How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest version

How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest version TikTok

The Tik Tok app has been around since 2015 and is both a social network and a platform for creating video clips. This service allows everyone to try their hand at shooting videos and share them with people around the world.


No smartphone is complete without apps. Sometimes Tik Tok starts to work incorrectly: some videos do not load, the program functions very slowly and constantly crashes. This means that an update needs to be installed.

What is it

Applications, including social networks, are constantly being improved by developers. So there are new versions available for installation.

How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest versionTikTok update

Why update

After improving the application, the stability of its work increases. In addition, it becomes possible to download trendy video filters and various useful functions for users.

When is it necessary?

The Tik Tok update needs to be installed in the following cases:

Description Comment
Smartphone notifies you of an update If the user has an Android or Apple phone, content stores themselves send notifications about available versions of the utility.
Some features of the app don’t work When an update is released, developers improve its functionality. Various possibilities appear. They are not available to the network user until he installs the update.
Tik Tok not opening If a person ignores the installation of a new version for a long time, then the application may stop working and prohibit access to the social network.

How often do they come out

Tik Tok has become a real trend in the past year, and updates for it are released regularly every month.

Current version

The Tik Tok app has several up-to-date versions. Among them are the standard European, Chinese and light versions. They differ in functionality and interface:

  • TikTok Light 19.0.3. It is configured to work in 2G and 3G networks. A light version, which requires 6 times less space to install than a regular Tik Tok.
  • TikTok 19.3.4. It is the full version of the standard application. It has many features that allow you to use various tools for working on videos.
  • Chinese Tik Tok Douyin. Considered the original version. It is installed for the sake of unique masks, filters and effects, as well as to watch interesting ideas. Despite the fact that the entire interface is in Chinese, it will not be difficult for an experienced English-speaking Tik Tok user to understand it.
  • How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest versionChinese Tik Tok Douyin

    Important! The Chinese version is not available for download through the Play Market and the App Store. To get this version of the social network on the Android OS, you need to install the apk file, and for the iPhone, you need to change the geolocation of the smartphone.

    Possible problems

    Even the presence of a smartphone with a powerful processor does not guarantee that it will not give an error during the update. Frequent causes:

  • Poor cell phone quality. You need to make sure that you can connect to the Internet in the area and that mobile data is active on your phone.
  • Lack of free space in phone memory. Often, an application needs more space than indicated when downloading. The fact is that temporary files take up additional memory.
  • An error in the Play Market and App Store applications. You need to restart the device, most likely, this will help solve the problem.
  • Lack of authorization in the application. You need to sign in with a Google account or Apple ID, depending on the type of operating system. It is important to use only your own data for this, otherwise the update installation will not be possible.
  • No access to the application. This happens because a person lives in a country where Tik Tok is banned at the legislative level. There is also another option – the application is not supported by this smartphone.
  • How to update on Android

    Following the step-by-step instructions, installing an update on an Android phone is not at all difficult.

    How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest versionHow to update on Android

    Through the Play Market

    To install updates in smartphones of this type, the Play Market is most often used. All current versions of applications are collected there, including Tik Tok. This service is responsible for downloading and installing the necessary programs. Utilities in the content store are downloaded directly from developers, so users are protected from malware.

    Registration and authorization

    Play Market is installed by default in every smartphone. However, it can only be used after registering an account and authorization. To create a Google account, when you enter the application, you need to click on the inscription “New”, then enter all the necessary data and create a Gmail email.



  • Open the app on your phone. The top left corner of the home page contains a button that looks like three horizontal lines. Clicking on this icon brings up a menu.
  • Select “My apps and games” and click on it.
  • Next, a list of available updates will appear. In the “Installed” tab, you need to find Tik Tok. In the same line there is a button to start the update. If you click on it, the process of downloading the latest version of the application will begin, the inscription “Open” will appear in the line. Thus, the latest version of Tik Tok will be installed.
  • Auto update

    In order not to spend a lot of time manually installing applications, enable the automatic update mode. An important condition is that this function will affect all programs that are in the phone. Tik Tok cannot be connected separately. It is easy to set up auto-update in the Play Market service, in the “Settings” section.

