How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok App

How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok App TikTok

The TikTok audience is replenished with new users and is at least 18 million people. About half of them are young people aged 13 to 17.

Features of using masks in TikTok

To become popular in this social network, neither special skills nor material costs are required. However, the condition is a creative approach to business – original videos that can attract the attention of the audience and keep it for a long time. Tiktok mask effects allow you to make videos more attractive.


Mask on Tik Tok – This is an effect that is superimposed on top of the video itself. Depending on the purpose of use, it can either completely change the video or make small adjustments to it, adding a “zest”.

How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok AppMask on Tik Tok

Why use

The purposes of use are different. Most often, TikTokers need effects to draw attention to their videos and make them relevant. And also they help to distinguish them from the background of similar ones.

Other benefits of masks:

  • They can help improve the quality of the video if the user is not satisfied with it.
  • Beauty masks are used to eliminate minor imperfections in appearance: smoothing the relief, retouching effect, make-up in a puppet, retro or other style.
  • You can use them to speed up or slow down the video.
  • Masks with comical effects, such as distorting facial proportions, changing voices, are often superimposed to shoot humorous videos, memes.
  • Separately taken masks are used for videos with animals, but we will talk about them later.

    How to use

    You can make a video using a mask like this:

  • To add a video, you need to open the application and click on the “+” on its main page.
  • To add an effect, you should click on the corresponding icon and select the required subcategory, in which you can find the desired mask and apply it.
  • If necessary, the effect can be saved by clicking on the corresponding button on the panel.
  • It is also allowed to add music to the video. To do this, click on the tab of the same name.

    For information. You can add music from your mobile device or by using the built-in songs in the app itself.

    Add to video

    Keep in mind that you can only add a mask to a video during the actual recording of the video. If the video has already been filmed and uploaded, it will no longer be possible to edit it. The only way to add the same video, but with an effect, is to re-create it and re-upload it.

    Types of masks

    How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok AppTypes of masks

    Modern masks Tik Tok varied. With their help, you can both give the video an unusual effect, and change it.

    Among the variety of masks are the following:

  • In trend. This category includes the most popular masks that are most often used to create posts.
  • Recent. These masks have been uploaded by users in the last app update.
  • Thematic. Most often they are timed to coincide with certain holidays or memorable dates.
  • For animals. They can be used on cats or dogs.
  • With a complete replacement of the background of the video.
  • Each of the masks can be used for a certain type of video.

    Most Popular

    Among all the masks of the application, you can find those that gain the trust of users in the first weeks of their existence. And interest in them continues to grow steadily. Among them are the following masks:

  • With the effect of age changes. Allow you to look at your face in infancy or old age.
  • With the effect of gender change. Help to see face from the application Tik Tok masculine (for girls) or feminine (for men).
  • With the effect of makeup or imitation of celebrity styles.
  • In the form of animal faces (for example, a hare, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, etc.
  • Smooth zoom. Smoothes the picture and adds zoom.
  • time wrap. Creates the illusion of a pixelated image by breaking it down into smaller pieces.
  • Tiktok Aesthetic. Provides the ability to shoot in three dimensions at once.
  • Tiktok dance. It will appeal to those who are fond of dancing and improvisation. Above the user’s head appears the name of a random song, under which you will need to perform a dance.
  • Freeze Tiktok. Allows you to shoot a video during which photos will be taken.
  • greenscreen. With it, you can replace the background with any picture from the built-in library or custom gallery.
  • With a moving line (stripe).
  • With bokeh effect.
  • With smile.
  • How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok Appsmooth zoom

    Of course, the list of popular masks is growing and updated daily – tiktokers either create them themselves or order them in order to buy them later. By updating the program, as well as watching the trends, you can understand which options will allow the video to be promoted and become popular in a short time.


    After tiktoker has discovered the world of masks, it’s time to learn a little more about where to find them and how to use them.

    Where to find

    In order to find masks, you need to go to the application, click on the plus sign and click on “Effects”. The user will see the entire list of available options. For convenience, they are divided into categories by topic.

    How to use

    The instructions for using the masks are simple. Tiktoker can be easily figured out thanks to the app’s intuitive interface. However, let’s take a closer look at them.

    For yourself

    To apply an effect to a video, you need to open the front camera, and then follow the instructions above.

    For animals

    The instructions for using a mask for an animal are no different from the usual ones. But it should be borne in mind that the pet’s muzzle must be in the lens and be clearly visible.

    How to identify in the video you like

    It often happens that when watching a video, for example, on the pages of neetarmy, Volodya.xxl (popular thanks to the song “Smell Bebra”), Vitamin T, polina.bikini, JELLA ASMR (asmr eating), Maska.Girl, Mask Guy, anxvids (mask off), Stone Joe, Cookie the Clown, Riley Hubatki, REDGI (“Smiley”), the person notes an interesting effect that he would like to use in the future.

