How to subscribe to Tik Tok per person in 2 clicks.

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Read this article and learn how to follow on TikTok a person whose videos you like. Plus, create a list of interesting thematic clips, and use as an example.

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  • How can I follow Tik Tok per person

    Step 1

  • Open the Tik Tok app on your smartphone and launch. Black icon with white musical note. Find it in the application menu.
  • As usual, the main page with recommendations will open. If you liked one of the proposed videos, you can become a subscriber of the account that created the video.
  • Tik Tok RecommendationsRecommended videos for you

    Step 2

    On the right, find a picture with a white cross in a red circle and click it. So you subscribe to content updates from this user in one click.

    How to follow Tik Tok from recommendationsSubscribe without leaving recommendations

  • If you first need to view the design, click on the profile picture and you will be taken to the profile. Information will be available on the number of subscriptions, followers and likes for the entire existence of the account
  • The owner also puts direct links to pages in other social platforms like YouTube, Instagram
  • A button is available to create quick messages from fans (after subscribing)
  • How to subscribe to Tik tok by looking at the accountThe user account you want to follow

  • The most important thing is the icon in the form of a half of a man with a checkmark. By clicking it, you subscribe to content updates and will receive automatic notifications of new publications. It will also help you unsubscribe from your account.
  • Today you learned how to follow the person you like on Tik Tok as a cool video maker. You can offer a mutual subscription to this user and his subscribers to your clips for 15 seconds. Collaboration with active tiktokers will help you get recommended and become popular. Reply with kindness.

    To find the account of the user whose video you watched yesterday, use the search bar. Enter a nickname if you remember, and browse the sections – Users and Clips. If you remember #hashtag under the video, write it in the search bar.

    How to find an accountSearch bar for nickname and hashtags


    Questions about Tik TokQuestions on Tik Tok

    Question: My account is automatically closed, what should I do?

    Oreply: Your account may have been hacked. We recommend changing your password. If the problem is not resolved, write to the support service.

    Question: How to change photo in Tik Tok

    Answer: To change an existing profile photo, do the following:

  • Go to your profile page and click “Edit Profile”
  • Click on “Profile Photo” or “Profile Video”
  • You can take a new photo or upload a photo or video from your gallery.
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