    How to update on iPhone

    Everyone chooses a smartphone according to their taste and needs. iPhone and Android devices are very different in terms of software and applications, so they have their own features for installing updates.

    Via the App Store

    The App Store is the most trusted and secure iPhone app store used by people around the world.

    How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest versionHow to update on iPhone

    How to register and login

    There is one account for each Apple device, an Apple ID. To register in the App Store, you need to find an application store in the device menu and start downloading any free software. After that, a menu pops up with the item “Create an Apple ID”.

    Next, the user is waiting for a standard procedure indicating the place of residence and the adoption of agreements between him and the company. The last step is to fill out a special form.

    You need to enter your email address, date of birth and create a password. After confirming the email, we can assume that the account has been created.


    So, the entrance to the store with applications is already completed. how update tik tok on iPhone:

  • The first step is to open the program for installing applications on the iPhone and log in using your Apple ID account.
  • In the lower right corner of the smartphone screen, you can see the “Search” button. When you click on it, a search bar appears. At the request of “Tik Tok”, a list of applications will appear. To download, you should choose the first one – the official one.
  • Then two scenarios are possible. The inscription “Update” next to the application means that a new version is available. It needs to be downloaded. “Open” means that the latest version has already been installed.
  • Setting up auto-update

    There is an item in the iPhone settings that refers to the App Store. In it, in the “Automatic downloads” line in the applications section, you need to translate the slider so that the line turns green.

    Revert to old version

    One of the objectives of the update is to make life easier for the user. However, this is not always the case. The new version of the application may have bugs and shortcomings, which will be difficult to get used to.

    In such a situation, you need to know how to download and install the old version of Tik Tok.


    The motives for rolling back to a previous version of the utility are different:

  • convenient and familiar interface;
  • more stable operation of the smartphone;
  • the ability to enter Tik Tok in the Crimea and other prohibited territories.
  • How to uninstall the update

    Regardless of the reason why the user wants to roll back the application to the old version, there is a certain sequence of actions.

    How to update the Tik Tok app on your phone to the latest versionHow to uninstall the update

    On Android

    There are two ways to uninstall an update on Android:

  • In the information section of the Tik Tok app, click on the “Uninstall updates” button. Thus, a rollback to the old version of the utility will occur.
  • Deleting Tik Tok and then downloading the desired version. To do this, in the main menu, drag Tik Tok to the top of the screen to the corresponding icon. Next, in the search bar of any browser, enter “Download Tik Tok.” It remains to follow the link, find the appropriate version and download the installation file to your smartphone. After downloading and authorization, Tik Tok can be used.
  • On iPhone

    The iPhone also has the ability to delete Tik Tok and download it again for free through an unofficial source. Users find and install an ipa file with a previous version of the application on the Internet.

    Where can I find the old version

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to download Tik Tok without updates. If you wish, you can find it on third-party services on the Internet, for example, on the Trashbox website.

    Important! In an early version of the application, the smartphone may lock some functions, requiring an update.

    Permission to download and install

    The new models of Honor and Huawei phones do not have access to Google services, therefore, you will not be able to install Tik Tok through the Play Market. However, most modern Android and Apple smartphones reject app downloads from unofficial sources. In order for the installation of Tik Tok from a third-party service to be successful, changes are made to the smartphone settings.


  • Find settings in the main menu and go to the section with security settings.
  • Select the line “Unknown sources” and uncheck the box that prohibits installing software from an unverified source.
  • Important! Before downloading applications, it is recommended to install a special antivirus to protect your smartphone from malware.

    How to install

    To download Tik Tok for free from open Internet resources, you need to enter the name of the application on any keyboard layout in the browser search bar. Further, upon request, a list of sites with apk- or ipa-files for installation will be displayed.

    To install a new update or not – everyone decides for himself. It helps the application work properly so that Tik Tok continues to inspire creativity and bring joy to people. The current version has many advantages: an improved interface, new features and bug-free performance. It is important to remember that it is recommended to choose only proven services for downloading.

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