I was in Telegram for a long time: what does this status mean, how to hide the time spent online

I logged in a long time ago under the name of the recipient TikTok

What does it mean in the telegram was a long time ago?

you can also see “It was a long time ago”. This means: either the person really logged into the application a few months ago, or they blocked you. If you don’t want to hide your company information from some users, add them to the exclusion list.

Status “Long ago”

I logged in a long time ago under the name of the recipient

Firstly, a person has really been in this network for a long time, so his status is not updated. When it comes online, its status will be updated. Usually appears if the interlocutor was absent from the network for more than a month.

Secondly, if a person communicates with you, but his status does not change, it means that he hid information about his business and blocked the subscriber. If you need to give access to someone, they add it to the exclusion list.

Once the status “Recent” means that the user was online during that week. If Telegram has not been launched on the subscriber’s phone for more than 7 days, the message “It was a week ago” will appear.

Why hide your status?

The ability to hide the time of your last visit to Telegram is quite useful if you want to use the app more anonymously. But it is impossible to completely hide your activity in the messenger. The online status will be visible to everyone, it cannot be hidden.

Why hide your status? To make it impossible to determine exactly when you were online.


How to know when one subscriber blocks another?

There are 3 main symptoms that indicate a blockage:

  • You do not see information about when the person was online;
  • After sending messages, a checkmark appears on them. This means that the messages were sent and delivered to the server, but did not reach the owner;
  • The subscriber’s avatar is not displayed.
  • Types of statuses of the last online

    Options for the status of the last visit to the application:

  • “For all”. If you set this option, any user in the chat window will see how long ago you joined Telegram.
  • “My contacts”. By selecting this item, your status will be visible only to your contacts.
  • “None”. In this case, instead of a timestamp, the Telegram status will display the words “recently online”, “this week”, “this month”, “long ago” – the approximate value of the last date in the line.
  • Several types of status in Telegram about online visibility

  • “All”: information about the subscriber is available to everyone who writes a message to him;
  • “My contacts” – for people who are not included in your contacts, information about visits will not be displayed;
  • “No” – instead of the date and time the subscriber appeared, each user will see only “was (a) recently.”
  • Who is looking forward to the latest entry
    Who is looking forward to the latest entry

    How to find out who and when accessed your account from other devices?

  • you need to launch the online messenger, open the settings and select “Active sessions”;
  • You will have a list of all the devices you have logged into your account from, when and from where. You can end all active sessions. To log into your account again, you need to enter your password.
  • Knowing all this information, you can send messages and always understand when the subscriber has read it and when not. You can also see who you are blacklisted and who is not.

    How to check if a subscriber has blocked you?

    This can be done by calling or sending a message. During the conversation, you will hear several short beeps, after which the call will be dropped. If there is no call and the call is interrupted, this is a clear sign that the other subscriber is blocking your number. When you send a message, you will only have one checkmark as described above.

    How the status works when a user is blocked

    This question comes up often, so we’ve covered it separately: even if you have status visibility for everyone on your Telegram, a blocked user will see “long time online” under your name.

    Therefore, if you suddenly see such a state in a person with whom you recently spoke, it may mean that he blocked you for some reason.

    By the way, if you first wrote to someone who is not in the contact list, there will be a “Spam” button next to his nickname.

    Accounts that receive spam reports will not be able to send messages to people outside of their contact list.

    Blocking can last from a week to an indefinite period, depending on how often the account received complaints.

    Therefore, with all this in mind, it is worth thinking carefully before writing to a stranger.

    I was in Telegram for a long time: what does this status mean, how to hide the time spent online
    If a user blocks you, you won’t see the exact time of their last visit

    Signs of a blockage

    Now let’s try to understand the question of how to understand that your friends in Telegram have blocked you.

    Profile avatar

    If your regular profile picture looks different, that’s cause for concern. Also, if other contacts can track the update of the image and you can’t, that’s a clear sign that you’ve been blocked. However, the history of previously downloaded images cannot be viewed.

    Secret chat

    If you block a person, when you add them to a secret chat, a pop-up window will appear on the screen and the user will see an error message. This is not a software glitch, but an accurate indication that you are blacklisted.
    Error adding contact to secret chat


    If the contact is blocked, the messages will be sent but not delivered to the final recipient. Typically, if a notification is delivered to a user, two checkmarks appear below the text. In a situation where such a sign has not appeared for a long time, you are blacklisted. This is the best way to check if you are stuck.
    No confirmation that the message was displayed

    Due to the new update, we now define the block more precisely. When you send a message, a red circle with an exclamation mark appears, indicating that you are blacklisted. You can see what the icon looks like in the image.
    Message not delivered

    Visit time

    Pay attention to the top line of the dialog box: it shows the time the contact visited the messenger. To understand if you have been blocked on Telegram, the following signs will help you:

  • See the inscription “It was (a) a long time ago”;
  • There is no indication of the exact time.
  • I was in Telegram for a long time: what does this status mean, how to hide the time spent online

    Do not forget that in the privacy settings of the messenger, you can disable the display of online time. Some users enable this option, so the “A long time ago” status may only indicate that the person has not opened the app for a long time.

