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For avid short video creators, Tik Tok PRO account offers new ideas for promotion on the platform. Getting started with the Tik Tok app is easy, whether you want to watch recommended clips or create your own.

At the same time, popular tiktokers continue to look for mechanisms to develop their profile. They want to make the most of their experience. The authors are passionate about the growth of the audience, and this pushes them to implement complex tasks.

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  • What gives a PRO account in Tik Tok

  • Setting

  • Return to personal account

  • Questions

  • On 07/09/2019, free PRO Tik Tok Account is presented to the “hungry” authors to win. The new feature offers an in-depth analysis of video works and how they resonate with fans.

    Statistics PRO account in Tik TokStatistics – views, content, subscribers

    What gives a PRO account in Tik Tok

    Turn on an additional Tik Tok PRO account, get tools to help you grow and track your performance.

    View weekly and monthly view statistics, follower growth and trending 15 second clips with Google Analytics.

    How to setup PRO

    tik tok account

    one. Sign in to the app and open your profile page.

    2. Click on the three dots at the top right “Settings”.

    Go to setup menuGo to the settings menu

    3. My account.

    4. At the bottom, click on the blue inscription “Switch to Pro-account”.

    PRO account in Tik TokSwitching your account to PRO mode

    5. Proceed.

    Continue Installing Free PRO Tik TokConnecting a TikTok Pro account and statistics

    Access to publicationsInformation about access to your publications

    6. Choose a suggested category from the list and watch the development of the niche you are interested in.

    You bore a niche for youSelect the category you want to watch

    Category selection doneYou can choose only one category from the proposed

    Activation completed. In the settings you will find the “Analytics” button. To get data about your activity and competitors, just click on the button and analyze.

    Welcome to Pro-frrfeynOpen access to statistics

    Tik Tok PRO account analytics availableAnalytics tab added to Settings

    How to return to a personal account

    The return procedure completely repeats the setting and ends at point 4. By switching the type to “Personal”, you will lose access to statistics, there will be no functionality updates. You can return to the PRO account in TikTok at any time.

    Return to personal account typeReturn to personal account

    The PRO account function in TikTok is available to all users. Now the creation of video content is moving to a new level.

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    Questions for Tik TokQuestions about Tik Tok

    Question: How can I see the people I have blocked?

    Answer: Go to your profile – Settings – Privacy – Blocked. Here you will view blocked users.

    Question: How to cancel all subscriptions on TikTok at once?

    Answer: You can’t unfollow everyone at once. But you can carry out this operation manually by clicking on the Unfollow button (Unfollow) on each item in your list.

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