    You can bookmark it like this:

  • Above the video description, you can always find a sticker with the name of the effect or mask that was used for it.
  • By clicking, you need to follow the link to this effect, view it, try it out and, if necessary, add it to your favorites.
  • How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok AppHow to add to favorites

    How to add to favorites

    You can add to favorites so that each time you do not have to look for the effect you like among everyone and use it as often as required. To do this, open the mask and click on the checkbox. It will automatically move to the “Favorites” section.

    Creating your own

    Thanks to constant updates, the list of available masks is constantly expanding. But despite this, app users are still wondering if they can create the effects themselves.

    Is it possible to create

    Unfortunately, the application Tik Current you can’t create your own custom mask yet. It does not have the appropriate resources. However, there are other ways to create and apply masks. One of them is the use of the augmented reality designer program EffectCreator.

    effect creator

    This constructor program was previously presented by Appendix TikTok. Thousands of users around the world use it to add their own effects.

    How to use

    With the help of this constructor program, you can develop and independently create masks and other effects for TikTok of various levels of complexity (from the simplest to more advanced ones that change the picture of the video). Of course, for full-fledged work with the application, you need to own a number of its tools.

    For information. At the output, it will be possible to get the sought-after high-definition effects, the original performance, which can become popular, even if the video is about ordinary socks.


    Program-constructor allows you to create masks for TikTok, significantly enriching the range, and at the same time providing the user with ample opportunities for creativity and imagination. Many managed to develop their skills so much that an unusual hobby turned into a stable source of additional income for them.

    The demand for products of this type is growing with the development of social networks and the Internet in general. Demand is largely dependent on external factors. This is facilitated by the provided possibility of monetization of masks.

    The program contains a face, hands, hair, pupils tracker. With its help, you can do color correction, create two-dimensional animation, stylize a photo to look like a freehand drawing.


    Unfortunately, the constructor does not work with 3D animation. In general, we can say that it is focused on working with templates, because its capabilities are limited. Also, it will not be possible to use EffectCreator in all countries of the world.

    Where available

    Possibility to load the mask in Tik Current in 2021 exists in some countries of Asia, as well as Europe (in particular, France, Italy and England).

    Similar programs

    You can also use other programs to create and promote masks, such as SparkAR, SnapChat.


    The SparkAR program was created relatively recently, but since its inception it has managed to expand the capabilities of users of many applications. Thanks to her, everyone who wants to independently create masks.

    How to Use Masks on the Tik Tok AppSparkAR


    No. p / p Description
    one After the program is downloaded and installed, you should run it and select the “Create Project” command.
    2 In order to assemble a project from its component parts, as well as create a mask composition, you can use the Scene, Assets, Layers blocks.
    3 To add tracking, you need to click on the Add object, Face Tracker, Insert buttons.
    After that, the mask can be given the desired texture. In the settings, you can check whether it is visible when you point the camera, whether it leaves slits for the eyes, mouth, etc.

    After that, the mask can be given the desired texture. In the settings, you can check whether it is visible when you point the camera, whether it leaves slits for the eyes, mouth, etc.


    Another application that is ready to offer users a lot of masks for stories and live broadcasts is Instagram. Trending options:

  • Imitating a floral texture on the face. They can be found on the request “Flowers” or Flowers.
  • Imitating freckles (Plurcha, Cute freckless, Freckless).
  • In the form of a fruit face that scatters as soon as the user starts talking (Vertumn).
  • Simulating electromagnetic interference (Square Wave Knight).
  • With the effect of augmented reality.
  • With animal heads. Suitable for any child.
  • With cloning effect.
  • Cosmetic masks that transform the user into a fantasy character (Luminous, Awakening).
  • With imitation of bright tattoos on the face.
  • Changing or supplementing the space around.
  • SMS from the future.
  • Its useful to note. On Instagram, masks and filters that overly affect the proportions of the face are not welcome. Psychologists say that they negatively affect the self-perception of users, exacerbating the manifestations of dysmorphophobia.


    Some of the most popular masks on SnapChat include:

  • Animal masks that have long been familiar and liked by users (with paws or ears of dogs, cats, hares).
  • Superhero masks.
  • Options with the effect of rejuvenation, hair change (to blue, pink, green, and so on).
  • Heart masks.
  • Face swaps.
  • Masks that change the gender of the user, representing him in a male or female image.
  • Rainbow.
  • Disney princess.
  • Modern mobile applications provide the user with the opportunity to turn a video or story into a remix, a work of art that can attract attention to it and even become a leader. Creating a mask for the majority is no more difficult than writing a message on a social network.

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