    Outgoing calls

  • You can open a chat and press the call button;
  • The call is not going – there is no call, the connection is not established.
  • Often you should not be afraid of the Telegram blacklist – the absence of a signal says:

  • The user does not have an Internet connection;
  • That the person’s phone is off.
  • We helped you figure out how to understand that you are stuck in Telegram? Only the full set of parameters indicates the possible probability of being blacklisted, be careful!

    Voice and video calls

    Many people ask, what does the absence of beeps mean during voice calls? This is also a sign that you are on the blacklist of blocked users. But do not panic right away, this situation may refer to the fact that there is no stable communication signal or the messenger has a general failure. Try contacting a friend in a different way and you will find out the exact reasons.
    Call failed

    Now you know how to view block information. All of the above signs are indirect, since software failures and technical work on the servers cannot be ruled out. Let’s figure out how to block a contact and what will happen after the actions taken.

    What happens if you block a person in a telegram?

    If a Telegram subscriber has blocked you, you will not be able to: Send SMS to them – they will not be delivered. Add them to groups. You will not see the user’s status (under his name there will be a signature “long time online”) time”)

    How to see blocked numbers in telegram?

    It is worth noting that all blocked interlocutors are placed on the black list, which can be viewed by going to the settings section. We select the “privacy and security” item and the “black list” sub-item will be displayed in the first line, opening which will display a list of people sent to the ban.

    How to set the status “Recently”

    Let’s take a closer look at the procedure for all popular platforms. There are no significant differences in settings between operating systems. The procedure is almost the same everywhere, with the exception of a couple of nuances.

    Set status and select exclusions

    exceptions can be configured for each of the three options. Identify specific people in your contact list who will always or never see your status!

    So, where to find the visibility and exclusion settings:

    In Telegram for Android: In Telegram for iOS: On the Telegram desktop:
    Main menu → section “Privacy and security” → item “Last activity” Main menu → section “Privacy” → item “Last activity” Main menu → subsection “Privacy and security” → item “Who sees the last access time”
    photo: last login display selection menu image: setting the status of the last entry in a telegram on an iPhone Image: How to Hide the Last Online Telegram Desktop Time

    Algorithm for setting the status in Window OS on a home PC

    It is assumed that the desktop version of the messenger is already installed on your computer and that you are logged into your account. You can set the corresponding status like this:

  • We enter the messenger and in the upper left corner click on the icon with three horizontal stripes.
  • one

  • In the menu that appears, select the “Settings” line.
  • Screen_2

  • In the next menu, click “Privacy”.
  • Screen_3

  • Next, select the item “Last activity”. By default, all users look forward to their visit, but by making some changes, their number can be reduced or this information can be closed to everyone.
  • Screen_4

  • Changes have been made to the “Who is waiting for the last login” block. We choose one of three options, and you can add exceptions for each of them. This is done in the corresponding block below. Click “Add” and select numbers from your contact list.
  • We save the changes, after which they immediately take effect.
  • You can add or remove a number from the exclusions at any time. It is important to remember that it will be impossible to see the time of visiting the messenger by those users whose activity is hidden.

    How to set status on smartphone

    If the Telegram application is already installed on a smartphone or iPhone, then you can set the corresponding status by performing the same operations as described in the PC version. All steps are identical, except for the last step, instead of the “Save” button, you need to click on the checkmark in the upper right corner of the application, and then confirm the changes made to the settings.

    On IOS (Iphone, iPad)

    On iPhone, the last login time can be hidden through the settings menu.

    Let’s go through the points in order:

  • “Settings”
  • “Confidentiality”
  • “Last Activity”
  • Then select the desired option from the menu that opens.

    The time of your last action is seen by:

  • “All”
  • “None”
  • “My contacts”
  • Important nuance

    important to know: you will hide your data, but you will not see other people’s!

    What does the status “Was (a) recently in Telegram” mean? Using this hidden option will make other users’ last visit data inaccessible.

    The status “Recently” in Telegram is valid on a bilateral basis. That is, you will not be able to track the activity of the person from whom you hid yours.


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