How to write and search the best hashtags for Tik Tok

How to write the best hashtags for Tik Tok TikTok

Tik Tok, a popular social network in Asian countries, reached EU-US in 2018. From that moment on, millions of teenagers began to shoot and upload funny videos online. But even with such activity, not everyone manages to become the best. But in order to be on the app’s recommendation list and get a lot of likes, you need to correctly put hashtags for Tik Tok. We will discuss this moment in the article.

Description of hashtags Tik Tok

Hashtag in translation from English means label. This is a word or a short phrase, which must be preceded by a # sign. It is customary to deliver it under the video or as an independent message by filling in the comment field. This allows you to briefly outline the content of the clip or highlight a trending event.

Thus, other users with similar interests can notice the work and like it, even if they are not your subscribers. Hashtags in TikTok are immediately reflected as a link, by clicking on which you can go to the video indicated by them.

Why you need hashtags on Tik Tok

They are used for:

  • Search speed for given keywords. After clicking on the hashtag, the user enters the list of all publications marked with a certain hashtag. Thus, it is possible to find information on a specific issue.
  • Grouping information and breaking it down into specific topics.
  • Highlight the main idea of ​​the video. If the hashtags are put down correctly, then the user will be able to understand its essence and put a lot of likes without even watching the video.
  • User attraction. They allow people to find the information they need.
  • Promotion and promotion of the brand. If the recommendations will often issue the same original label, then the user will sooner or later pay attention to it and go to your page.
  • How to write the best hashtags for Tik TokHashtags on Tik Tok.

    How and where to write a hashtag on tik tok

    To fully use hashtags for recommendations, you need to learn how to select and put them correctly.

    For this you should:

  • Log in by entering the login and password from the page specified during account registration.
  • Click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Record video (red circle).
  • Select the most suitable filters and effects, then click Next.
  • Prepare the footage for publication. To do this, write the desired text about your video in the window that opens.
  • There is a # at the bottom. If you click on it, then a grid image will automatically appear in front of each phrase.
  • Write the right words. The first in popularity will be under the field.
  • You can link hashtags for Musically without using a separate button. But in order for the phrase to be clickable, it must have a hash mark in front of it. If you find the most suitable options, you can quickly get to the TOP and get a huge number of unique followers and a lot of likes.

    How to search for top hashtags on Tik Tok

    There are several proven ways to find popular hashtags:

  • Decide on an audience. An interesting option will certainly attract users. If it turns out to be mediocre, then, most likely, the video will be ignored or quickly lose its relevance. Therefore, it is recommended to analyze what the target audience likes.
  • Learn from experienced tiktokers. Track the growth of your competitors’ account, so it’s easier to understand which hashtags are becoming popular for, and which are left without attention and likes.
  • Use all available tools. Special services will help you understand which hashtags to put on Tik Tok, and which it is better to refuse. For example, Seekmetrics allows you to compare metrics to determine your performance score.
  • Top popular hashtags on Tik Tok

    How to find the best hashtags for Tik TokSearch for popular hashtags.

    What hashtags to put in Music? The answer to this question can be given based on the subject of the video and the thoughts that the author tried to put in.

    It is permissible to write them both in English and in English.

    The most popular hashtags in Tik Tok 2019 are as follows:

  • #my friend;
  • #soon2019;
  • #tiktok;
  • #video;
  • #endlessvideo;
  • #musically;
  • #handsome;
  • #lovefootball;
  • #cute;
  • #like;
  • #douyin;
  • #instadaily;
  • #followworldwide;
  • #videooftheday.
  • Conclusions on tiktok hashtags

    To promote videos and draw attention to the channel, they use special short unique captions for their work. To understand what hashtags to put on TikTok, you need to familiarize yourself with the accounts of more advanced competitors and those people who have already managed to conquer the TOP and get into recommendations.

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