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Every tenth user wants to know how to shoot back on Tik Tok? For some users, this task will seem difficult. Having studied in detail the service for recording video clips up to 60 seconds, anyone will create such an effect.

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  • Tutorial by Evelina Mandarina

  • In fact, there are 2 ways to reverse on Tik Tok:

  • From the Tik Tok application itself, which is already installed on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Using the program – Film on the contrary is a magical video.
  • The first option for writing in reverse is convenient and does not take much time to process. The second option is convenient for those people who first record videos for 15 seconds, then edit. After all, it’s okay if you want to do a Tik Tok back-to-back by installing a third-party program. Simply put, there are no rules forbidding it.

    Users are having trouble finding this feature in the application menu. Make sure your device has the latest version of Tik Tok with updates.

    How to make a reverse filming on Tik Tok, step by step instructions

    one. Download TikTok from Google Play or App Store on your smartphone, tablet.

    2. Click icon “+” and start recording. Select music.

    Icon for clip recordingSwitch to video recording mode

    Choice of Music for Reverse Shooting on Tik TokChoose music and click on record

    After recording, click the “Check» as a checkmark. You will be able to watch the video.

    Backtracking on Tik TokActive recording mode

    3. Next, click on the iconeffects” in the form of a watch at the bottom left.

    Selecting the Reverse effectEffects + editing

    4. At the bottom of the ribbon, select the “Time“. From the list, select the pink circle with the inscription Reverse. Playback will start automatically.

    Tape time effectsScroll down the feed and select “Time”

    Watch reverse videoReverse effect

    5. Click “Save” and “Further“. When the desired filters and effects are applied, you can publish your work.

    It is important to know that the functionReverse» available only when the device is connected to the Internet

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    Questions about Tik TokTik tok questions

    Question: How do I create a Tik Tok account if I don’t want to give my phone number or email address?

    Answer: There is no such possibility. Uploading content to Tik Tok requires registering an email address or phone number.

    Question: How to send photos via Tik Tok messages?

    Answer: For your safety and the safety of other users. This feature is missing. You can only send GIPHY GIFs, stickers, clips, music, hashtags and text messages.

    We offer you to watch the tutorial from: how to make a reverse in Tik Tok

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