click on the “…” button.
  • In the “Share” section, choose where you want to post the video – to the Instagram feed or Stories.
  • Also, the user can publish the newly created video simultaneously on several platforms – in Tik Tok and Insta:

  • Go to Tik Tok and click on the “+” button on the bottom panel.
  • Remove content or upload already created content and click on “Next”.
  • In the new window below there will be several icons of different social networks. Select the Insta icon and click Publish.
  • Thus, the video will appear in both social networks.

    Nickname in video description

    If a person does not want to enter data from social networks in the interface of third-party social networks, he can mention the name of his Instagram profile in the description of the Tik Tok profile. For this:

  • Copy your nickname or link to your Instagram profile to your clipboard.
  • Open Tik Tok and go to Me / Edit Profile.
  • Click on “Add information to your profile” next to “Description”.
  • Paste the copied data into the field and save the changes.
  • Typically, the description is used to provide brief information about the author or a general description of the channel. However, recently there are increasingly flashing links to other social networks or third-party web resources.

    Authorization in Tik Tok through Instagram

    Logging into TikTok through another social network is the most secure operation that will allow the user not only to once again protect his account from intruders, but also bypass the difficulties associated with authorization on the site.

    Problems with logging into TikTok through Instagram most often occur among owners of closed accounts. The social network simply blocks the connection of any third-party services. Therefore, before registering in one social network through another, you should make sure that the page is public.

    The second popular problem is the message “Try again later”. In this case:

  • Delete Tik Tok from your smartphone.
  • Change your Instagram account password.
  • Disconnect from the internet.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • After all these manipulations, you can install Tik Tok again by clicking on the “Download” button on the social network page in the Play Market or AppStore. Registration should go smoothly.

    Which social network to choose

    Famous personalities try to run several social networks at once – both Instagram and Tik Tok, which is gaining popularity. However, it can be problematic for an ordinary user to devote time to two sites at once, so the question of which social network to make the main one is the most relevant for him.

    For short music videos, trash videos and jokes, Tik Tok is more suitable. If the main field of activity of the user is photography, then you should take a closer look at Instagram.

    Instagram VS Tik Tok is a confrontation watched not only by bloggers, but also by ordinary users of social networks. Each of the platforms under consideration has its own advantages and disadvantages, features and unique features, thanks to which these social networks have become the leading platforms for posting content.

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