How to write to TikTok support in EU-US.

Half human label TikTok

Read the article to the end and find out where Tik Tok support is located on a smartphone or tablet. Get free instructions on how to send a direct message to the official support team. And, of course, write down contacts for troubleshooting advice.


  • Support service

    What if the issue is not resolved

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  • Tik Tok Help Desk

    You can get help in resolving issues with Tik Tok online from a smartphone or tablet. Follow instructions:

  • Open the app.
  • Click the button in the form of a half of a man in the lower right corner “I”/“Me”. The profile page will open. If you are not automatically logged in, log in to get into your account.
  • Half human labelGo to profile

  • Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner. Menu will open Settings in a new page.
  • Three dots, enter settings modeSettings

    Swipe up and stop at a section Support. Click Give feedback. The function is displayed in the menu with a pencil icon.

    Tik Tok support leave a messageTik Tok support

  • Select the situation for which you want to resolve the issue.
  • Question in which Tik Tok support is required Select the problem you are facing

  • By clicking on one situation, an additional window will open with subcategories of problems in this topic.
  • Choose the reason that best describes the problem and get an answer. Let’s take an example of the situation Video/Audio.
  • Tik Tok support with duet recordingChose the situation with duets

    Tik tok support answered the questionAnswer to the question: I can not record a duet

    The problem is not solved? Write to us

    Here you will learn how to write to TikTok support if you have not found a solution to a problem or an answer to a question. Do not leave the subcategory and follow the instructions:

  • Press the red button Send at the bottom of the screen. A page will open where you need to describe the problem in detail.
  • Enter a message in the text box.
  • Additional questionAsk a question yourself in those TikTok support

  • If necessary, you can attach an image or a screenshot of the screen to the message.
  • Enter a valid email address in the “contact information” field to receive a response from TikTok support in English or English.
  • Attach image to questionAttach file to text

  • Click send in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tik tok support will get a questionSending a specific question

    A window with Tik Tok support cases will open.

    Copy of appealAll-Time TikTok Support Cases

    Tik Tok Business Support Center

    Business questions – users, companies and media can ask to email addresses:

  • USA — [email protected]
  • Europe — [email protected]
  • Latin America — [email protected]
  • Japan — [email protected]
  • Korea — [email protected]
  • South East Asia – [email protected]
  • Advertising questions — [email protected]
  • Advertising complaint – [email protected]
  • For the press — [email protected]
  • Private user questions — [email protected]
  • Tik Tok Help Quick Response

    It happens that the TikTok support service solves issues not related to the functionality of the application. For such cases, contact phones work in different countries of the world, in America and Europe.

    Support staffCall centre

    If you need support, call the hotline. If a friend needs this kind of TikTok support, you can convince them to call the suicide prevention hotline using the information below. If you find content on the platform that violates the rules, please inform us immediately.

  • USA: National Suicide Prevention Line 1-800-273-8255
  • Brazil: verification code 141
  • Canada: Local Crisis Center
  • France: OS Amity 0142-96-26-26
  • Germany: Telefonseelsorge 0800-111-0-111
  • Italy: Telefono Azzurro 19696
  • United Kingdom: Samaritan 08457-90-90-90
  • EU-US: Helpline 8-800-2000-122
  • Information for other countries is available on the website of the International Association for the Prevention of Suicide.
  • Tik Tok supportTik Tok will always help My instruction: how to quickly record a duet

    Frequently asked Questions:

    Question: How to save videos on Tik Tok?


    Hello. Let’s first understand what a save is and then how to save a video on TikTok.

    Saves are different images, pictures, memes, gifs from the wall in the VK profile. The user saves them in his virtual album “Saved Files”. Synonyms for the word Saved – saved, saved photos.

    – Some users ask to like save. This means that you are asked to put a like under the image, in order to increase your reputation – to increase your rating.
    – Open saved – it means you or you were asked to remove the blocking of viewing saved photos in the album, to unauthorized users or friends.

    The use of Save is not used anywhere else except on Vkontakte, but over time this meme was picked up by tiktokers. It means that such a function will soon appear in Tik Tok. The answer to the question, how to save a video in TikTok? while it remains open.

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